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Tampons. Not exactly something we typically discuss over here. I’m squeamish about talking about anything that isn’t pretty (luckily these actually are) and certainly don’t like talking about that time of the month. And also because I know your eyes are probably about to glaze over, this post is not sponsored or affiliated in any way. Okay. All of that out of the way, today I am actually really excited to talk about tampons. I realize this sounds a little crazy, but please, for your own sake… read along!

Let’s back up. A month or so ago, one of my closest friends at BaubleBar left her role. (She had an amazing job there and was running most of our digital marketing efforts.) It killed me to see her go as we sat across from each other and had become the best of friends. At the same time, when she told me about the position she was accepting, I got goosebumps and immediately was like, “Holy sh*t, you need to go do this!!” The role was for a brand new company, Lola, where she’s now leading marketing.

That’s not the interesting part, but I wanted to provide you with some background as to why we’re talking about tampons today. The interesting part of the story is the actual company Lola, which is, in my humble opinion, is going to revolutionize the feminine care category.

Lola Launch 3

Here’s the thing. When you think about tampons, you probably think that you are using something made of 100% cotton. Right? At least I would. But it actually isn’t, in most cases. Most feminine care brands these days are using a blend of artificial fibers… usually rayon or polyester. But what’s really scary (to me, at least) is that most feminine care companies rarely actually disclose the ration of ingredients in their products. They aren’t required to, so they don’t. I never thought about this until I looked at the label of my go-to brand. No information. But yeah… there are synthetic fibers, chemicals, additives, dyes etc. in most tampons.

Lola Launch 5

Lola is setting out to change this. Their tampons are made of 100% cotton. They’re also 100% natural, and 100% biodegradable. Just cotton, expertly stitched to ensure the best possible fit. Also… they’re offering a subscription model. (No frantic drugstore runs necessary.) Every month, you tell Lola how many of each absorbency you want, and they’ll magically show up at your door.

Last but not least (from a pure aesthetics position), the packaging is really, really nice nice. (And it’s 100% recycled, of course.) Up until using Lola (I was lucky enough to get to test the products early), I would buy my regular brand, and empty the box into a bright orange Hermes bag that sits atop my bathroom shelf. No need with these, they look fine on their own and (as you can see from these photos) they won’t mess up your #shelfie game.

Lola launches today. Get more details right here!

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  1. Allison says 7.8.15

    Hi Grace! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this post! Talking about tampons is not exactly a fun discussion but this truly sounds like a great brand. To be honest, I almost glazed over this post but I love that it is your honest opinion without any sponsorship or affiliation. Thanks for the heads up…I already signed up on Lola, consider me a convert! 🙂

  2. Natali says 7.8.15

    Fantastic bunch of products! I have some of them and am very pleased with how they’re working for my skin.

  3. Lauren says 7.8.15

    This is so exciting. I had tried switching to the diva cup months ago because I am a health nut and was so disgusted when I learned what is in normal tampons, but the diva cup just did NOT work for me. So, I am THRILLED to see this, and heading to the site now to sign up. (I am always running frantically to the drug store to pick up a box of tampons… so subscription model: you’re speakin my language!) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sarah says 7.8.15

    I’m pretty sure you meant to write “tampons” instead of “tamons” in the opener of this post 😉

    • graceatwood says 7.8.15

      oh gosh thank you!!! I don’t know how I didn’t catch that! Fixed! 😉

  5. Julie says 7.9.15

    I thought you meant to type tamons…I don’t know why…thought it was a funny slang kinda thang.

    • graceatwood says 7.9.15

      hahahah, no, I’m not that cool… 😉

  6. Alison says 7.9.15

    LOVE this! I’m with Lauren…the Diva Cup just did not work for me. Already placed my first order! Thanks for sharing.