Mad for Mara

If I were forced to shortlist my top 5 favorite designers, Mara Hoffman would be right there at the top.  Her prints, her fabrics, the cuts, the colors…  All so fabulous – in this effortless, slightly psychadelic, urban hippie sort of way.  It started a few years ago when I put a significant portion of my winter clothing budget towards this coat  (in camel.)  Sigh.  She’s been designing since 2000 – and I’d have to say her clothing just gets better and better every season.  I’m determined to add one of her dresses (maybe this one… it’s on sale!) to my closet this Spring… but for now, I’ll just sit and stare.  Just too good.

The photos below are from her Spring ’12 lookbook… so they’re nothing new – the stuff below is what’s in stores right now.  Still, I can’t help ogling it all.  Over, and over again.


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  1. Natasha Fatah says 4.17.12

    I adore these prints!
    I love how we’re incorporating more and more bold prints! 🙂


  2. Julie & Lauren says 4.17.12

    I love Mara Hoffman, too! Her fabrics are always so soft and wearable, too. xO

  3. Such beautiful prints!

  4. nicole says 4.17.12

    you are speaking my language! she is my absolute favorite, and so consistently goood. i love the holst and lee jewelry paired with these looks!

  5. K makeitandfakeit says 4.17.12

    Love it, thanks for sharing!! 🙂  Completely get your obsession! 
    You should check out this DIY necklace ( ) sort of looks liek some of hers, and i am sure your crative ways can do so much fun with it 🙂 

    love K

  6. Viviana Carmona says 4.17.12

    I’m obsessed with the colors and prints!

  7. Thenowstylebook says 4.17.12

    My problem with Mara is that I love everything so much, I have a hard time choosing what I want to buy…I want it all.  xo Elizabeth

  8. Megan Zietz says 4.17.12

    Mara Hoffman’s prints clearly speak to me, I could easily wear all of this.

  9. love all of the prints and fabulous colors!! xo

  10. i totally TOTALLY agree. i adore mara hoffman – that last otomi rainbow dress? insane!!! my sister and i have VASTLY different styles and tastes but we both LOVE mara hoffman more than anything! i just picked up her egyptian print tote, which is amazing, and i have my eye on some bathing suit coverups. MORE MARA! 🙂 

  11. AvgGirlsGuide says 4.17.12

    gorgeous! recently saw a bathing suit of hers that i wanted to attack! the prints! 

  12. lauren says 4.18.12

    wow! these outfits are insane! OH MY GOSH! want them all….
    I especially love the pant outfit. Would SO wear that!

  13. Kirbybee says 4.25.12

    Wow!! The colours and prints are amazing, I can see why you love it so much!!


  14. Katie C says 4.25.12

    Totally agree and share your love for Mara! Her swimsuits/bikinis are to die for…I really want to own one at some point soon!