Meet Shupette.


You may or may not know this about me, but I’m a little bit of a Choupette (Karl Lagerfeld’s kitty) fan-girl. Don’t tell Tyrion, but she is definitely my second favorite cat. (It’s those big blue eyes!) Can you blame me? She’s just so good at twitter. I was so excited when I heard that she (yes, she’s a cat and does collaborations) was teaming up with Shu Uemura for the holidays. I mean, I just can’t handle the cuteness. This is Shu Uemura’s first time collaborating with a feline, and makes sense as Mr. Uemura + Karl Lagerfeld were friends for more than twenty years. Hence, Shupette was born.

The packaging is adorable, featuring hand drawn illustrations by Karl. It’s very playful. (And the palette comes in that cute white faux fur kitten pouch!) It’s confusing though, as it is very young looking (but as with all things Shu Uemura), the products are really amazing quality.

Shu Uemura is giving away the entire collection (valued at $1500) here. You can also enter a giveaway to win the Shupette palette (+ kitten pouch) below, or if you want to shop the collection use code SHUSTRIPES to receive an exclusive Shupette by Karl Lagerfeld Tote (and free shipping on purchase of $25 or more.)

Shu Uemura Choupette Collection 2

Shu Uemura Choupette

In the photo above, I’m wearing several of the products. I created a natural look by covering my eyelids in the champagne colored shadow from the palette. I then blended in a little bit of the copper/brown shade, and then applied the burgundy/brown shade to just the lash line. I lined my eyes using the brown liner, and applied the silk cushion cheek (in a shade that is oddly called orange… it’s more of a dusty rose) to my cheeks and hairline. On my lips, I mixed together the red + coral shades from the palette.

Shu Uemura Choupette Collab

Shu Uemura Choupette Pouch


{a fun little behind the scenes video featuring our girl Choupette…}

Shu Uemura Choupette Collection


photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Lauren:

    I would love a new eyelash curler! Such darling packaging.

    10.23.14 Reply
  2. Alysa:

    Grace, I don’t personally know you but have been following your blog for about a year now. In the last several posts your skin looks fantastic, like serious glow!!! Would love to know if you are using the tata harper line daily or what your daily regimen is lately, because you look beautiful as ever. I will say, I ordered a sample package of her skin care after your blog post and it really is fabulous! Thanks

    10.23.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Hi Alyssa,

      Oh my gosh thank you for the kind words! Yes… I use Tata daily. I’m addicted. Lately I’ve been using Omorovicza’s black balm cleanser (from my post earlier today) but in the evenings I double cleanse with Tata’s oil + deep cleanser and then apply her new face oil. In the mornings, I use just the deep cleanser (or splash with water) and her daytime moisturizer. In these photos, I used NARS purely luminous tinted moisturizer but most days I skip foundation/tinted moisturizer… I like to let my skin breathe as much as possible.

      Also, I do a mask once or twice a week. My faves are SK-II’s masks and Tata Harper’s Resurfacing mask. What else? Oh. The Shupette Cheek Cream that I’m wearing in this post is bananas. Gives your skin SUCH a good glow!

      Let me know if you have any other questions! 😉

      10.23.14 Reply
  3. This made me giggle. So cute. I agree, your skin looks amazing. And so do those lashes!

    10.23.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      It’s so fun. And thank you for the sweet words!! I get my lashes done at Ebenezer in Koreatown. It’s cheap and they do a great job! xx

      10.23.14 Reply
  4. What a fun collection! Thanks for the introduction, Grace 🙂

    10.23.14 Reply
  5. The packaging of this collection is beyond cute!

    10.23.14 Reply
  6. Cute post Grace!

    10.23.14 Reply
  7. Marty:

    This is so adorable! I would love to try the champagne colored shadow from the palette and then use the brown liner to create a chic cat eye look. Think it would be purrfect!

    10.24.14 Reply
  8. Tamara:

    I totally agree with Alysa! Your skin has been looking amazing! Love, love, love your blog! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I check your blog each morning just to see what you have to say! I really appreciate you!

    10.24.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Oh my gosh what a nice comment. Thank you!!!

      10.24.14 Reply
  9. Bee:

    Agree with all the ladies comments!! You have probably been one of the best advertisers of her products and your face is really showing the results!! I wish it was sold in stores here locally in MN!!

    10.24.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      aw, thanks Bee! FYI – Tata sells a sample kit on her site which is great if you want to try it, and Nordstrom also carries the line (they have an amazing return policy so if the products don’t work out, you can always send back. Just an FYI!)

      10.24.14 Reply
  10. Bella:

    Wow, I love how soft of a look this collection can give, very ethereal! That look is gorgeous on you, simple and glowy.

    10.25.14 Reply
  11. Courtney:

    The champagne eyeshadow. It’s gorgeous!

    10.28.14 Reply
  12. Fan R:

    I think shupette has-it-all eye & lip palette would be the best for.

    10.30.14 Reply