A Late Summer Tea Party.

When I went to London in June, I had tea at Sketch (the famous pink restaurant – an absolute must if you plan a trip!!!), and all I could think about was how I needed a proper tea set, and how fun it would be to invite a few girlfriends over for tea, treats, and (not pictured) a bit of champagne. And so last week, that’s exactly what we did! I scooped up some delicious pastries from Martha’s Bakery (around the corner from me and so yummy), put on a pretty pink dress, and broke out my pretty new tea set from Macy’s. Macy’s has the most gorgeous collection of china (Wedgwood is my personal favorite) and they have a lot of great sales, which are the best times to stock up! I feel part like a little girl and part like a proper grown up, having grownup tea parties.

I should note that tea cups like these may seem impractical, especially if you are a Manhattan dweller with limited kitchen space, but I use mine to fancy up snacks + ice cream as well… you’d be surprised how much I use them!

Dress Details: Tahari ASL Ruffled Gown (the best, runs true to size, and it’s also available in navy or chartreuse!)

Tabletop Details: Waterford White Runner // Martha Stewart Pink Cake Stand (also in jadeite or delphite!) // Maison Versailles Tiered Server (this is a really good value; when I’m not entertaining with this, I use it to stack fruit in my kitchen.) // Wedgwood Tea Cup + Saucer // Wedgwood Tea Pot // Palm Tree Sugar Spoons // Wedgwood set of 4 plates // Lenox Cake Knife and Server //

I had to take a closeup of these spoons so that you can see the palm trees! Best $12.99 I’ve spent in ages. 🙂 They have butter knives too.

This dress is everything. I feel like an emoji in it!

photography by Trent Bailey // Created in partnership with Macy’s & Shopstyle

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  1. I’ve never hosted a tea party before. Love the decor, everything looks so dainty and pretty! Perfect for late summer and early fall indeed.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Cathleen says 8.22.17

    This is so pretty. I need to have a tea party, even if it’s only for me!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.22.17

      seriously! Even if you just have a nice cookie and a mug of tea, it’s such a nice little afternoon pick me up!

      • Cathleen says 8.23.17


  3. Kendal says 8.22.17

    That dress is gorgeous!! This makes me want to throw a tea party…

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  4. Denise Atwood says 8.22.17

    love tea parties, promise me we will go to London one day and have tea!! xox

  5. Natali says 8.22.17

    Awww, thats such a pretty tea time setting!