Mini Review: Clarins’ New Cryo Mask.

Mini Review: Clarins’ New Cryo Mask

I had high hopes for Clarins’ Cryo-Flash Instant Lift Effect & Glow Boosting Face Mask.. and it delivered! I will caveat that it is NOT actually 2x as cold as cryo (as the brand claims) but I am absolutely fine with that! It’s nice and cold in a relaxing and refreshing minty cool sort of way (whereas when I get proper cryo at the spa it can be uncomfortably cold).

I applied a thin layer to my skin post-shower. I loved the scent: delightfully minty! As soon as I applied it, I felt an immediate cooling sensation. It was a little bit tingly too. It got colder and colder as I left it on. It felt really good.

After ten minutes, I rinsed it off. What surprised me was that my skin still felt very cold. In a good way, not an uncomfortable way. I also noticed noticeable firmness and a more lifted look, especially at the jaw line. My skin was glowy, hydrated, and just felt really good. This is a great mask to have on hand in the summer when we just feel hot and sticky all the time. It was really refreshing.

Overall verdict? Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me.


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  1. CD:

    Oooooo perfect timing with this post! I have a $100 gift card at Sephora and just added this to my cart, along with the Mara volcanic clay mask (highly recommend!). Thank you! Can’t wait to try (And maybe buy more in the Sephora sale this Fall!)

    8.8.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Yay! Hope you love it!!!

      8.8.23 Reply
  2. Tiffany:

    How would you compte it to the Clarins V Shape masque? If you had to choose just one of them which would it be?

    8.12.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I always have a hard time answering questions like this as the masks are super different. If I could only have one it would be the V Shape (only because puffiness is a big concern) BUT I really like this — it’s nice and cooling (so wonderful in this summer heat) and gives such a good glow.

      8.14.23 Reply
      • Tammy:

        Thank you so much for this Q&A! I was wondering the same. I ended up buying both during the recent Sephora F+F sale. I’ve used the Fresh Beauty Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask for years prior to this pre-events. Looking forward to testing these products!

        8.26.23 Reply
        • grace at the stripe:

          That fresh mask is so good!

          8.28.23 Reply