Makeup Bag Spill.

Jusssst popping in this morning with a fun beauty post! Sometimes it’s fun to just take your makeup bag, dump it open, and just see what’s inside. I am always testing and trying new products but these are the ones I’ve been really into lately and using on a day-to-day basis. This isn’t at all sponsored, it’s just the products I’ve been using and loving lately. I feel guilty as I am not very loyal to most of my makeup as I am always trying new things, but for the things I’m really loyal to and buy repeatedly, I did make note of that.

L’Oreal Feline Mascara is a really great mascara for long, thick lashes. What is particularly great about this one is that the applicator makes it a lot easier to reach those harder-to-get-to outer corner lashes (helping to achieve that feline/cat-eye look).  I’m not particularly loyal to this exact mascara,  but I am very loyal to L’Oreal overall for mascara. All of their mascaras work so well – just as well as fancier brands, and they never flake off or end up on my cheeks (gross)! Basically, if L’Oreal makes a mascara, I will use it and love it.

Covergirl True Nudes Palette. As a rule, I rarely wear eyeshadow. I find it to be a kind of annoying product. Usually I will just stick to a tiny bit of liner and a lot of mascara. But I really, really like this palette and I love that it’s from the drugstore. I have tested so many eyeshadows and usually don’t like them. They’ll crease or flake off, and who needs that. I’m not one of those girls who wants to reapply and fix things all day… or go through the motions of applying primer + then shadow. Sure, for a big night out… but not for every day. These are so creamy and pretty and stay on all day. In consistency, they remind me a LOT of Stila eyeshadows which are pretty much the only other shadows I wear. And the colors are so pretty – better than the oh-so-famous Naked Palette if you ask me.

Glossier Concealer is hands down, my favorite concealer on the market. I don’t really buy into the whole “no makeup-makeup” thing (it’s usually just marketing) but in this case, this concealer covers up red spots and dark circles without looking like makeup. It’s a godsend.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Pencil is my favorite, favorite eyeliner in the world and to be honest the only one that I can apply precisely. I like just a little liner (and very close to my lash line) and the tiny point on this allows me to apply it very precisely.

RMS Magic Highlighter is a new favorite favorite. I have long loved RMS’s highlighters but I love the pinky nude tone of this one.

Maybelline Brow Precise I love this brow pomade! It reminds me so so much of Glossier’s Boy Brow (a tried and true favorite of mine) but with a more precise applicator. If you’re looking for a more affordable product

Laura Geller Highlighter Stick. These are so pretty! I have the pink one and the golden one. I like these under my brown bone and on my cheek bones (I will apply these after using the magic highlighter… yes, I am a junkie and layer my highlighters!!)

By Terry Brightening Serum This sells out, like constantly, but it is so good. I love the apricot one so much. It gives you the prettiest glow. I apply a few drops after moisturizing for instant glow. If I’m having a good skin day I won’t put any other makeup products on my face. It instantly boosts skin’s radiance and makes you GLOW!

Laura Geller Filter Finish Powder is literally an Instagram filter for your face. I don’t know how it works but this is almost always my last step (the only reason it wouldn’t be is that I got lazy and forgot). Use a big fluffy brush to dust it over your face. Imperfections are immediately blurred and softened, and you look like you are using the pretty filter on Snapchat.

BeautyBlender Sponge. I didn’t quite understand the hype on this one (why not just use your fingers) but now I rely on it to blend in everything from concealer to highlighter. It’s a cult favorite product for a reason… it really works!

Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer in Light/Medium is a great basic concealer, especially for under eyes or anywhere you want to reflect light.

Lancome Cushion Foundation. Okay, I just love the cushion! Maybelline and L’Oreal have a similar version as well and if we’re being honest, I can’t really tell the difference between the three. The Lancome smells like witch hazel and the packaging is different but I’m pretty sure that all three (all L’Oreal brands) are using the exact same cushion with slightly different formulas. The L’Oreal one is my usual go-to but right now I’ve been testing the Lancome one and I love that too. I tend to like a foundation that just makes my skin look a little better than normal (not a lot of heaviness) and the cushion (no matter which brand) does just that.

Wander Beauty Matte Foundation is my “bad skin day” product… or what I will wear if I have a big event. It’s a REALLY great product. It covers up absolutely everything and leaves your skin with flawless, matte, old-school movie starlet skin. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup in my day to day so I usually just do the cushion and a little concealer but this is amazing when you want your skin to look completely flawless and perfect.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer is my go-to, holy grail bronzer. I have been using it since my first job, when I lived in Boston, which was nearly fifteen years ago. One container of it lasts me a couple years, and it’s just the best. Inside the container it looks a little dirty, but on skin it always looks natural and pretty. It looks good on everyone!

Again, this is not sponsored at all, but as I have a long-term partnership with L’Oreal I am obligated by the FTC to tell you that anytime I mention the brand.

Photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. I’ve heard so many great things about By Terry… their Brightening Serum sounds like something I would love to try!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      Absolutely love By Terry! Hope you give them a try! x

  2. Brittany says 2.22.17

    ohh man, I love posts like these. your thoughts about the cushion being similar on all three products is so interesting- i wonder how common that is! can’t wait to check out this stuff!

    xo, brittany
    spring jammies for mamas & babes on my blog today!

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      I swear they are all exactly the same!!!

  3. Roxanne says 2.22.17

    What a fun post! It’s crazy how many make up products are out there; we only overlap on one product! I use the new RMS highlighter. It is truly amazing, and I heard that Bella Hadid uses it, too!

    Also a side note – I want your Cuyana make up bag!


    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      LOVE that highlighter! It’s the best. RMS does such a good job creating products that are completely natural/safe/non-toxic but also really effective.

  4. diana pearl says 2.22.17

    I need to try that palette! And that brightening serum, too! I also love Hoola bronzer (the best!) and ALL L’Oreal mascaras. My go-to!

    x Diana //

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      yessssss! All so good! xx

  5. lauren says 2.22.17

    Agree re: Beauty Blender. I always look for the value sets or stock up when they’re on sale (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale/Sephora VIB sales). I will give that Maybelline brow product a try – there are SO many new drugstore brow products that I got overwhelmed trying to pick one last time I was at CVS and just gave up.

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      I know -the drugstore is so so overwhelming!!! I usually go to the end caps or the little displays with hopes of discovering what is new and exciting. 🙂

  6. Cy says 2.22.17

    Always fun when these posts show up! I just bought the Maybelline brow and it’s pretty great. I like the Benefit one with the fibers in it, Gimme brow, I think. The Maybelline one is a third the price and I don’t see a huge difference. I have the Covergirl “roses” palette ( your rec) great for my green eyes. I’ve never used Stila shadow, always been a MAC fan. I think I told you, my friend who is a TV producer, swears the MAC looks the best on camera( she doesn’t wear any herself), I’ve been wearing their makeup since way before I knew that. I with you on the L’Oréal mascara! I like the voluminous carbon black. I was gifted a Lancôme hypnoise, but I think they are made by the same company. My sister is the By terry junkie! She gave me a beautiful luminizer compact with 3 colors in one. It’s very pretty. I like to mix, the high/low. She’s strictly Spacenk! Thanks for another “pretty” post!

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      Always love hearing about your favs, Cy! Agree – I love mixing high and low as well…there are so many great drugstore products out there! x

  7. Julie Lauren says 2.22.17

    I have been wanting to try that Hoola bronzer FOREVER. I have heard such good things. I think you’ve convinced me to buy it!! xo Julie

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      Oh my goodness it is my FAV. Been using it for so, so long. I always come back to it.

  8. Breanna Marie says 2.22.17

    Brightening serum, huh? I’ve never heard of this! Do you use this at night too or is it more like a makeup?

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      More like makeup! I apply it before any other face makeup but after skincare 🙂

  9. Cy says 2.23.17

    Thank so for recommending the Bobbi Brown eye pencil. She invented the gel eyeliner, which I love, but the pencil is so much faster! I also love the Urban Decay gel pencil, great color way and the limited addition black honey qucikliner from Clinique. So pretty with blue of green eyes!

    • graceatwood says 2.24.17

      I love that too!!! It’s a good one. 🙂 x