Lucky FABB (and an ode to DVF!)

I agonized for weeks over which to attend.  IFB or FABB?  The big blogger dilemma of 2011.  I ended up deciding on FABB – because I’d been reading Lucky since I was 19… and because I heard that Diane von Furstenberg would be speaking.  Also, Lucky gave me a complimentary ticket.  I don’t know what I did to deserve that, and I’d already bought my IFB ticket… but it made me feel pretty awesome.

Back to DVF!  She didn’t disappoint!  It’s rare in one’s lifetime to get to hear someone so charismatic, charming, brilliant, independent, and all out amazing as DVF speak.  She was poised, relatable… do I sound like I have a lady-crush yet?  I’ve been coveting her designs for years, and only just now (as an-almost-thirty-year-old,) been able to buy them at the non-sample sale prices.  On special occasions.  I love her.

She talked a lot about getting into design.  (Did you know – her first creation was actually a wrap top with matching skirt?)  She spoke of wanting to be independent, to never need to rely upon anyone.  And of making it.  (Four years into it, they were making 25,000 dresses a week!)

I was impressed with how relatable she came across.  Humble, down to earth, completely lovely.  It was by far, the highlight of the day!

Here she is, pitching the Harper Bag.  Would someone please buy me one, like yesterday?  

Fannie May brought us delicious (and beautiful!) chocolates!

Coco Rocha and Essie were also there amongst others.  Also fell in love with Essie just a little bit.  (Did you know, back in ’82 when she started, that nail polish bottles didn’t have names?  The horror!)

The Kardashians were also there.  I didn’t want to be excited about it, but I have to admit, I was… just slightly!

And after tweeting, Facebook, and emails galore – I finally got to meet the lovely Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This… crafting at Le Sportsac.

Another highlight – hanging with the amazing (and majorly talented!) ladies of Honestly WTF.  I love their blog and they couldn’t be more amazing and fun in “real life.”  Sadly, the picture was a bit blurry, but whatevs.
That’s all…  It was a fantastic event – one that I will (hopefully!) always remember.  I’ll end by giving MAJOR kudos to Brandon Holley and Caroline Waxler.  I have been reading Lucky from Day 1… but what they are doing now with it… how they are connecting with bloggers… it’s pretty freakin’ cool.

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