Meet your new Beauty BFF – Benefit Bella Bamba

It’s been too long since my last beauty-related post.  The truth is, nothing’s really been wowwing me these days.  Until now, when I discovered this fabulous product from Benefit.

Background:  I’ve never been a blush girl.  Give me a good bronzer, and I’ll pile it on.  Not to the point of Snookification, but my skin gets pasty during winter and needs a little extra help.  Blush just scares me… why would I want to make my skin any redder?  Anywho, while at Sundance, the boyfriend somehow found himself at Benefit’s swag lounge.  Being the thoughtful chap that he is, he told their PR gals what I look like and came home with a nice big bag of loot for moi! 

Benefit is a fabulous company, so naturally, all of the products were fabulous.  But when I opened up Bella Bamba (a bright pink, to the point of looking scary) blush, I was a little nervous.  (The picture below doesn’t do the bright-ness of the product justice.)

Deciding to be fearless, I followed the instructions… sweeping the smallest amount over the apples of my cheek and along my hairline.  Presto, voila… insta-glow!  (No joke – my skin nearly rivaled Natalie Portman’s amaze pregnancy glow at the Golden Globes.)  I don’t think I’ve ever been more happily surprised by a product.

I can’t sing this product’s praises enough.  I’m keeping it in my purse – any time I’m feeling tired, under the weather, or in need of a good glow-ification, this product is coming out.  Get your own here at Sephora, and be prepared for people to think you are well-rested, in perfect spirits, (or possibly pregnant.)

PS – Since you only need the tiniest amount, this is one of those products that will probably never run out.  I’m still using their Hoola bronzer, featured here, that I bought three years ago….

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