Londontown Nail Concealer Review.

Londontown Illuminating Nail Concealer Review

I think this product might just have broken my DMs, while also being one of my all time favorite products and best-sellers on Amazon! It is all thanks to my best friend… while in Anguilla a couple months ago, she said, “Oh I got this nail polish I think you’d really like.” Her nails looked professionally done which led me to a million questions about how it wears (really well), if she’d had them done (because they looked so good but no, she did them herself) and so on and so forth.

The product is Londontown’s Illuminating Nail Concealer and it is amazing. When I got back to Charleston I immediately ordered it in both colors (the original white and the pink), thinking I’d prefer the pink but wanting to try both just ya know, for the love of research. I’m glad I got both as I actually ended up preferring the white!

Londontown Illuminating Nail Concealer Review

Also, a bit of background. I’ve basically stopped getting professional manicures since living in Charleston. I had a place I liked but they closed, and it’s just harder to get an appointment and/or I do not want to take an uber to the nail salon so I wind up doing them myself. So anything that makes my nails look pretty without much work is for me! This product is completely idiot-proof and will keep your nails looking great all the time. The result is nails that look effortless but still polished. Also, the brand is clean!

The nail concealer will neutralize discoloration, brighten the nails, and give them a natural but polished look.

Key ingredients

  • Brightening Porcelain Flower Extract and optical brighteners neutralize discoloration like yellowing or staining. They filter out discoloration for a flawless finish!
  • Nourishing Florium Complex
  • Nourishing Lime Tree Extract
  • Also worth noting. The formula is free of phthalates, parabens, silicones, and gluten. Also: none of the really bad stuff. Formaldehyde, Toulene, DBP, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Acetone, Xylene, TPHP, or Formaldehyde Resin. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.


The packaging is really simple. Just a classic nail polish bottle (but not too big or tall so it will fit wherever you stash your polishes).


Important! I bought both colors in the name of research for the blog but will be honest: they are really very similar. You definitely do not need both. With one coat, I could not even tell the difference.. with two, the difference is more pronounced. For the swatch photos, I did two coats plus top coat.

Londontown Illuminating Nail Concealer Review - original classic
classic white

The Original classic

This product brightens nails with effortlessness. It has a milky, luminous color that is universally flattering. The product is sheer but buildable. I like to do 2-3 coats. It erases imperfections and brightens nails for the ultimate sophisticated, picture-perfect mani. Nails look natural yet polished with just 1-2 coats… they’ll look healthier! And, it dries within minutes. This is my favorite of the two shades. The difference is pretty subtle though. I find that this one is just a little more opaque than the pink, which I like.

Londontown Nail Concealer Review - pink

The (newer!) pink

This shade has all the same benefits as the original but adds a wash of pink for a healthy-looking glow! The pink really enhances the nails’ natural glow. I prefer the original but I really like this one too.

How To Use The Londontown Illuminating Nail Concealer

You are going to use this just like you would use any nail polish. It’s pretty straightforward and simple, but I love how little the product streaks. So if you aren’t great at home manicures, trust… you will be fine!

Prep the nails.

Start with clean, dry nails. Buff the nails and swipe with polish remover.

Apply the nail concealer.

I apply 2-3 coats. I like to let my nails dry for a few minutes in between coats. Usually I will do this watching TV so that I am distracted and not waiting forever!

Apply top coat.

My personal favorite top coat is the Olive & June top coat. It dries quickly, leaves nails SUPER glossy and shiny, and keeps them from chipping! You don’t truly need top coat with this product but I like to do it to prevent future chipping and scuffs… I tend to be hard on my nails!

My Honest Recommendation

I love this. It is far and away my absolute favorite nail polish. I love that it makes your nails look really pretty without much effort, that it dries within minutes. It is more expensive than a lot of my favorite nail polishes, but in my opinion it is worth the money. The way that it neutralizes discoloration is so major: there have been a few times where my nails were a little yellow looking and both shades instantly “erase” any yellowness or discoloration.

Both shades are easy to apply, universally flattering, and will give you the ultimate sophisticated picture perfect manicure. Again, you absolutely do not need both, but either option is very pretty.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

photography by Laura Saur.


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  1. A:

    I think you left your cue about packaging in the post. No need to post this as a comment.

    6.10.22 Reply
    • gahhh, how embarrassing. Those were notes from my SEO person… face palm!

      6.10.22 Reply
      • A:

        🙂 happens to the best of us.
        Such a helpful review. Thank you.

        6.13.22 Reply
      • Mary Caitlin McNeely Trawick:

        I am so glad I found your post! I ordered both yesterday and was having a bit of regret! I can’t with your receive polishes. I am thinking of ordering a few more Londontown products (Soft Touch Nail Scrub & Perfecting Nail Veil #1 & #4). Have you tried any other Londowntown Kur products? Love your site!

        8.7.22 Reply
  2. Amanda:

    Have you checked out Varnish Lane in Charleston? I think they’re in your neck of the woods!

    6.10.22 Reply
  3. Kelly:

    This is my absolute favorite polish, every time I’m wearing it and go to a nail salon the employees think I have a gel manicure! It really just looks so good!

    6.10.22 Reply
  4. Lauren:

    I bought the white based on your recommendation and looove it so much. I usually don’t paint my nails because I’m hard on them, but this lasts at least a week before any chipping with no topcoat. It’s the perfect “your nails but better” look that’s easy to maintain.

    6.10.22 Reply
  5. Sarah:

    Thank you Grace’s best friend for discovering this amazing product! And thank you Grace for sharing it with us. I ordered it when I saw it on your amazon favorites for this month and loved it so much I have sent it to my best friend, my mom and my sister in law, who I know will love it so much too!

    6.10.22 Reply
  6. Stephanie Gravenor:

    Have you tried it on your toes? I feel like I would need a longer lasting polish and am curious the durability for a pedi.

    6.10.22 Reply
    • YES! It is on my toes right now and it is great. I would recommend using a top coat, the Olive & June one I linked is fab.

      6.10.22 Reply
  7. Melinda:

    I also have and love both of these concealers! Part of my prep routine uses the same brand’s cuticle remover that I push back with a cuticle tool. It works well and is easy to do. They recently (I think) released ‘Nail Veils’ and I might have to try them next. Perhaps you could review these also?

    6.10.22 Reply
    • Ooooh thank you! And good to know about the cuticle remover, mine are a little bit ragged and nothing I do at home seems to help!

      6.10.22 Reply
  8. Madeleine:

    Just want to say that I love the new site design, especially the little links on the photos!!

    6.10.22 Reply
  9. These look fantastic!

    Danielle |

    6.10.22 Reply
  10. Lindsey Hughes:

    This looks kind of similar to Dior Nail Glow, but with a little more color, and very happily, cleaner!

    6.10.22 Reply
    • I would say the biggest difference is that one is clear with a pink tint whereas this one is milky (so it covers more!!!)

      6.10.22 Reply
  11. laura:

    Hi❣️ I am in love with and spreading the word about Kiss Impress gel manicure. They’re press on nails and they are absolutely fantastic. These are not the press ons of the 90s; they last forever, look super natural, hide cuticles, feel super solid the whole time, and come off super easy with oil (I like coconut. Depending on how long they were on, they might need a corner lifted to get started). Also they’re only around $5-15 depending on design.

    If you know about them already, please ignore me. I’m a new press-on stan 😛

    6.10.22 Reply
    • I am so intrigued!!!!!

      6.10.22 Reply
      • Melinda:

        I haven’t tried kiss but have heard good things. I use Dashing Diva’s GLAZE line. They’re between stickers and press ons? You do cure them with a light but they’ll include a free mini one if you add it to your cart and add the code that pops up when you visit their site.

        Super long lasting, easy to use (the first time is a bit of a learning curve but after that it’s pretty speedy!).

        Highly recommend!

        6.12.22 Reply
    • (I just ordered a set!)

      6.10.22 Reply
  12. Maria DePalma:

    I began using the “White Illuminating” and really liked it. Then I got the “Pink Illuminating” and really fell in love as it’s my “go to” now. I’ve become a “Londontown Kur” Junkie owning now over 15 different shades…and I like all of them including the Nail Hardener/Base Coat and the Original Perfecting Top Coat (not the newer version Quick Drying that peels off). They are expensive with the cost of shipping and tax but they do send coupons that take a few dollars off. Usually, I do a fresh manicure every week or week and a half when using the “Illuminating” shades. I can be a bit rough on my nails what with house cleaning and dish washing etc. These are terrific polishes that use nearly clean ingredients. I highly recommend the “Illuminating Nail” both White and Pink…and any of the color shades. Additionally, their “Cuticle Remover”…their “Polish Remover” is too expensive. Their “Nail Scrub” is “not for me personally” because I think it has caused my normally strong nails to soften and break off so I don’t use it any longer. Otherwise I cannot recommend the “Illuminating Concealers” more strongly.

    5.27.23 Reply
  13. Maria:

    Love Londontown concealer in Pink!

    I am a Hairdresser in a busy Salon and my manicure held up all day! No chips! This is definitely my new manicure remedy!

    4.10.24 Reply