Mignonne Gavigan Jewelry.


I was always proud of myself for not watching reality TV. I guess I have so many other lowbrow obsessions (Us Weekly, ridiculously bad YA novels, terrible TV) that it felt good to hate on reality TV. All of that changed after visiting Charleston for the first time. I missed the city so terribly that I found myself falling into the rabbit hole that is Southern Charm. I became completely addicted, and then blew through season two this Spring. I even went so far as to follow my two favorite characters (Shep and Landon) on Instagram. This is all so embarrassing to admit, but it was through Landon’s instagram that I fell in love with Mignonne Gavigan’s jewelry. So at least my embarrassing obsession led to something good. The piece I love the most? The swingy Le Marcel necklace. I love the fringe and the way that it moves while you walk or dance. It’s just so good.

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  1. Ashley | Free Wills Studio:

    Oooh, great find! I’m obsessed with all the texture! (PS I also watch Southern Charm but I love horrible tv, so I don’t know if that’s much consolation.) 🙂

    8.11.15 Reply
  2. Joy:

    I just discovered your blog and I have to comment — I grew up in NYC but now live in woods hole…and I noticed you grew up on cape cod but now live in NYC! We switched places 🙂

    I’ve just read a bunch of posts and I love the stripe!! you go girl! XO

    8.11.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      oh my gosh, that’s so fun! thanks for commenting 🙂 🙂

      8.11.15 Reply
  3. Cathleen:

    Those are beautiful. I found a long fringe beaded necklace at a place called Altar’d State. It’s a little over the top, but who cares. I think fringe is in.

    8.11.15 Reply