Making a Case for Hand Written Notes.

When was the last time you sent a hand-written note?

Sending more snail mail is one of my goals for the year. When most of the mail we receive these days is junk or bills, getting something special in the mail is so fun… who doesn’t love getting a hand-written note!? Letter writing is almost a lost art – it’s so much more special and personal than getting an email or a text message. And for me, nothing is more relaxing than pulling out some of my favorite paper and stationery, sitting down, and writing out a thoughtful note or two. Saying “thank you” is good for the soul, and writing thank you notes becomes a little ritual! I’ll put on some happy music, pour myself a coffee, (or a glass of wine), take out my pretty papers, and get writing!

Today (in collaboration with the The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds®  campaign), I’m sharing a few of my “rules” for snail mail!

Thank you notes can be for little things too! Grand gestures and gifts are nice of course, but the smaller things need to be celebrated, too! Sometimes it’s just nice to send a little note to tell someone thank you for lunch, for being a good friend, that compliment they paid you, or for being a good listener. Even when there’s no specific occasion it’s fun to send a simple notecard that says “You’re the best!”

Keep pretty notecards on hand for whatever occasion arises. I used to keep wedding cards on hand, now it’s babies! I also buy birthday cards in bulk so that I’m always prepared!

Make it Personal! Someone once told me this made me a narcissist (HA) but personalized stationery is so special and fun. My personal go-to right now are these gold pressed notecards. They’re ultra thick, + the gold is so pretty and shiny.

Don’t worry about making it perfect. One of the reasons a hand written note or letter is so special is that it’s hand written. It doesn’t need to be perfect! The things we see as flaws (messy writing, crossed out words) add character. While I was home for the holidays, we spent a lot of time going through old letters (my mom saves everything!) and the most charming ones were the ones that were a little bit imperfect.

Be timely. If it’s a thank you note, I always aim to send it within 24-48 hours.

photography by Trent Bailey // Created in partnership with The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign – thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog running!

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  1. Nothing beats receiving a lovely, handwritten note. It’s just so rare nowadays and really knows the person thought of you personally. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.6.18 Reply
  2. Marty:

    Totally agree! It’s a rare treat to receive a handwritten note in the mail and so nice when it happens. It’s also always appreciated when you can take the time to send a nice card and short note, sometimes just to say hi and thinking of you, to someone. Love the note cards you show here!

    3.6.18 Reply
  3. sharon:

    Yes! I grew up with a mom who was adamant that we needed to send Thank you cards. I have continued that and have taught my kids as well.

    People are always so pleasantly surprised to get a note in the mail.

    3.6.18 Reply
    • My mom was the same with us!!!

      3.6.18 Reply
      • Brianna Rooney:

        I am so glad my mom taught us the importance of thank you notes!

        I will say, I have seen a major decrease in thank yous for bridal shower and even weddings….such a turn off!

        3.6.18 Reply
  4. You can never go wrong with a hand written note! When I was applying to jobs I sent every company, no matter where they were located, a hand written note.

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

    3.6.18 Reply
  5. I love handwritten notes so much and completely agree that they don’t have to perfect.

    3.6.18 Reply
  6. I was raised to write thank you notes for EVERYTHING. I hated it growing up, but as an adult I’m so grateful to have that built-in reflex to write thank you notes. I find that they are often so appreciated, and are more and more rare!

    xo Jess

    3.6.18 Reply
  7. I love handwritten notes… they just really make things so much more personal! I also love to write them and collect stationery, but the problem is that then I never want to use the stationery because it’s too cute!

    3.6.18 Reply
  8. Erika:

    My best friend is the BEST at sending handwritten ‘just thinking about you’ notes and cards. They are always adorable, unexpected and appreciated!

    3.6.18 Reply
  9. Morgan:

    What great timing — I dropped a “thank you for lunch” note in the mail yesterday! I love sending all kinds of handwritten mail, but thank you cards definitely get the best response; I think it’s an unfortunately rare gesture these days. A friend of mine decided that for Lent this year, rather than giving anything up, she was going to write a letter every day. A few emails, but mostly handwritten notes to anyone that popped into her head as someone who made an impact on her. She said the response from people (some of whom she hasn’t spoken to in years) has been phenomenal. I want to adopt the practice next year!

    3.6.18 Reply
    • Aw I love that!!! SUCH a good idea re: lent. I like the idea of adding something positive vs. taking something away. Maybe I will do the same next year!

      3.6.18 Reply
    • MarciaMarciaMarcia:

      I love this idea. I am going to write this down to do for Lent next year! I give up FB every year for Lent, and this would be a great complement to that.

      3.6.18 Reply
  10. I am so with you on this. My sister-in-law was just diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, and congestive heart failure as a result of the chemo, and mail is her favorite thing in the world (she’s special needs and one of her daily jobs is bringing in/sorting the mail). I posted on Facebook asking friends to send her cards because she was having a really tough time dealing with all of it (rare for her since she’s been so positive throughout, and also even more heartbreaking). The number of people who responded and were genuinely thrilled to stick a note in the mail was STAGGERING. Seriously, she’s gotten hundreds of cards, and it’s such a good reminder that people love to send handwritten notes, but more importantly, also love to brighten someone’s day.

    3.6.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh I am so sorry – that’s heartbreaking!!! But what a wonderful gesture on the part of your friends and family.

      3.6.18 Reply
  11. Handwritten notes are the best! Even better with personalized stationery:

    3.6.18 Reply
  12. I’ve always loved handwritten notes, they always make my day!

    The Champagne Edit

    3.6.18 Reply
  13. Ryann Carter:

    Thank you so much for writing this! I love handwritten notes, and actually wrote a blog post about it recently. There is nothing better than receiving a well thought out note in the mail amongst bills and catalogues. I wish more people would do it!

    3.6.18 Reply
  14. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    I totally agree about handwritten notes! And in our current society of emailing, texting, instant messaging etc., I think it makes it all the more special to receive something written by hand. I work in fundraising where we definitely still prioritize handwritten notes. And writing notes to people gives me an excuse to invest in cute stationery, which by the way is not narcissistic – it’s not like it’s a big card with your photo on it! My sister got me personalized note cards for my birthday last year that say Like A Boss, and I absolutely adore them … although I don’t use those for thank you notes. 😉

    3.6.18 Reply
    • Yes to everything you said!!!!! Email and text is great and practical, but so impersonal compared to a handwritten note..

      3.6.18 Reply
  15. Denise Atwood:

    Think I brought you up right! ha ha, love you!

    3.6.18 Reply
  16. Omg, love this idea! To be honest, I don’t think I’ve sent a handwritten note/letter since I was a kid (I’m 30 now!). It’s such a shame. I know what I’ll be doing next – thanks for the idea Grace! Feel free to check out my blog!

    3.6.18 Reply
  17. Brianna Rooney:

    I LOVE snail mail! I send holiday cards every year and am the queen of thank you notes in my family. I’ll even send my boyfriend mail, who lives down the street, because there’s nothing better than opening the mail box and it’s not a utility bill!

    3.6.18 Reply
  18. Love this post! I am a big fan of snail mail and am always picking up cute cards when I see them just because. I know I love getting mail so assume my friends feel the same way
    xoxo, Jenna

    3.7.18 Reply
  19. I love hand-written notes! My monogrammed stationary may be one of my favorite things and I also love receiving thank you notes from friends and family in the mail!


    3.15.18 Reply
  20. Rose:

    I love sending cards. Now days school directories don’t even have addresses, my daughters in 3rd grade and we send invitations. Then we send Thank you notes. I collect addresses from our pre K school we went to, other invitations or thank you, and sometime I have to text to ask. Kids love mail, grandparents love mail, it brings so much joy. Thank you for loving snail mail as much as we do. I make homemade cards, all different. We just made a hug card for my dad, my daughter laid on rolled out paper with arms out and I traced her. Yes it is silly, but he will love it.
    Evites, emails, and texts just don’t have the same feeling.
    Thank you!!

    4.29.20 Reply