Mexico, part one.

Hotel Deseo Playa del Carmen

Greetings from Mexico!

While in Playa (Saturday through this morning) I stayed at the Hotel Deseo.  It was a mixed bag.  The good:  It’s beautiful — super modern, all white rooms, a serene pool with luxe extra large day beds… love it, the perfect place during the day.  And no one really hangs out there during the day, so I had the pool all to myself, which was kind of cool.  Also, the drinks at their bar are exquisite.  Works of art.  The bad ?  (The only bad thing!)  It is a party hotel.  Big time.  Which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world but when I vacation alone it is because I want to unwind and really relax.  (I should have known what I was getting into… the bowl next to my bed contained condoms and earplugs.)  The music is crazy loud, all night long… so I’ve had a few horrible nights of sleep.  Definitely putting those earplugs to use.

That no-sleep thing aside, I’m having a great time.  I go to the beach every morning and lay in the sun and read and swim in the ocean.  Then I come home, swim in the pool, read on the day bed, change and go for a walk along the main street (5th Avenue).  I did a little shopping and do (got the cutest embroidered top!)  and find something to eat.  I’ve been drinking a lot of fresh juice, eating a lot of ceviche + Mexican food.. it’s pretty great.

And today I head to Tulum… so excited for that!

Playa del Carmen Beach

The beaches are beautiful.  The water is clear, crystal blue…

Hotel Deseo Playa del Carmen 5

{This is one of my favorite photos… it’s the entry way to my hotel – so rustic + perfect.}

Hotel Deseo Playa del Carmen 2

Hotel Deseo Playa del Carmen 3

{the pool + bar area…}

Hotel Deseo Playa del Carmen 4

Playa del Carmen Sunset

{Sunset on the beach… glorious!}

Playa del Carmen Sunset 2

Playa del Carmen

{cute bikes, everywhere.}

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  1. Those photos are gorgeous!

    10.22.13 Reply
  2. gorgeous pictures. i’ve never really considered traveling alone, though it sounds super relaxing, i think i’d be nervous to be there by myself. do you do anything different when you’re alone?

    10.22.13 Reply
  3. So so pretty… getting away to a tropical place sounds magical right about now!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

    10.22.13 Reply
  4. this sounds so perfect, enjoy Grace cannot wait to see more.


    10.22.13 Reply
  5. That’s a big trip to take solo! Good for you for having the guts. There’s no way I’d do it alone! Sounds like (despite constant clubbing) it’s a good time.


    10.22.13 Reply
  6. Sans the sleepless nights, this you vacay sounds so dreamy! Have fun in Tulum!

    10.22.13 Reply
  7. Alison:

    Go to Akumal and swim with the turtles! Also there is an awesome lunch spot near there called La Buena Vida.

    10.22.13 Reply
  8. love the simplicity of where you are staying!

    The Style Scribe

    10.22.13 Reply
  9. This all sounds amazing, I am a fan of traveling alone as well. My last solo trip was a long weekend away in Palm Springs, that was 2 years ago though! Maybe I should plan something soon!

    10.22.13 Reply
  10. Looks gorgeous! hope you’re letting your brain relax.

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

    10.22.13 Reply
  11. Loving these snapshots from your trip! I’m heading to Mexico myself in a few weeks and I’m SO excited!

    10.22.13 Reply
  12. hope you’ve gotten a few good nights of sleep in tulum. looks like an amazing trip!

    10.23.13 Reply
  13. I love that you went on vacation by yourself. I’m such a big fan of that. Traveling with others is great, but sometimes that alone time and solitude in another environment repairs and renews so much. Hope you have a lovely trip, Grace!

    10.24.13 Reply