Live in Color.


I wouldn’t necessarily call myself bold. My personality can be rather bold when I’m with close, trusted friends… but I’m fairly shy when it comes down to it. My personal style is also pretty subdued and tame. When it comes to color; I usually choose either blush or blue, and if I’m feeling adventurous I will choose yellow or emerald green. That’s pretty much the extent of it. My wardrobe is really just a sea of denim + white tops and dresses. That said, when I do want to add a pop of excitement, I go for brighter, bold accessories (like these tassel earrings) or I’ll experiment with a print… usually florals (like this dress), stripes, or polka dots… I’m kind of predictable, but I’m okay with that.

I sometimes wish I weren’t quite so predictable. A few weeks ago, I attended a private concert with L’Oréal, featuring music by ASTR + Ellipant and a  fashion presentation by Helen Castillo. It was so much fun. I’ve been a huge fan of ASTR ever since one of my girlfriends turned me onto them this past September, and I was completely transfixed by Zoe (the singer) and her bright, colorful hair. With hair like that, you don’t need to add color to your outfit… it’s already right there. I went (slightly red) a few years ago (see it here, haha!) but it pales in comparison to Zoe’s rich, gorgeous color. Watch the video to learn a little more about ASTR (and Zoe’s stunning hair color – it’s Power Copper, my personal favorite out of the four new bold shades from Féria.)






In Partnership with L’Oréal Féria.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Sasha says 8.4.15

    You look so pretty!


  2. Jess Zimlich says 8.4.15

    My sister dyes her hair a fiery red color and let’s the natural ringlets take over and I love it. I wish I could be more bold in that area, but alas, I’ll probably be rocking the deep brunette I’ve chosen from here on out! There were a few years back in high school/college where I highlighted/bleached my hair into oblivion and let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty haha.

  3. Natali says 8.4.15

    You look enchanting in this girly outfit!

  4. Jessica says 8.4.15

    Love this dress! I was eyeing this a while ago and so wish I bought it. Looks great on you!

    xo Jessica

  5. Sam says 8.4.15

    I love this dress on you! So flattering. But where is it from??? Dying to know! Thanks!

  6. alyson says 8.4.15

    You look so gorgeous in this dress, Grace, and totally hear you on the bold thing. I only started wearing colors like hot pink and cobalt blue in the past few years. I was typically more muted, with my naturally red hair being the only stand out. Love how you stand out in this dress that’s not too revealing but still super fun and sexy!

  7. Tia says 8.4.15

    Love this floral print!
    xx Tia |

  8. Leah says 8.4.15

    Where are your earrings from? So cute! Love them with the floral dress 🙂

  9. B Boebel says 8.4.15

    You look gorgeous! I love ASTR too!

  10. Sophie says 8.4.15

    This dress is so flattering! I love it!

  11. Taylor - Lights Camera Catwalk says 8.4.15

    This dress looks great on you!

    Xx Taylor

  12. LoveCompassionateLee says 8.4.15

    The neckline of this dress is very flattering and I love the print.

    Happy Tuesday

  13. Cathleen says 8.4.15

    Love this look and the subtle hints of color.

  14. minau says 8.7.15

    Beautiful dress!