Me Time.


Real talk: Me time is my favorite time. And if you’re anything like I am, time to yourself is probably pretty rare. It’s been really great working from home three days a week, but as this was my first full week doing so, in over-excitement, I crammed the week with meetings and events. This weekend, I’m really looking to a low-key weekend at home with Tyrion, blankets, books and snacks. #favoritethings.

Skinny Cow challenged me to share my favorite ways to indulge in my “me time,” and for me that can be summed up with one word: Books. (I also love unwinding with TV, but right now there is nothing better than to put on my comfiest clothes and hibernate under my fave blanket with a good book.) I’ll light a candle, attempt to get Tyrion to sit with me, and spend hours reading… completely losing track of time.


You should probably know that I have the literary tastes of a fourteen year old. While I don’t always stick to YA, my girlfriends and I are always sharing the latest YA books with each other… and I just started reading A Thousand Pieces of You. My friend Becca told me about it and I’m loving it so far… but yeah: not exactly highbrow! Sometimes though, especially after a long day, I don’t want a challenge… I just want to read something light and fun. This one is really good for that…



The perfect accompaniment for my books: Skinny Cow‘s line of treats, which are so decadent and indulgent. I don’t snack on sweets very often but their creamy iced coffees are amazing. I pour one into a cute little mason jar with lots of ice and sip it as I read. I also love their chocolate bars (I break off the squares and nibble on them throughout the afternoon.) But if we’re being honest, my favorite is the ice cream pops. So good… especially the caramel flavor!



This is weird but I’m usually never reading just one book. Right now I’m also reading I’ll Drink to That (Betty Halbreich’s amazing memoir) and 10% Happier. YA, fashion + booze, and a side of self-help. Yep, that sounds about right!


Thank you to Skinny Cow for partnering on this post.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Megan:

    Love ME time! It’s a rare thing, but when it happens it’s important to make the most of it. Great post Grace! Enjoy your ME time this weekend:)

    2.27.15 Reply
  2. Kodi:

    I’m a 14 year old when it comes to books too, and I recently discovered author Stephanie Perkins and love her — she’s so good at writing real, relatable characters!

    2.27.15 Reply
  3. Lindsay Ava:

    Me time is the best! I live for it haha. I usually will dedicate Saturday or Sunday to it if I don’t have to study or get any work done for Uni 🙂 Loved reading your post

    2.27.15 Reply
  4. Cathleen:

    I need ME time like you wouldn’t believe. I forgot it even existed! haha

    2.27.15 Reply
  5. Sally:

    Ooh, I just finished A Thousand Pieces Of You! It wasn’t my favorite book I’ve read, but I loved how the author basically created four different worlds within one storyline. Way cool.

    And ummm I definitely need to try that iced coffee! Looks delicious! 🙂

    2.28.15 Reply
  6. Rose:

    I’m always reading multiple books at once, too! Usually from different genres, in case I need to take a break from one it’s nice to bounce around 🙂

    3.6.15 Reply