Gift Idea: L’Occibox!


For ages now, L’Occitane (pronounced Lox-ee-tan, fyi!) hand creams have been one of my favorite holiday gifts. The formula is one of the very best, and the scents are heavenly!

For that reason I was so excited to learn that L’Occitane is releasing a special “L’OcciBox” (pronounced Lox-ee-box!) today, just in time for holiday… today! L’Occibox is their new beauty sampling program… once a season they will offer customers travel-sized samples of the latest and greatest L’Occitane products. Each box has a special collaboration attached to it. The first partner is ELLE magazine, who contributed an exclusive pouch, nail file and four special hand creams (the perfect gift!) In addition, 100 boxes (selected at random) will contain a one year subscription to ELLE.

If you’ve never tried L’Occitane before, this is a great way to experience the brand. And at only $15, it makes for the perfect gift! There are only a few available (one per customer) but I have a special link and code so that you can purchase online (avoiding the lines!) Just click here… and enter “DISCOVER” at checkout!


I’m holding the cute little ELLE pouch above. The pouch says “they are too cute” on the front with “too cute” in ten different languages on the back. And inside are four of L’Occitane’s amazing shea butter hand creams in classic Shea, Verbena, Cherry Blossom, and Almond Delicious Hands. The hand creams have the cutest French sayings on them like “J’Adore Verbena” and “Shea Butter feels good!”


Inside the first box (besides the hand creams) are samples of several of L’Occitane’s best-selling products: Almond Supple Skin Oil, Arléssiene Hand Cream, Shea Butter Body Milk (one of my personal faves), Precious Cleansing Foam and Immortelle Divine Cream. The value of the box is over $50.




photography by Lydia Hudgens.

Thank you to L’Occitane for sponsoring this post.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Saša Rakovec:

    This would make a great gift! I love L’occitane their products smells just amazing!

    12.1.14 Reply
  2. Valentina:

    A perfect idea for a gift!

    12.1.14 Reply
  3. cory:

    Thank you for sharing this! This is a perfect teacher gift.

    12.1.14 Reply
  4. Alexandra:

    Pretty packaging – I need to give it a go. You look gorgeous, by the way!

    Warm Regards,

    12.1.14 Reply
  5. Mary Holman (@meh6279):

    Did you say the box is $15? I followed the link and it’s $60? Wrong thing?

    12.1.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Hi Mary! Yes… you have to enter DISCOVER at checkout and it will give you the $15 price!

      12.1.14 Reply
    • Shona:

      you have to enter the code “DISCOVER” into the coupons!

      12.5.14 Reply
  6. jillian:

    awesome gift idea! my mom LOVES l’occtine

    12.1.14 Reply
  7. melissa:

    Just ordered, too good to pass up. Always wanted to try this brand. Thanks Grace

    12.1.14 Reply
    • Melissa:

      So bummed that I was given a refund since I was not one of the lucky few to have their order filled before they sold out.

      12.4.14 Reply
      • Grace Atwood:

        Oh no! I talked to the L’Occibox team and they said there was a system glitch… the box is back in stock and on the website today… might be worth trying again? x

        12.4.14 Reply
        • Melissa:

          Thanks Grace

          12.4.14 Reply
          • Shona:

            just got mine online!!

  8. Missy On Madison:

    Such a great idea!

    12.2.14 Reply
  9. Alison Dulaney:

    They do have the best hand creams and the tubes are so pretty!

    12.2.14 Reply
  10. Ingrid L:

    I love my LOcciBox so much as well!
    Happy holidays Grace 🙂

    xo Ingrid of Style Prosciutto

    12.16.14 Reply