How to Dress Like a New Yorker.

Mackage Kay Parka 1

As friends descended upon the city for fashion week festivities, the emails poured in: “What should I pack?” “Ha,” I would reply… “The biggest parka you can find, leggings, and over-the-knee boots.” It’s freezing outside, and every single New Yorker is wearing the exact same thing. I walk down the street and will pass at least five other women in the same coat. And you know why? Because it’s warm, and still chic. (The other popular option is the Canada Goose parka.) When it’s this cold.. originality goes out the window and practicality takes over. New York is basically a bunch of clones… but at least we are warm, and stylish!

So I’m sorry that today’s post is nothing groundbreaking… but it’s warm – and practical, this time of year. And this coat is the absolute best if you are in the market for something extra-warm!!

Shop the Post: Mackage Kay Coat (also here, here in green, and love this version with an all fur hood.) // Express Leggings // Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots // Gucci Soho Disco Bag (also here, and here in a nice neutral) // Karen Walker Sunglasses // Forever 21 Beanie // Stila Liquid Lipstick in “Beso”

More great parkas at every price…

Mackage Kay Parka 2

Mackage Kay Parka 3

Mackage Kay Parka 4

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Caitlin:

    Gorgeous parka! It looks so warm, I definitely could use it this week! Stay warm 🙂
    xo, Caitlin

    2.16.15 Reply
  2. Natali:

    Fantastic boots and sunnies and very comfy jacket! You look lovely!

    2.16.15 Reply
  3. Stella/The Heart's Delight:

    Mackage is one of my most favorite outerwear brands! They always manage to reimagine a basic- like a puffy black coat- and give it a new, much more exciting life! I try to invest in a new fun coat from their line every few years.

    Also, as a side note- I would recommend getting all of your NYC boots weather treated. The WORST is stepping off a curb into a hidden, icy, slushy, puddle of dirty water literally, ankle deep! Unfortunately, I learned that tip the hard way!

    Stay warm, Grace.
    XO, Stella

    2.16.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      really great tip Stella! thanks! xx

      2.16.15 Reply
    • Juliana:

      Hi Stella,

      Great tip!I’m on the hunt for a great parka so I will definitely check out Mackage. Thanks!

      2.16.15 Reply
  4. Casey:

    Hi Grace! I have been eyeing this coat but am concerned that the fur will make it hard to wear with scarves…have you had that problem?? Thanks!

    2.16.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Casey,
      It does make it a little hard. I find I either put my scarf on before I put the jacket, and wear it close to my body//wrapped up around my neck… or I’ll put it on afterward and wear loosely around my neck. The best (cutest looking) option is probably to wear a thin but warm scarf, and put it on before the coat!

      2.16.15 Reply
  5. Heidi:

    With how cold it is I’m impressed by anyone smiling outside! You look fantastic and that parka looks so warm, comfy, and chic!

    2.16.15 Reply
  6. Nadya from

    Nice winter gear! I came back from NYC just about a week ago, and I must say that it is as cold there as here in Canada. So yes, a fur trimmed parka in a must on the glamorous new York streets. I just feel badly for the fashionistas who came to the fashion week and want to show off their not-so-wintery outfits 🙂
    Stay warm!

    2.16.15 Reply
  7. Cathleen:

    That’s about what it’s like here in the Midwest haha. Stay warm and safe! You look great.

    2.16.15 Reply
  8. Jessica:

    Looks like we were thinking alike today! Sharing my NYC outfit on the blog and looks like I nailed it. Love this coat, looks so cozy!

    xo Jessica

    2.16.15 Reply
  9. melissa:

    Very cute grace and you look comfy! The struggle is real…trying to stay warm and look cute at the same time ugh, but you nailed it!

    2.16.15 Reply
  10. Jamie:

    Parkas are a staple in Cincinnati too. Especially today! Anything to keep all parts covered and not exposed to the chilly temps is best!

    Hello There, Lady!

    2.16.15 Reply
  11. Jane:

    SO SO SO TRUE. Unfortunately, I look ridiculous when I go to work in the AM (and when I leave in the PM) from my purple puffer with fur collar + the thickest SLOUCHY beanie I own + thickest fleece gloves with fur lining (white, incidentally) = NOT A GOOD LOOK ALL TOGETHER. And you know what? I can’t care because it’s SO f-ing cold and in NYC, we have to GET PLACES while walking outside!!!

    2.16.15 Reply
  12. Chelsea:

    This coat is really fantastic and surprisingly chic considering it’s functional as well. Definitely a must-have to survive those below freezing temps in NYC right now.

    Haute Child in the City

    2.16.15 Reply
  13. Juliana:

    Hi Grace!
    As a fellow New Yorker I’ve been on the hunt for a great parka so this post comes in handy 🙂

    2.16.15 Reply
  14. Sasha:

    Really great coat! I also often struggle between being warm or stylish 🙂

    2.16.15 Reply
  15. Kate:

    It’s always refreshing to see super real outfits from bloggers! So no worries at all about this being “boring”! Sometimes I feel like I’m getting old when I see photos of bloggers standing in the snow with bare legs & pumps and think they’re nuts! WHY? It’s just not worth it. Warm & cozy is where it’s at! 😉

    2.16.15 Reply
  16. alyson:

    Brrr! I can’t even imagine but you do make cold look good! Wish I could justify those boots in a big way.


    2.16.15 Reply
  17. kate:

    love the jacket – a bit of a different twist on a classic. when is spring again?!

    2.16.15 Reply
  18. Style Bits and Bobs of M.E.:

    Pretty much sums up the weather on the entire East Coast now. Boo to this polar vortex!

    2.16.15 Reply
  19. Wishes & Reality:

    Love, love the blue beanie!


    2.16.15 Reply