Mario Badescu Skincare

IMG_6039When I first moved to Manhattan (seven years ago)!  I worked in the beauty industry.  I had this boss that I completely idolized as she led what I thought was the most glamorous lifestyle ever.  She’d take me to lunch at her club (Doubles) and wore suits that she had custom-made in Argentina.  She had (custom made) leather pants.  And all of her shirts were monogrammed.  Anytime I needed any NYC-related advice, she’d give me the scoop… and she was always right.

I remember her talking about Mario Badescu.  How it was THE place to go for a facial.  At the time, getting a facial was laughable, as I barely earned enough money to cover rent, groceries, and a few pieces of clothing here and there from Forever 21, but I still listened intently and made note.

So when MB invited me in a few weeks ago for a facial, I immediately took them up on their offer.  I went to Irina (highly recommend) where she cleansed, poked + prodded, soothed my skin with their Assouline Mask and then finished me off with a Vitamin C Treatment.  My skin was upset for a few days but glowed for weeks after.  Well worth it.  She reprimanded me for exfoliating too much and being rough on my skin, and then put me on a gentle (but effective) regime.  I’ve been using the products for a solid few weeks now, and have to say… they work wonders!

My regime:  Orange Cleanser // The Moisture Magnet with SPF 15 // Aloe Toner // Azulene Calming Mask // Almond & Honey Face Scrub // Rose Hip Oil // Hyaluronic Eye Cream // Seaweed Night Cream

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  1. Amanda Perry says 5.5.13

    I totally agree, MB is the best! My grandma always bought their products for me and my sister 🙂

  2. Emily Lunstroth says 5.5.13

    Have always heard the best things about this line!

  3. Erica says 5.5.13

    I’ve know about the line for as long as I can remember, but have (for unknown reasons) never tried it! Everyone who uses it raves about it and I believe you’ve tipped it for me… I need to get over to Nordstrom and see about tending to my dry yet acne-prone situation! Thanks!

  4. i *love* mario badescu. the products have saved my skin and the orange cleanser is a staple for me, too!