Artist Q&A: Michelle Armas.

Michelle is one of my absolute favorite artists. I first learned about her maybe ten years ago via my sister Rebecca. I’ve been following her work for over ten years now and am such a fan. Her newer totem series is one of my favorites. I could watch her make them all day long. I just love her eye, the colors she chooses, and the way she puts shapes together. Also, I feel her so hard on loving people but getting overstimulated – it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

Artist Q&A: Michelle Armas

Where are you from?

I’ve lived in Atlanta so long I think I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m from Atlanta. Even though no one‘s from Atlanta. I’ll be the first, I volunteer. I love being southern and I love living in the south. I’m definitely inspired by my surroundings in the form of beautiful bright plants and hot sun and friendly faces. The south is pretty great!

How did you get your start as an artist?

I have been making art and painting for myself since I was a child. After graduating with a masters of graphic design and branding I started painting at night after coming home from a grueling and dissatisfying job. At the time it was the advent of blogging and I started to sell my work online through my blog and an Etsy shop. How lucky am I?!

What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

My favorite sources of inspiration are definitely natural as in plants, flowers, the rhythms of the earth and the beauty of space. I love photographs of nebulas and stars and planets. Nothing could be more visually inspiring than nature, as far as physical inspiration having time to be unconnected from our society is very healing and inspiring as well. Time to disconnect from the expectations and the pressures of regular life and instead be fully immersed in the sensual pleasures of quiet and being near water and spending time cooking and eating with my loved ones.

What is something that is important to you?

My friendships are very important to me. I love the people in my life and I love taking the time and energy to connect with them and experience life with them.

Something others might not know about you?

Gosh I feel like I’m such an open book there isn’t anything that I don’t talk about. I think sometimes people may not realize I am quite introverted and a highly sensitive person. That means that my nervous system is very sensitive and I can become overstimulated about 50 million thousand times a day. I need to be alone in a quiet space to recharge my energy even though I love people 🥰

Want more Michelle Armas? Follow along on Instagram, check out her website (and print shop), and peruse her available works at Liz’s Gallery!

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  1. Sharon:

    Thank you so much for sharing her Grace! Michelle is new to me and I love her IG page. I only wish you had asked more questions. I love Q&As with people.

    7.26.22 Reply
  2. Love this series! Thank you for bringing these interesting and creative people to us through your blog.

    7.27.22 Reply
  3. Allison:

    I discovered Michelle’s work through your blog and am in love. Thanks for introducing her and love the interview!

    7.29.22 Reply