Meet Benefit’s New Skincare Line: B.Right!

What do you do when you’re already a world class cosmetic brand, with products that are tried and tested and loved by all?  Products known for both their witty packaging and names, but also for really (really) working?  Where do you even go from there, what do you do next!?  Well, in Benefit’s case, you launch a skincare line!

I was beyond excited to hear that Benefit is launching a skincare line, and even more excited to be invited to their PR event which was held tonight at the Soho House in New York.

The line is titled B. Right (don’t you just love the double meaning,) and debuts in April 2011.  All of the products are priced between $19 and $38 (yes, even their ultra rich moisturizer!) and are packaged beautifully.  It’s all the most gorge shade of pale blue, and the creams are packaged in heavy weight glass.  (It’s going to look amaze on the vanity.)

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For such affordable price points, the line is incredibly high-tech.  One of the reasons for that is that Benefit is able to leverage their parent company (LVMH) and it’s comprehensive R&D facility (you know, the same facility that develops all those pricy Dior and and Givenchy skin treatments…)

The line is comprised of eight products, all of which contain their exclusive tri-radiance complex which actually helps to develop the skin’s reserves of water – meaning you get both short and long-term benefits, and results that build up over time.

During the event, we broke out into small groups where we we got to test the whole line.  In my group was Adina from Krasey Beauty, Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie, and Megan from Wit & Whimsy.

First, we tried out the SPF 15 Triple Performing Facial Emulsion ($28)  I fell in love with this one because it’s oil free, but super rich (seriously – even on my dry skin.)  This one’s heavy on the tri-radiance complex and will make a great day cream.  (Also just adore the heavy glass bottle… this one is not going to be trapped in the medicine cabinet… it needs to stay out on the counter!)

After that, we tried out the Total Moisture Facial Cream.  ($38) This, I also loved, as it’s formulated for normal to dry types.  It contains mango butter and smells amazing.

Next, we tried out “It’s Potent” Eye Cream.  ($32)  It’s loaded with peptides to help with firmness, and apple extract to target fine lines.  It also helps to fade dark circles (Hallelujah!)

Next, we tried their Ultra Radiance Rehydrating Mist.  ($26)  It’s like Xanax for your skin – I need to keep a bottle next to my desk at work.  You spritz it on whenever/where ever for an extra burst of moisture (and an incredibly relaxing experience.)  Stress be gone, and it instantly enhances radiance.

After that, we tested out their extra gentle “Remove It” Makeup Remover  ($21) It’s a no-rinse formula that is totally safe – even for contact lense wearers.

And next up was their Refined Finish Facial Scrub.  ($22) I found it interesting to learn that a lot of scrubs have jagged  pieces, which can cause micro-tears in the skin.  For that reason, Benefit developed theirs with non-jagged, synthetic spheres.  The formula is a double agent – it also contains clay & seaweed to detoxify, so you can use it as a mask, too.

After the scrub, we tried their “Foamingly Clean” Facial Wash.  ($21)  This one is super hydrating and rich – no tight feeling afteward.

And lastly, we got to try out their Moisture Prep Toning Lotion.  ($29)  This product was the sleeper of the collection – I was new to the concept of a moisture prep, but it’s built on the concept that water attracts water.  It’s heavy in Vitamin E and prepares the skin for moisturizer – helping you to get the most out of your moisturizer.  As someone whose skin gets incredibly dry come winter, I love this idea.

So there you have it – the whole line.  Like I said, it will be available in April.  After testing everything out, I highly recommend it – especially the Moisture Prep and Emulsion!

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