LeVert Beauty + $500 Giveaway (CLOSED)

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A couple months ago, LeVert Beauty reached out to me to introduce their eCommerce shop to me. In running this blog, I receive a lot of PR inquiries, especially from smaller brands that are looking to grow their following, and while I read every email and pitch I receie, it can be hard to get back to all of them. But LeVert immediately caught my fancy because of their dedication to safe, natural, high-end beauty products. (Le Vert is actually french for “The Green,” if you didn’t know.)

It’s alarming. While I am no beauty saint and still have my favorite “dirty” products, 60 percent of everything you apply topically to your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. The skin is our largest organ, and it’s highly absorbent. What’s even scarier is that 80 percent of the ingredients in U.S. beauty products have never been tested for safety.

LeVert is dedicated to scouting, testing, and stocking the best (non-toxic, natural) beauty products… and today, one of you will win $500 to spend at their site! The brand sent me over a few products to play with… below, learn a bit more… and enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post! (Don’t forget to comment with your favorite all-natural product.)

levert beauty giveaway 2

We really need to talk about May Lindstrom. I’ve been dying to try her products for some time now and got to experience two of them… both divine.

First up is The Blue Cocoon. This stuff is magical. At first I thought it was a mask, or maybe a cleansing balm… because it’s blue. Wait. I’m supposed to spread this blue stuff all over my face and… just leave it there? Yes. Yes, you are. I promise it won’t turn your skin blue. You apply just the tiniest amount after cleansing + serum (before bedtime, I find this to be too heavy for daytime). The balm transforms to an oil upon coming in contact with your skin… and it is incredibly soothing and amazing on irritated skin. For me, it’s perfect this time of year when the cold air makes my skin red + angry. It’s like Xanax for stressed skin. Positively dreamy.

The other May Lindstrom product I tried might just be one of the sexiest beauty products I own. Meet The Good Stuff. It’s a radiance oil which LeVert describes as “liquid sunshine.” It’s a body oil, infused with cocoa, rose, lavender, and ylang-ylang… plus golden minerals for the most beautiful, dewy glow. I applied this all over my body after a cold winter day and was blown away by how good my skin looked. Dewy, radiant, 100% glowy. One of the best products I’ve tried this year.

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Next up is my new favorite skin serum… The Vinter’s Daughter. This one is no joke and has gotten quite a bit of buzz – I’ve seen it featured in so many of my favorite beauty magazines. The formula contains 22 active, organic botanicals to increase radiance, fight aging, stimulate cell turnover, maintain elasticity, strengthen capilaries, and so on and so forth. It’s amazing. I can’t speak to its anti-aging abilities, but when I apply it, my skin glows from within. This serum is literal proof that natural skincare can still be (ultra) luxurious.

levert beauty giveaway 4

Last but not least, The Digital Detox Bath. I’ve long been a proponent of detox baths, so I was very excited to try this one. It’s made from pure, raw, vegan ingredients and helps to both detoxify and reduce muscle tension. Living clay actually helps to extract toxins from the body to help heal and revitalize. Most importantly, (I swear) it leaves your body feeling tighter, lighter, and slimmer. Like an instant juice cleanse… without the juice. Do it then night before a big event. You’ll sleep like a baby and feel amazing, slim, and revitalized the next day.

Okay… those are my favorites from LeVert. Enter below for the chance to win $500 to spend on their site!

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  1. Anne says 1.8.16

    I absolutely want to try The Good Stuff for my beach vacation in March – when my skin will be at its most dry and pasty. And although the I’m not a bath person, the idea of the Digital Detox Bath followed by a good night’s sleep is just… dreamy.

  2. Marty says 1.8.16

    Hi, Grace. You put me on to (as my bro-in-law likes to say) the Tata Harper skincare line. I’m now addicted but always open to trying new things. This line sounds intriguing and your reviews make me want to give The Blue Cocoon and The Vintner’s Daughter a whirl!

  3. emily says 1.8.16

    I’d definitely get some May Lindstrom stuff to try!

  4. Elisabeth says 1.8.16

    Their stuff looks so nice! The Digital Detox bath sounds amazing!!

  5. Tara brown says 1.8.16

    May Lindstrom the honey mud is also amazing! Can’t wait to check out this website, green beauty products are my life!! Xo

  6. amanda says 1.8.16

    the may lindstrom packaging is SO gorgeous! that’s what i would try!

  7. Liz says 1.8.16

    These products sound fabulous! I would love to find some natural products that also really work!

  8. Caitlin says 1.8.16

    These products all sound so amazing! I’d love to give some of them a try- your suggestions have always worked out great for me in the past!
    xo, Caitlin

  9. Julie says 1.8.16

    Love this giveaway and products!

  10. Emily R. says 1.8.16

    I would stock up on some One Love Organics products! Their stuff is great!

  11. Michelle says 1.8.16

    I’d love to try the Vintner’s Daughter!

  12. Jess Arnaudin says 1.8.16

    Oooh! I would definitely stock up on May Lindstrom, too! I’ve always wanted to try her products. I’d also fill my beauty bag with non toxic makeup from Ilia beauty and Kjaer Weis!!!

  13. Millie Calhoun says 1.8.16

    I would go for the Vitner’s Daughter Serum!! Help rescue winter skin Blues!

  14. Kk says 1.8.16

    I am dying to try the vitners daughter serum and blue cacoon balm!

  15. Nancy Trumps says 1.8.16

    Oh MY…first in my cart would be May Lindstrom!

  16. Brittany k says 1.8.16

    That serum seems awesome!

  17. Rebecca says 1.8.16

    These products look and sound great! Can’t wait to try them!

  18. Terri says 1.8.16

    I would get the Good Stuff and the Vinter’s daughter:)

  19. Claire says 1.8.16

    Would LOVE to try the No. 1 ankari brightening youth serum! Please, oh please, help my Wisconsin winter skin!!! Thanks to both you and LeVert for this fab giveaway!

  20. Rachel says 1.8.16

    I am always looking for new, non-toxic, and amazing skin care. This website looks great. Can’t wait to check it out!

  21. Rose says 1.8.16

    I’d get the botanical serum, looks like something my sensitive skin would love.

  22. LaTanya says 1.8.16

    I would try the Arabian Nights lipstick, Leila Lou – Eau de Parfum, and Dark Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub

  23. Laura Gata Moreno says 1.8.16

    I didn’t know the brand so I’d like to win and could try some products for oily skin.

  24. Najeema says 1.8.16

    I would love to try the Vintner’s Daughter serum!

  25. Leigh says 1.8.16

    I would stock up on SW Basics, One Love Organics and Ilia – my faves!

  26. Natasha says 1.8.16

    I’d definitely get the Vitner’s Daughter serum and The Good Stuff. Both sound wonderful!

  27. Cydney says 1.8.16

    I would love to try The Digital Detox Bath for those days when everything just feels out of whack! The Vinter’s Daughter also sounds amazing.

  28. Amy says 1.8.16

    The Vintner’s Daughter looks awesome and just what my dry skin needs.

  29. bernadette says 1.8.16

    I have been really wanting to try these products!! I don’t have a fave yet as they are rather pricey but if I were lucky enough to win I could try them out and if they are that good I would be a loyal customer!!

  30. Abbie says 1.8.16

    I’ve been dying to try The Vinter’s Daughter!

  31. Roxanne says 1.8.16

    Great post! That is kind of freaky that everything you apply is absorbed into your bloodstream. I will make a conscious effort to seek out natural beauty products. I would definitely get the Vinter’s Daughter serum! I crave that glow!

  32. Molly says 1.8.16

    Loving the idea of the Digital Detox Bath and the Skin Tightening Body Lotion!

  33. Rachel says 1.8.16

    Oh my gosh, I want all of this! The winter is doing a number on my skin and it could use some TLC!

  34. Katy @ DailyKaty says 1.8.16

    I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to switch over my skincare products to organic but haven’t fully taken the plunge yet. Thanks for sharing your picks and for the chance to win credit to spend!

  35. Evelyn says 1.8.16

    Green beauty brands/ creators pour their heart and soul into making products, I would be honored to win!

  36. Casey says 1.8.16

    Serum sounds awesome…guess it lives up to its reviews!!

  37. Jess Zimlich says 1.8.16

    One of everything…does that count?! 😉 But actually, I haven’t found the perfect every day moisturizer for my skin just yet and I’m on a mission to do that!

  38. Melissa Adams says 1.8.16

    I use Coleen Rothschild all natural products and love how well they peform, but I’m always on the look out for new products to try.

  39. grace says 1.8.16

    the vintner’s daughter! i’d love a new skin serum

  40. Rowena says 1.8.16

    I would definitely get some May Lindstrom products. The two you received sound totally amazing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Amy says 1.8.16

    i would LOVE to try the Active Botanical Serum! I’ve been meaning to add a serum to my routine and this looks like the perfect one!

  42. Sarah says 1.8.16

    I think I would try one of the moisturizers/night creams. Maybe the One Love Organics Multi-tasking Balm? It sounds amazing!

  43. Melissa Adams says 1.8.16

    the first item I would try would be the Blue Cocoon Mask… I’ve heard of it before and have it on my wishlist!

  44. lauren says 1.8.16

    all the products look amazing, but I’m most intrigued by the detox bath!

  45. kate says 1.8.16

    i keep hearing about vintner’s daughter! must try.

  46. Nicole says 1.8.16

    Love everything ML!

  47. Melinda says 1.8.16

    I have not tried natural beauty products, mostly due to cost, but definitely want to try some serums and start a better skincare routine. This would be the perfect opportunity!

  48. Holly says 1.8.16

    Would LOVE to try May Lindstrom products!

  49. Lauren says 1.8.16

    the good stuff sounds like an amazing product!

  50. Amanda says 1.8.16

    Id love to try the Vitner’s Daughter!

  51. christin says 1.8.16

    omg. honestly? this is like my love language.

  52. Rebecca says 1.8.16

    May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon looks amazing!

  53. Andi says 1.8.16

    Everything! But the Leila Lou is calling my name.

  54. Emily says 1.8.16

    I just received the Vitner’s Daughter in the Beauty Heroes box and it was lovely! I want to try May Lindsrom and Kypris now!

  55. alyssa says 1.8.16

    would love to try! these all sound like such great products!

  56. Vicki Wurgler says 1.8.16

    I’d like to try the
    ORGANIC SOOTHING GEL and the tinted moisturizer

  57. Heather says 1.8.16

    I would love to try the Blue Cocoon by ML

  58. Michelle says 1.8.16

    I’m so curious about the VD serum! If it was cheaper I’d completely purchase it. Would love to here feedback about it a month from now.

  59. Mackenzie says 1.8.16

    I would absolutely get the detox bath- I love baths to reduce stress and tension, and I am obsessed with clay based products!

  60. Vanessa K says 1.8.16

    Ooh, love Levert! I’ve tried May Lindstrom’s problem solver and it is simply divine.

  61. Patricia says 1.8.16

    Thank so much for this awesome giveaway..Fingers are crossed ….all these products are amazing….and would love to win

  62. mai says 1.8.16

    the digital detox bath sounds great. i would really like to try that!

  63. Kate says 1.8.16

    I would absolutely get May’s honey mud mask, Kypris clearing serum and moon light catylist ☺️ And i would love to try digital detox or maybe something from MUN as i haven’t tried anything from her line!!:)

  64. Joanne Johnson says 1.8.16

    The serum! A lady over 40 can never have enough help, these products look divine!

  65. Kaylee says 1.8.16

    I would love to try some products from May Lindstrom along with the Vintners Dayghter serum!

  66. Mane Topic says 1.8.16

    I LOVE the body butters by a small local TN Etsy shop called Her solution. I use they every single day!! But the May Lindstrom. line as well as so many others are amazing!

  67. Jill C. says 1.8.16

    What an amazing giveaway! I would love Vintner’s Daughter and anything from May Lindstrom which I have heard so much about but have yet to try! It would be such a luxurious treat to try them both!

  68. Chantel Rodriguez says 1.8.16

    What an AMAZING and generous giveaway!! I have been dying to try the May Lindstrom line forever now but the price points are so high 🙁 This would be such a blessing! The blue cocoon and problem solver mask sound so perfect for my skin!!

  69. Ines says 1.8.16

    Awesome giveaway!! I love, love, LOVE Vitners Daughter serum, it changed my life and my skin.

  70. sydney85 says 1.8.16

    I would love to try the May Lindstrom products. Living in Chicago my skin in winter takes a beating and these products sound like they would be very hydrating.

  71. Jenny S says 1.8.16

    Love Love Love May Lindstrom products. Would love to be introduced to more amazing brands.

  72. Christine says 1.8.16

    I have been DYING to try The Blue Cocoon. I have heard amazing things, but the price tag has been deterring me. I recently bought May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver mask and love it, so would love to try some of her other products too!

  73. May says 1.8.16

    I would loveeeee to get more of Vintner’s Daughter and the Blue Cocoon!! My holy grails!

  74. Cecelia says 1.8.16

    I would LOVE …one love gel cleanser and May Lindstrom skin balm !!

  75. Shanley alban says 1.8.16

    my fav all natural products are the lipsticks from bite!

  76. Amanda says 1.8.16

    Oooo, I’d probably get a big ol jar of May’s Honey Mud and some gorgeous goodies from Kjaer Weis. I just love how Le Vert curates the most luxurious clean beauty products.

  77. Laura says 1.8.16

    Great to hear you had a lovely experience with these natural Products!!! My favorite natural product is anything with rose in it. I use a rosewater toner and my skin loves it!!

  78. Emily says 1.8.16

    I’m dying to try The Vintner’s Daughter Serum – I’ve been reading about it everywhere! It sounds so luxurious. Also would love to try MayLindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon.

  79. Aly Marie says 1.8.16

    I have been dying to try Vintner’s Daughter!! And it sounds like both May Lindstrom products would help me get through this Wisconsin winter! 🙂

  80. Jessica says 1.8.16

    The detox bath sounds amazing!

  81. Brynne says 1.8.16

    I would definitely get a serum like the one from The Vintner’s Daughter – my skin can’t get enough moisture in the winter!

  82. Julia Hickman says 1.8.16

    Would love to try this product! 🙂


  83. Danielle Torres says 1.8.16

    I have only recently started trying out Msy Lindstrom products but would love to try more! Amazing giveaway!

  84. Katie says 1.8.16

    I would love to try the Blue Cocoon and the Digital Detox Bath, but everything you mentioned sounds great!! I love the idea of using natural products that are safe and not harmful to your body.

  85. Molly says 1.8.16

    Amazing! I would love to try May Lindstrom products.

  86. Mary Mougeot says 1.8.16

    I would get everything if I had lots of money.

  87. Kara says 1.8.16

    Probably The Vinter’s Daughter. I need to find a good serum that makes my skin feel and look amazing. Winter blues have settled in with me!

  88. Juliet M says 1.8.16

    I’ve been looking for a nicer, natural moisturizer so I would get the rose hip moisturizer!

  89. Ani says 1.8.16

    Def Vintners Daughter and Kjaer Weis foundation + blush in Embrace

  90. Lauren says 1.8.16

    I would try bath products and make up since I currently own no natural make up products. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Kyung Nam Lee says 1.8.16

    I would love to try the clean dirt from May Lindstrom and the two products you mentioned from her. Thanks for the chance!

  92. Amber says 1.8.16

    Holy moley!! What an amazing giveaway! I’m dyyyying to try (not really- I just really, really want to) annnything by May Lindstrom or the serum by Vintners Daughter! I need that serum in muh LYFE! 🙂

  93. CAITIE says 1.8.16

    I must try the Vintner’s Daughter serum!

  94. Johanna Mellis says 1.8.16

    I would love to try the Vinter’s Daughter serum and the Detox Bath. I have slowly been incorporating more green and chemical-free products in my regimen, but I am a graduate student and work with a very limited budget. Winning this would be incredible!

  95. Sarah C says 1.8.16

    Looking for a great serum!

  96. mita says 1.8.16

    I would try one of the moisturizers and night creams

  97. Shannon says 1.8.16

    I have been wanting to try May Lindstom’s The Blue Cocoon and The Clean Dirt for so long!!!!

  98. Madison says 1.8.16

    I would try May lindstrom honey mud!!

  99. Haley says 1.8.16

    I would go for the liquid sunshine 🙂

    I’ve also been on the search fo a natural face lotion so I would look for that as well!

  100. shannon says 1.8.16

    I am dying to try both The Good Stuff and Vitner’s Daughter!

  101. Tina Ocampo says 1.8.16

    I’d love to get my hands on may lindstrom everything!! 🙂

  102. Carrington Smith says 1.8.16

    I’ve been dying to try the blue cocoon! My skin is very sensitive so I’ve been trying switch over to a natural routine. So far I’ve been loving Earth Tu Face’s face wash as well as RMS beauty makeup and coconut oil.

  103. Katie says 1.8.16

    Ive been wanting to try the Vintner’s Daughter ever since Into the Gloss called it “The face serum to end all face serums”. I need it haha.

  104. Alex T says 1.8.16

    These products look amazing! I would love to try the digital detox bath and some of their makeup products!

  105. Lauren P says 1.8.16

    I would try May Lindstrom! Maybe Honey Mud and the Youth Dew. I’d also try Kypris Antioxidant Dew and the 1000 Roses Beauty Elixir!

  106. Amelia says 1.8.16

    These sounds amazing, especially Blue Cocoon! I’ve heard wonderful things about the Vintner’s Daughter, too. Great picks!

  107. Kira Lerner says 1.8.16

    Ooh I want to try that detox bath!

  108. Nate Baustad says 1.8.16

    I would let my wife choose what she wanted!

  109. kristin says 1.8.16

    I would love to try that serum and I am very intrigued by the blue lagoon!

  110. zoe kimberly says 1.8.16

    So excited for this giveaway! I used LaVert in advance and its amazing. Fingers crossed.

  111. Cy says 1.8.16

    I think the good stuff and the detox bath! I love the Tata Harper products you introduced us to and I’m always in the market for more great beauty products, sans the chemicals

  112. Laura L. says 1.8.16

    I would love to try Vinter’s Daughter because I have heard so many great things about it.

  113. Kelly says 1.8.16

    Fabulous prize. I’d love to try the Vitner’s Daughter Serum, it sounds really lovely

  114. Brittani says 1.8.16

    Vintner’s Daughter is the BEST. I’d love to try other products too!

  115. K Hoover says 1.8.16

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway opp!
    May Lindstrom’s products are amazing — my fave treat is doing a face mask with a mix of her Problem Solver and Honey Mud. So lush! I also really love Tata Harper’s Purifying Cleanser. I’m dying to try Vintner’s Daughter as well as a Beauty Elixir by Kypris.

  116. Amy says 1.8.16

    Thank your so much for this awesome giveaway! May’s Blue Cocoon has been on my wish list for a long time!

  117. Ash says 1.8.16

    I would love a chance to use these products! Have came across these products recently after reading amazing reviews on the benefits they have on your skin!

  118. star says 1.8.16

    Hey there thanks for the lovely giveaway this wpuod be awsome to start the new year. I have tired out the tata harper but only littlr examples. I loved it. Or i would loved to try out may lindstrom products would be lovely. Thank you

    Finers crossed

  119. Brooke says 1.8.16

    I have been obsessed with May Lindstrom’s products for the past few months! The Honey Mud smells so good that you want to eat it. I would love to add the Clean Dirt and Blue Cocoon to my routine! Thanks for the introduction to LeVert, I will definitely check out the website.

  120. Emily says 1.8.16

    Vintner’s Daughter!!!!! And the May Lindstrom Jasmine spray. Wow, it’d be so cool to win!!!!

  121. Karlie says 1.8.16

    I love Mays Blue Cocoon and The Good Stuff, they are winter essentials to make me smile! I’ve done a good job at converting to green skincare but I need green make up! I threw all my toxic make away and have been going bare faced for months and I’m over it! Some beautiful organic make up from LeVerts would make my heart smile!!!!

  122. Claire says 1.8.16

    May Lindstrom everything is awesome!!!

  123. Amber says 1.8.16

    What an amazing giveaway! I only use natural & organic products so this is right up my street. I’d treat myself to some more May Lindstrom, especially the Honey Mud as I tried a sample and it seems amazing! I’d also choose the OLO4ED cleansing oil as I love it & you can’t get it in the UK and lots of Ilia lipsticks as I love those!

  124. Yasmin Huma says 1.8.16

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I have been trying to use more green brands for the past few months and it’s quite hard finding the right products for me but I know it’s important (pregnant) so I am sticking to it. Love to try May Lindstrom! Her products sound amazing. ❤️

  125. Tamara says 1.8.16

    I made a purchase @Levertbeauty recently and I can warmly recommend this online store for their impeccable service and warm customer care! I’ll for sure take the whole May Lindstrom line! Love May! ✨

  126. Kait McKee says 1.8.16

    Hi Grace!

    I’ve been loving the First Aid Beauty – not 100% natural but always without parabens, chemicals & colorants. I recently tried the Kiehl’s midnight recovery you’ve mentioned before – consider me hooked! Would LOVE to try the Good Stuff & detox bath!

    Hope to see you again in SF sometime!

  127. Questa Li says 1.8.16

    Ooh la la! So many favorites to choose from! I will definitely be getting Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum!

  128. Lorin L says 1.8.16

    Oooh. Absolutely would love to try anything May Lindstrom that I could get my hands on!

  129. Alexandra Cooley says 1.8.16

    The Digital Detox Bath sounds oh so amazing, and just what my body could use after the Holidays.

  130. Catarina Borges says 1.8.16

    Great giveaway!! I would probably restock a few of my favourite May Lindstrom products like The honey (you HAVE to try it!) and the blue cocoon 🙂
    Kisses from Portugal!

  131. Elle says 1.8.16

    I would get Rosehip Daily Moisturizer.

  132. Kim Pincombe Cole says 1.8.16

    So many great products to choose from at LeVert! The NO.1 AKNARI BRIGHTENING YOUTH SERUM caught my eye immediately!

  133. Stella says 1.8.16

    I’ve been wanting to try the May Lindstrom Youth Dew!

  134. Steph says 1.8.16

    Would love to try May Lindstrom!!!

  135. Sara Poluga says 1.8.16

    I would definitely get The Blue Cocoon!

  136. Amanda says 1.8.16

    Would love to try may lindstrom youth few!

  137. GL says 1.8.16

    I have a sample of Blue Cocoon and am in love! I would absolutely get a full size and would try May’s other amazing products.

  138. Lori Reilly says 1.8.16

    Would love to try this….I am super careful about what I put on my face. I’m intrigued by the Vinter’s Daughter and the The Good Stuff sounds DIVINE!

  139. Yolanda Porrata says 1.8.16

    Jesus! These are all amazing products. I would love to get my hands on the Vintners Daughter. Been dying to try on of the Kypris oils too! The Strange Invisible Epic Gardenia drops me to my knees. I don’t know where I’d begin. I’d have to throw in a Kjear Weiss lipstick too! Sweet Universe please align and set me up with this killer giveaway!

  140. Morgan says 1.8.16

    I love LeVert Beauty, and am so glad to see it getting some love here. All great picks – Vintner’s Daughter has been my nightly serum of choice for a good portion of the year, but my real skincare winner of 2015 would have to be May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon. My skin has honestly never reacted so positively to a product in my life – I cannot be without it!

    • Morgan says 1.8.16

      Meant to add that the Blue Cocoon would definitely be my one to buy!

  141. Kerri says 1.8.16

    Wow!! Absolutely incredible giveaway! I would stock up on May Lindstrom, Kahina argan oil, and Pursoma baths.

  142. Lauren Ann says 1.8.16

    AHHHH this is an amazing giveaway! Without a doubt, I would purchase Vintner’s Daughter Serum (1 for me and 1 for my mom) and I would have to try May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon.

  143. Caity says 1.8.16

    This packaging is beautiful, and I’m looking to try more natural products that aren’t as harsh on my skin!

  144. Courtney says 1.8.16

    Either blue cocoon or maybe some honey mud… Or kypris body elixir if they have that. Or all three!

  145. Hephzibah says 1.8.16

    Wow, difficult decisions! I would probably go for The Honey Mud by May, as I’ve tried teeny samples and loved it. Or possibly anything by Ilia!! X

  146. Tara says 1.8.16

    I have been hearing lots of positive reviews for the Vintner’s Daughter serum and would love to give it a whirl!

  147. RK says 1.8.16

    Great giveaway! Hoping to try something by May Lindstrom.

  148. Eva says 1.8.16


  149. Alisha says 1.8.16

    I’ve tried other May Lindstrom products and would love to try the good stuff, but my dream is to try Vintner’s!

  150. Cairie says 1.8.16

    Oh wow! Let’s see, I’d get Blue Cocoon for sure, then an oil cleanser…m aybe Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser then I’d DEFINITELY stock up on some lipsticks!

  151. Melissa says 1.8.16

    I’ve only had a sample of the blue cocoon and I must say its worth every penny. The concoction is amazing!

  152. emily says 1.8.16

    i’m dying to try One Love Organics’ SKIN SAVIOR MULTI-TASKING WONDER BALM!!

  153. Julie says 1.8.16

    I love Vintner’s Daughter! Would love to try the blue cocoon! Sounds amazing.

  154. Jennifer says 1.8.16

    What a great post about natural products! I’ve always wanted to try natural beauty products but didn’t know where to start. I’d definitely try the vinter’s daughter serum 🙂 thanks for the introduction!

  155. Floyd Miller says 1.8.16

    The nourishing oil by Dr. Alkaitis. Life saver.

  156. tianna says 1.8.16

    I would get some Kjaer Weis Blush, restock my KYPRIS products, and try something new 😀

    thanks for this giveaway!

    stop by and chat with me ♥ http://storybookapothecary.com

  157. Silka says 1.8.16

    Ooh thank you for the giveaway, Grace! There’s so much green beauty products that I want to try from LeVert, like Kypris’ Clearing Serum and Beauty Elixir I, May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver and Honey Mud, and Vintner’s Daughter’s Serum! 🙂

  158. Jody says 1.8.16

    One of my favourite all natural products is Vapour Organic Beauty’s Aura in Eros. Blends effortlessly and beautifully pigmented. I want o try their Illuminator next!

  159. Jamie Calder says 1.8.16

    Looooove this stuff!!!

  160. Alishia says 1.8.16

    In Fiore products ❤️

  161. Rose says 1.8.16

    Love May Lindstrom’s products for sure!

    But, as much as I love “green” products when they work, please be careful about saying things like “60 percent of everything you apply topically to your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream.” Last I checked, that’s not a scientifically-backed statement – after all, your skin’s primary function is to serve as a barrier! If you’re going to make scientific statements, rather than simply review whether you liked a product or not, please, please provide links to actual studies (not just marketing materials).

    Love your blog!

  162. Ashley says 1.8.16

    I would love to try the Digital Detox Bath, sounds heavenly!!! My favorite all-natural product is coconut oil but the buy-able product would be Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • chickie brewer says 1.8.16

      The No. 1 Ankari brightening youth serum sounds like it would be good!

  163. Jenny says 1.8.16

    I would love to get another bottle of the Vintner’s Daughter serum because it works so well for my oily, acne prone skin!

  164. Marty C. says 1.8.16

    I’d blow the lot on RGB nail polish; I love that brand!

  165. Andrea Darst says 1.8.16

    I tried a sample of VITAMIN C BRIGHTENING FACIAL SERUM from One Love Organics and loved it, so I’d definitely get this!

  166. Trish says 1.8.16

    Amazing giveaway!! I would delve deep into the Kyris line!


  167. Robin says 1.8.16

    I would stock up on OLO. All of their products are sensational! Favorites are the lotion, balm, and Easy Does It cleanser. I also need a new perfume, so it would be fun to browse.

  168. Colleen Boudreau says 1.8.16


  169. Krysta says 1.8.16

    I really need One Love Organics dry shampoo & the Vitamin B Cleansing Oil

  170. Anna says 1.8.16

    I’ve been dying to try The Vintner’s Daughter for so long!

  171. Amy Branco says 1.8.16

    I loved reading this I admire you for featuring LeVert Beauty because of their principles and ideas.
    I definitely want to get some may lindstrom because I haven’t bought any of her products due to their pricing.
    I’m definitely going to be sharing this website with all my blogger friends and look to you for inspiration.

  172. Krysta Garza says 1.8.16

    I am dying to try the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst & Beauty Elixirs!

  173. AL says 1.8.16

    May Lindstrom to the faaaace please! Been dying to try but my teacher salary majorly prevents

  174. Maureen says 1.8.16

    I am on the hunt for an anti-aging serum and Vinter’s Daughter sounds amazing–so I would love to win!

  175. Stephanie Edmonds says 1.8.16

    I would get everything!!!!!!!

    • Stephanie Edmonds says 1.8.16

      It would be so hard to decide! It would honestly take me a good few days to figure it out!!

  176. Erica T says 1.8.16

    I would love to try vintners daughter!!

  177. Helen Moulden says 1.8.16

    I’d try the No. 1 ankari brightening youth serum!

  178. Kay says 1.8.16

    Thank you and Le Vert for this amazing giveaway! I have recently started “cleaning up” my skincare routine and choices. I have definitely heard about May Lindstrom and her wonderful miracles. This giveaway would be perfect chance for me to try it!

  179. Ai Hiruma says 1.8.16

    I would definitely want to purchase the Vintner’s Daughter and the Chocolate Tanning in Coco Glow! I’ve been wanting to order from Levert for awhile and after reading your post I definitely will! Thank you!!!

  180. Liliya Shulga says 1.8.16

    What an amazing giveaway! Would love to try May Lindstrom Skin line!!

  181. Beth says 1.8.16

    Would love to try some new stuff! 🙂

  182. Cara says 1.8.16

    I’d love to try the Blue Cocoon! It looks like it would be amazingly healing on dry, winter skin. I also love May Lindstrom’s Youth Dew. One of the best face oils I’ve found.

  183. Alex says 1.8.16

    Ooh such amazing brands! I am out of The Good Stuff and would love to get more. Also am moving to NYC and Blue Cocoon sounds perfect for the harsh weather!

  184. Kristen says 1.8.16

    I would definitely buy the Vitner’s Daughter oil!

  185. Jess Lim says 1.8.16

    Vintner’s daughter is top of my wishlist! Thanks 🙂

  186. Jennifer says 1.8.16

    I would love to try these products, especially The Good Stuff. What an awesome giveaway!

  187. Caitie says 1.8.16

    So many great things to choose from! I’d love to try more skincare from Kahina and maybe a cream blush from Kjaer Weis 🙂

  188. Martha says 1.8.16

    I want it all! But “The Good Stuff” sounds amazing–would love to be able to give it a try!

  189. Kara says 1.8.16

    That bath sounds like just what I need!

  190. Milena Monrroy says 1.8.16

    Right now I’m using Andalou Naturals but I’m always looking for new products to use that are natural and will help my skin look radiant!

  191. Pat Schwab says 1.8.16

    Organic soothing gel. I use organic coconut oil before bed when my skin is dry.

  192. Kelsey Price says 1.8.16

    My all-time favourite organic/green beauty brands and products are RMS beauty (everything!) and Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation – such beautiful, flawless coverage.

    But, if I won, I would SO splurge on May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt, The Problem Solver and the Honey Mud.

    I also love ILIA Beauty, so a few new lip colours, cheek colours would probably make their way into my hands. I’d also love a Kjaer Weis eyeshadow, cream blush and lip tint. Decisions decisions, haha.

    Thank you (and Le Vert!) for a wonderful opportunity!

  193. Paige says 1.8.16

    100% neeeeed the Kahina eye serum!!

  194. Jill says 1.8.16

    I’ve recently begun using May Lindstrom’s amazingly luxurious line and it has completely changed my skin! I suffered from slight redness, oily t zone and frustrating pimples on my chin, but within one week of using the honey mud, the clean dirt and blue cocoon my skin has been calm and clear! I’ve spent thousands trying to find the perfect skincare products, and I am never giving these products up. Holy Grail! I would love to try more from her line as well as Vintner’s Daughter.

  195. Kim S says 1.8.16

    Lots lots of vintner’s daughter

  196. Natalya says 1.8.16

    I’ve been seeing Vintner’s Daughter everywhere so that would be at the top of the list…along with Kjaer Weis and Agent Nateur.

  197. Franziska says 1.8.16

    Oh wow, WHAT a give away! <3 I'd go absolutely crazy in their beautiful shop. I'm especially interested in the serum you've just tried… smiles, Franziska

  198. Bailey Stiner says 1.8.16

    May Lindstrom! I would love to get the Honey Mud and Coean Dirt. I have been dying to try her line, but it’s a little pricey so winning the giveaway would make my skincare dreams come true!

  199. Erin says 1.8.16

    Love your beauty posts! You first turned me on to Tata Harper, and I look forward to checking out the products you mention in this article – particularly the Digital Detox soak!

  200. Erin Ellis says 1.8.16

    Oh my goodness! I would go NUTS! First I would get the NO.1 AKNARI BRIGHTENING YOUTH SERUM. Followed by the SKIN SAVIOR MULTI-TASKING WONDER BALM, and the BRIGHTENING SERUM, and I’m sure some other lotions. Wow! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  201. Shanon H. says 1.8.16

    I’ve been wanting to try May Lindstrom for so long! I might also try a serum from Tata Harper, as well as that Digital Detox…it’s definitely the season for that!

  202. Perri says 1.8.16

    Oh! This looks so luxe, I would love to try The Good Stuff! Swoon!

  203. Jill says 1.8.16

    Started using Vitner’s Daughter recently and it’s so lovely, the smell makes me swoon each time I apply – would love a chance to continue to use this product. Thanks for hosting!

  204. chantall says 1.8.16

    I’ve been using Tata Harper (mostly cleanser and oils) and May Lindstrom (Clean Dirt) for years, but Vintner’s Daughter and May’s Blue Cocoon are my absolute hero products. I started using Vintner’s daughter only a week ago, but within the first application, you can tell a difference. It’s truly a magnificent product!

  205. amy says 1.8.16

    I would love to try May Linstrom’s The Blue Cocoon and the Vintner’s Daughter serum! I’ve read so many positive reviews about both, but… the prices are so high! : /

  206. Nikki says 1.8.16

    My skin gets so dehydrated and almost chalky during the winter months. I would love the try the MUN No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum and May Lindstrom Skin The Honey Mud.

  207. Amber B says 1.8.16

    I would love to try something from One Love Organics! 🙂 They have a bunch of great brands!

  208. Jessica Adamcik says 1.8.16

    Give me The Good Stuff!!!

  209. Cindy A. says 1.8.16

    Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway! The Honey Mud, Aura Multi-Use Classic in Courtesan, and The Problem Solver would most definitely be on my shopping list.

  210. Kenya F says 1.8.16

    I would definitely get the detox bath. I’ve been reading alot about this and its supposed to be really good for your body, help with workout pain, and weight loss. I must try this!

  211. Melissa Greco says 1.8.16

    I’d try The Vinter’s Daughter and The Digital Detox bath

  212. Sari says 1.8.16

    looks amazing! Hope I win! 🙂

  213. Lori says 1.8.16

    The Vintner’s Daughter serum has been on my list for weeks!

  214. Hayden Slaughter says 1.8.16

    Definitely the Blue Cocoon!!! Sounds amazing!!

  215. Jennifer Hoover says 1.8.16

    What a lovely giveaway! If I had my druthers I’d be trying out The Blue Cocoon right now, my skin needs the extra hit of moisture and protection. Also like to try OLO’s Vitamin B cleansing oil. I just started using Vintner’s Daughter (thanks to Beauty Heroes I could afford to take the leap) and it’s too soon to tell but so far so good.

  216. Katie H says 1.8.16

    I love a good soak in the tub, so the Digital Detox Bath is for me!

  217. Amy says 1.8.16

    These product look lovely! I would love to try themAmy

  218. Yes I so need the Vintner’s Daughter! That would be one I got !

  219. Vanessa says 1.8.16

    I would just get the Vintner’s Daughter!

  220. aurelia says 1.8.16

    Hello! I have heard so many great things about blue lagoon, I would love the chance to try it out!

  221. Hilarie M says 1.8.16

    I’d get May Lindstrom products! I’m dying to try them.

  222. Christina T says 1.8.16

    That detox bath!!!!!! I need!

  223. Natalie says 1.8.16

    I’d get some One Love Organics and May Lindstrom! Those have been on my wish list for a while now. Their products sound amazing!

  224. Karrie says 1.8.16

    I love the The Vinter’s Daughter

  225. Teresa says 1.8.16

    I recently got a sample of the Vinter’s Daughter serum and absolutely LOVE it! I would love to win this giveaway and be able to try more of their products !!

  226. Jen says 1.8.16

    May Lindstrom Problem Solver is the best there is. Really can’t think of a better mask!

  227. keely says 1.8.16

    the good stuff!

  228. Erin says 1.8.16

    Omg the good stuff sounds amazing! I would love to try that especially with the recent temperature drop in NYC!

  229. Manwei Huang says 1.8.16

    I’d love to try some LeVert products!! My New Years resolution is to use more natural products in my beauty routine, and this skincare collection sounds like a great place to start!

  230. Erin says 1.8.16

    I love everything Ilia and would definitely get something from there (like the in my room lippie!) And I would try the vintner’s daughter which I’m already trying to justify.

  231. Stephanie says 1.8.16

    I would definitely love to try Vintner’s Daughter’s serum, and would like to pick up some makeup from Kjaer Weis too.

  232. Sarah Martinez says 1.8.16

    If definitely want to get my hands on One Love Organics Vitamin B cleanser + makeup remover!!

  233. marie says 1.9.16

    i would get youth serums for my eyes

  234. Nina says 1.9.16

    Definitely want to try the Blue Cocoon after reading your review. My tired winter skin could use some soothing!

  235. Lindsay says 1.9.16

    the vintner’s daughter serum!

  236. Rachel Charkey says 1.9.16

    I’ve been using the blue cocoon from May Lindstrom and love it, so I definitely want to try more of her products.

  237. 80% have not been tested? Wow, no buono! It’s definitely important to stick with natural/organic products.

    Happy Saturday

  238. Meagan says 1.9.16

    I love the Honey Mud from May Lindstrom but I would love to try the Youth Dew. Such a luxurious brand.

  239. Bilqees Bano says 1.9.16

    I really love The Blue Cocoon

  240. Lauren S. says 1.9.16

    I would buy Vintner’s Daughter for myself and then I would ask Grace to help me pick a second winner. I would buy and ship a product to them from Levertbeauty based on what they want in their comment. I’m all about giving in 2016!!

  241. janine says 1.9.16

    Levert Beauty the epitome of Skincare! Absolutley amazing! ♡

  242. clare says 1.9.16

    you always have the best beauty reviews! so excited to learn about this company!

  243. Amy Works says 1.9.16

    I’d love to try One Love Organics and SW basics. I’ve been using tarte’s maracuja oil and love it!

  244. Ruty Lenny says 1.9.16

    Thank you for this great give away.. I’d love to try out the Vitner’s daughter oil..sounds amazing ! May Lindstrom is so tenting as well ….thingers crossed

  245. beth says 1.9.16

    I love Tata Harper

  246. Anna says 1.9.16

    Wanting to try VD so badly! I’m a sucker, but hey, people worship it!

  247. Asma says 1.9.16

    I’ve been wanting to try Tata Harper’s products!

  248. Stephanie says 1.9.16

    I would love to try the Blue Cocoon and the Vintner’s daughter serum. Sounds like a dream for my dry winter skin.

  249. wendy sue says 1.9.16

    Bring on the brightening-I’d go with the Mun No 1 Aknari brightening serum

    another line i like(though not sold on LeVert is Juice Beauty

  250. Anna Y says 1.9.16

    The Digital Detox Bath sounds amazing!

  251. Melissa says 1.9.16

    The lipsticks look amazing!
    Thank you for this opportunity.


  252. Stephanie says 1.9.16

    That serum looks great!

  253. sylvia says 1.9.16

    would love to try the digital detox bath!

  254. Amy kauzloric says 1.9.16

    What a dreamy website! Can’t wait to place my first order with them. I agree with all the ‘holy grail’ reviews of Vintner’s Daughter and I am dying to try Blue Cocoon! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  255. Tess says 1.9.16

    i’m in love with the Tata Harper resurfacing mask (a birthday gift to myself after seeing one of your reviews of it), and so would LOVE to try this line!

  256. Petra says 1.9.16

    I wanna try some Tata Harper products but they are so priced. I love your reviews and even i can’t afford most of this i enjoy reding all this beautiful products.

  257. Sarah says 1.9.16

    I’m dying to try the May Lindstrom Blue Cacoon!! It looks perfect for the dry winter air and my sensitive skin

  258. Paulina says 1.9.16

    I just started a really stressful job, and it’s showing on my skin. I would love to try The Blue Cocoon to help destress my face.

  259. Jordan Troublefield says 1.9.16

    May Lindstrom Skin “THE PROBLEM SOLVER” is definitely on my list!
    The Kjaer Weis cream blush looks fantastic as well!

  260. ashley e says 1.9.16

    I would definitely try the Vinter’s Daughter, based on your explanation! Also I have been wanting to try Vitamin E balm & the cleansing oil by One Love Organics & Lurk’s perfumes.

  261. Abbe says 1.9.16

    The Good Stuff sounds pretty heavenly, I’ve also been dying to try The Problem Solver!

  262. Charlotte says 1.9.16

    I have fallen in love with May Lindstrom, too! You must try the Honey Mud. I use it as a mask, cleanser and I mix it with exfoliating products to nourish my skin. Vintner’s Daughter has been spiking on my radar for months now. I would definitely splurge on that oil; how fantastic that it’s that radiant!

  263. Kris says 1.9.16

    I’m all about natural/safe beauty products, and The blue Cocoon sounds wonderful. I currently use products by Caudelie, Tata Harper and Algenist. Still trying to find the HG moisturizer.

  264. Bianca says 1.9.16

    I absolutely adore the Vintner’s Daughter serum. It has completely transformed my easily irritated, sensitive, acne-prone skin. I’m quickly on my way to not having to wear any sort of foundation thanks to this serum. It’s very expensive for me so this giveaway is perfect. Thanks for the chance. Hope I win!

  265. Holly says 1.9.16

    I’d love to try some of the sensitive skin products; the Moonlight Catalyst, and the Blue Cocoon look amazing (and I’m a sucker for evocative names!)

  266. Jaclyn Reynolds says 1.9.16

    I’d love to try the No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum!

  267. Amy says 1.9.16

    I’m really intrigued by the Detox Bath so I’d get some of that plus some Blue Cocoon and One Love Cleanser. I would also get some Ilia lipsticks and Kjaer Weis makeup for my sister to hopefully enjoy and help convince her to make the green switch!

  268. Jillian says 1.9.16

    My all time faves seem to be constantly changing haha! But I am really loving Kypris Moinlight Catalyst right now! Leaves my skin glowing and smooth. And arcona toner tea bar is the only cleanser I use!

  269. Elizabeth says 1.9.16

    I am obsessed with taking baths, so I’d definitely try some of the bath soaks!

  270. Jason says 1.9.16

    The Vintner’s Daughter Serum sounds amazing!

  271. Joan Hall says 1.9.16

    What a wonderful give away. I would love some May Lindstrom items!

  272. Akaleistar says 1.9.16

    The Digital Detox Bath sounds wonderful!

  273. lauren says 1.9.16

    I would get the vintner’s daughter! Have been wanting to try that for a while!

  274. Sarah C. says 1.9.16

    I’ve been dying to try May Lindstorm’s The Blue Cocoon! Her products are heaven. I’m also intrigued by The Vinter’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. I’ve been in need for a nice daily oil for moisture in this harsh winter!

  275. Isabel says 1.9.16

    So many amazing brands to choose from! I’d love to try May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver.

  276. Nat says 1.9.16

    Blue facial balm and a body oil that smells of cocoa….sounds sooo dreamy. I’d probably faint if I actually won, lol. Thanks for the giveaway and review!

  277. catherine c. says 1.9.16

    Josh Rosebrook Balance shampoo & conditioner! I need to replenish!

  278. Susannah Armstrong says 1.9.16

    I would start with getting several digital detoxes for myself and my friends 🙂 then the good stuff 😉

  279. Cayla says 1.9.16

    The Good Stuff sounds incredible & just what I need for my blah winter skin!

  280. Natalie K says 1.9.16

    I love everything May Lindstrom, but I’ve been eyeing the Vintner’s Daughter serum! Would love to try it!

  281. Kim Henrichs says 1.9.16

    I would love to get the Verite Coconut & Lime Flower Body Scrub!

  282. Kelly Greer says 1.9.16

    I’d love to try the Vintner’s Daughter – I’ve struggled with my skin for years and am always looking for something that will give it that radiance!

  283. Gabriela Sanchez says 1.9.16

    I love to try them all I love Organic products.
    But Im dying to try The Digital Detox looks convincing..

  284. Alex says 1.9.16

    Would like to try the skin tightening body lotion.

  285. Shelley says 1.9.16

    Kypris is my latest green beauty find. It’s early days but so far so good.

  286. Lauren Sanders says 1.9.16

    I’m so intrigued by The Blue Cocoon and oh could my skin use it this winter!

  287. Cammie says 1.9.16

    I have been stalking The Blue Cocoon for a while now! I would love to try it because I have heard amazing things!

  288. Steff says 1.10.16

    I would love to try the Vintner’s Daughter, too!

  289. Jordan B says 1.10.16

    I would stock up on Kjaer Weis products! They have beautiful pigments.

  290. Nina B says 1.10.16

    The Vintner’s Daughter serum is amazing – I really want to try the Blue Cocoon next

  291. Nadia Najor says 1.10.16

    I would love to try the digital detox bath sound really relaxing and exfoliating. There is nothing better for me to go green with my skincare products since I have excema. I have been dying to try LaVert Beauty products since my friends & family rave about them.

  292. Cristina says 1.10.16

    These products sound great really want to start trying more natural skin care products

  293. Mary says 1.10.16

    All the products look great and I love the packaging.

  294. Julie says 1.10.16

    There’s so much nice stuff that it’s hard to say. One thing I think I’d get is the KELLY polish from Aila Cosmetics. It’s such a pretty pink!

  295. Heidi says 1.10.16

    The bath detox sounds amazing!

  296. Ty says 1.10.16

    Wow! They have an incredible selection of products. I would love to have the FABULOUS ORGANIC FOOT BALM, I wouldn’t mind trying their deodorant and the mud detox!

  297. Jennifer Hayden says 1.10.16

    I would get the vintner’s daughter serum and the bath detox.

  298. Elisse says 1.10.16

    I would love to try The Vintner’s Daughter!

  299. Stafford says 1.10.16

    I’d love to try the THE YOUTH DEW
    May Lindstrom Skin.

  300. Alina says 1.10.16

    The HYDRO-DISTILLED SAGE & ROSE BODY LOTION is something I would love to try.

  301. Anya A says 1.10.16

    I’ve been dying to try May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon and Honey Mud to help heal all the scars I’ve accumulated over the past year, and this post is making me want to try Vinter’s Daughter as well!

  302. Amanda says 1.10.16

    I would love to try the May Lindstrom products!

  303. Colleen says 1.10.16

    I would get the vitner’s daughter serum!

  304. helenlam says 1.10.16

    I’d get some Vintner’s Daughter too!

  305. patty says 1.10.16

    Would love love to win…..Would love to try May Lindstrom ..BleuCocoon …this is an amazing giveaway…thank so much

  306. Sean says 1.10.16

    I want to try the CREAM BLUSH IN LOVELY. Gorgeous color.

  307. Jen says 1.10.16

    I’d get the Vinter’s Daughter! Sounds amazing!!!!

  308. Stacy says 1.10.16

    laVert is absolutely the best. Each shipment comes beautifully packaged. My go to gift solution if shipping across country.

  309. Amanda Payeur says 1.10.16

    I would try all of your recommendations. The stuff that makes your skin glow sounds WONDERFUL! And my sensitive skin would love some skin Xanex!

  310. Anne says 1.10.16

    Wow, great stuff! I would love to refresh my makeup supply and get better at wearing lip color – I’d try the ILIA lip crayons for sure.

  311. Caitlin says 1.10.16

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!!! I have been wanting to try Kjaer Weis foundation for ages, so I would definitely get that and I would also get the Vapour plumping lip gloss in several of the warm toned colors. I love nail polish and I have never tried Aila or RGB polishes so I would get lots of those! What an amazing site, thanks so much for sharing!!

  312. Callie says 1.11.16

    I would definitely get the Vitner’s Daughter serum and The Good Stuff. Both sound wonderful!

  313. Liza says 1.11.16

    Those products sound so wonderful! My favorite natural line is Arcona…especially their Reozone tinted sunscreen.

  314. Bee says 1.11.16

    I so need a new skincare plan! Thank you!! Happy New Year sweetie!!

  315. Tierney says 1.11.16

    I’m such a sucker for face masks–I have way too many, but I still would lean towards something like THE PROBLEM SOLVER mask.

  316. Theresa says 1.11.16

    I would love to get May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon and Vinter’s Daughter Serum. Thanks for awesome giveaway!

  317. Deeja says 1.11.16

    I am obsessed with Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. It is amazing and worth every penny. I also love May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt cleanser and The Problem Solver mask – So it sounds like I need to give The Good Stuff a try next! great list you put together here, please keep the recommendations coming! the more natural, wholesome, and safe the product, the better 🙂

  318. Jean says 1.11.16

    May Lindstrom’s line is incredible. I’m not sure how I got through winter before I was introduced to the Blue Cocoon. I’m keen to try May Lindstrom’s the Problem Solver (it seems like it’d be so fabulous to combat NYC dirt and dust) and the Vitner’s Daughter serum has been officially added to my wish list.

  319. Lena says 1.11.16

    There are so many products I want to try, but my first purchase would be May Lindstrom’s “Clean Dirt.” Winter has done a number on my skin and I would use this to brighten, tighten and deep clean! My next step would probably be to finally buy greener makeup, as my budget hasn’t allowed me to switch out all my old, “dirty” makeup. Kjaer Weis & Ilia, I’ve got my eye you!

  320. HS says 1.11.16

    I would like to get Active Botanical Serum and The Blue Cocoon.

  321. Michelle Ward says 1.11.16

    I would buy the antioxidant dew and wonderbalm along with the detox bath and the atmosphere soft focus foundation.

  322. Jennifer says 1.11.16

    I would love to try your products

  323. Erin M. says 1.11.16

    I’ve been dying to try the Vintners Daughter serum!!

  324. Emily says 1.11.16

    I would love to try The Vintners Daughter! It sounds amazing and is exactly what I’m looking for!

  325. Nicole says 1.11.16

    I’d get the blue cocoon from May and Kypris clearing and moonlight catalyst serums! I’ve been lusting after these products for months. Thanks for the chance at this amazing giveaway!

  326. natasha lamoreux says 1.11.16

    I love the Kjaer Weis set and the KjaerWeis trio #3. So many gorgeous products. I wanna win so bad!

  327. Caroline says 1.11.16

    I would pick the lush Vintner’s Daughter serum and May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Grace.

  328. Caroline says 1.11.16

    I would pick the lush Vintner’s Daughter serum and May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud! Thank you for hosting this giveaway Grace!

  329. Lynne Marie says 1.11.16

    I would get foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow’s and dry shampoo to name a few.

  330. Kerry says 1.11.16

    Dying to try Vintner’s Daughter and May Lindstorm’s The Blue Cocoon!

  331. Claire says 1.11.16

    I love May Lindstrom and really want to try the blue cocoon & Vitner’s Daughter serum!

  332. Mary J says 1.11.16

    I would love the Digital Detox bath!

  333. Sukie says 1.12.16

    Hello Grace! I am looking to try May Lindstrom products as I’ve heard so much about them!

  334. Simòne says 1.12.16

    Ciao Grace,I m an organic cosmetic fanatic and since I battled cystic acne, I m taking care of my skin with organic cleansers and oils,that are giving me the best results to reduce scars and blemishes Would love to try the Vintner’s daughter serum oil so bad !

  335. Laura says 1.12.16

    I’ve been wanting to try May Lindstrom products for a long time, they look amazing!

  336. Casi Selph says 1.12.16

    This would be amazing, I have been wanting to try anything anti aging from One Love Organics Skin Savior, May Lindstrom The Youth Dew & Vinter’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

  337. Rachael says 1.12.16

    These look amazing!

  338. Ivey Tanski says 1.12.16

    I haven’t found a natural skin care line that I have been 100% satisfied with yet so I would LOVE to win this!

  339. Krystal says 1.12.16

    I would have to get some of the May Lindstrom products and some of the Kjaer Weis Lip Tints!
    LeVert Beauty is a beautiful shop!

  340. Alicia says 1.13.16

    I would love to get May Lindstrom products! I went to Cap Beauty in the West Village, which I love, and tried the Problem Solver clay mask which was amazing but I wasn’t able to purchase at the time due to money. But I’m transitioning my skincare regimen over to natural products and have been so impressed with the quality and results!

  341. lindanyc says 1.13.16

    Vintner’s daughter is indeed getting so much buzz — and I haven’t found it in a single brick & mortar store! It’s a lot of money for a product I haven’t smelled, handled, etc. prior to purchase! Thanks for the give away.

  342. Hilliary says 1.13.16

    anything detoxifying in a bath is something I’m totally on board for

  343. Chantel Rodriguez says 1.14.16

    I am seriously crossing my fingers for this!! Levert has the GREATEST customer service ever and is such a wonderful company to support! I would be so appreciative for the opportunity to try out products I could otherwise not afford <3 Goodluck to everyone!

  344. Dominque says 1.18.16

    I am looking forward to trying Tata Harper brand. Right now I have been using nani botanicals and I am loving their products, especially their sea salt body scrub.