Magic Markers

One of the benefits of working for a beauty company is that people are constantly leaving samples by the water cooler.  Recently, a pile of NYC Color’s “Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lipstain” appeared.  I snapped up five of them in a variety of pinks and reds and was instantly smitten.

First of all, it stays on all day.  I particularly love the red one (Rock On Ruby.)  I top it off with a layer of clear gloss, and it makes for the perfect low-key but still lovely red lip.  Secondly, it’s $4.99.  Yes, I got these for free, but oh do I love a bargain.  Much cheaper than the Revlon and Color Girl versions, but just as good of a product.  And third, the colors are great.  Completely wearable.  (Trust me, I tried them all!)  You can’t go wrong.

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