Lust Object: Vita Fede


For the most part, when I’m getting dressed, I just want to feel pretty.  Sometimes, though, I also want to feel just a little bit tough.  That’s why I love Vita Fede.  They’ve got these beautiful edgy bracelets and rings, with (in some cases) just a touch of bling.  I love nearly every piece on the site, but if I had to pick a favorite, it probably would be this or perhaps this.  In a world where money grew on trees, I’d buy three and wear ’em together… they stack beautifully!

From top left:  Rose Gold Titan Ring // Silver Titan Studs // Gold Titan Bracelet // Crystal/Rose Gold Mini Titan Bracelet // Geometric Cuff // Omega Crystal Ring // Silver Mini Titan Bracelet // Gold Titan Ring // Black Crystal Titan Ring // Double Spike Babylon Ring (another one of my faves) // Crystal/Gunmetal Titan Bracelet // Titan Crystal Ring // Omega Cuff // Silver Titan Ring // Malachite + Gold Titan Cuff // Silver Mini Titan Bracelet // Black Cube Studs // Silver Eclipse Bracelet // Rose Gold Anneli Bracelet

What do you think?  Are you as smitten as I am?

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  1. Emma Finlayson says 3.28.13

    Yup. Totally smitten!

  2. Andrea says 3.28.13

    These pieces are amazing!! I love the rose gold anneli bracelet!

  3. Rachelle says 3.28.13

    they have some cute stuff, I specially want all the rings.

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  4. Liz Schneider says 3.28.13

    I couldn’t agree more, the perfect balance of pretty and tough.

  5. loveeee the rose gold mini titan!

  6. Alyssa says 3.28.13

    Definitely a “treat yo self” (hayyy, Parks and Rec!) piece, but SO cool and pretty. Love the rose gold!

  7. Kelly | Fabulous K says 3.28.13

    I love the Malachite + Gold Titan Cuff. Gorgeous!

  8. Monique says 3.28.13

    Love Vita Fede! I really want their Ultra Mini Titan Ring in rose gold.

  9. Dana says 3.28.13

    Yes! Love the combo of ladylike and classic with a bit tough.

  10. Kristina says 3.28.13

    A little tough is fun! I love the bracelet on the top right – tough with sparkle 😉


    Kristina does the Internets

  11. Sara says 3.28.13

    Beautiful. A girl always needs a little edge!

  12. viv says 3.28.13

    Totally smitten!

  13. Chelsea says 3.28.13

    Yep, definitely smitten! I love the gold bangle with the pave accents.

    Chelsea & The City
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  14. I love every single thing on here! I’m the same way as you – somedays I just want to feel like the “too-cool-for-school” chick that everyone envies, which is definitely the vibe I get from these statement pieces.

  15. ALISON says 3.28.13

    Love the malachite option, so pretty and even that little detail adds such a big impact!

  16. Nora says 3.28.13

    These are so edgy and chic, especially love the one with the malachite!


  17. Noemi says 3.28.13

    They’re all beautiful!

  18. Kodi says 3.28.13

    Love these pieces! Especially the bottom left one — silver and a little bling wins me over every time!

  19. Ashley says 3.28.13

    I love Vita Fede’s pieces! They’re the perfect layering or everyday items to throw on.

  20. theblackboxboutique says 7.25.13

    Couldn’t agree with you more. VIta Fede is all about being tough with a touch of pretty! Also LOVE your favourite pick!

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