Last Week in Outfits, 3.3.22.

Last Week in Outfits 3.3.22

Last week I was pretty tired from the week before, and I think my outfits reflect that. Sweats one day, jeans or easy dresses the other days! It was overall a pretty casual week – lots of family time and just working from home, with the exception of one fun and fancy-ish dinner – Hampden Clothing cleared out the store for a night to host the most beautiful dinner with one of my absolute favorite brands, Sea! The weather here has been all over the place. Some days it is eighty and other days it’s back in the fifties. I find myself checking the weather multiple times before leaving the house.

Last Week in Outfits, 3.3.22


What I Did: Sunset drinks at my friend’s house on Sullivan’s Island.

What I Wore: Mille Dress (go down two sizes, I’m in the XS) // Gold Birkenstocks

Apiece Apart sweatshirt & sweatpants


What I Did: Working from home.

What I Wore: Apiece Apart sweatshirt (from last year; in black here + here) and sweatpants (from last year; in other colors here, here, and here) // Shearling Birks

Working from home outfit | Last Week in Outfits 3.3.22


What I Did: Working from home.

What I Wore: Crosby Blouse // AGOLDE Jeans // Vince Sneakers

Dinner at Hampden Clothing | Last Week in Outfits 3.3.22


What I Did: Dinner at Hampden Clothing with the designers of Sea New York.

What I Wore: gifted Sea New York Dress // Veronica Beard boots (the best ever, they’re a few years old but thesethese, and these are similar) // Cleobella Purse

hosted family dinner at my house


What I Did: Worked from home, hosted family dinner at my house.

What I Wore: Monica Nera Blouse (I love this top, it’s a good one!!! Wearing a small) // AGOLDE Jeans (old) // Gucci Jordaan Loafers (several years old)

Apiece Apart Dress | Last Week in Outfits 3.3.22


What I Did: Playdate in the park with my niece.

What I Wore: Apiece Apart Dress (wearing the small – also available here, here, here, and here). // Reebok Sneakers 

Went out for Mexican at Señor Tequilas in Mt Pleasant


What I Did: Went out for Mexican at Señor Tequilas in Mt Pleasant.

What I Wore: Very old Vince tee (like, it has holes… it’s at least ten years old and I’ll never get rid of it) // AGOLDE Jeans // Loeffler Randall Sneakers (also here).

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  1. Caroline:

    I saw your story from Señor Tequilas over the weekend and was highly jealous. It’s been ages since we’ve been there. Also, Taco Boy. Now I need a margarita, and it’s not even 10AM.

    3.3.22 Reply
  2. Melinda:

    As a fellow lover of Birkenstocks, I wanted to share my latest snag. These are high shine/patent leather so I get away with wearing them to the office! They are pricier than most Birks, but since I live in a HOT climate, office appropriate warm weather shoes are worth the investment for me.

    3.3.22 Reply
    • Oh I absolutely love these, thanks for sharing. Going on my wish list!

      3.3.22 Reply
      • Melinda:

        They do require a little more break in time than my other Birks but will be 100% worth it in the end!

        3.3.22 Reply
  3. Erica:

    That Sea dress is dreamy and you make that sweatsuit look good! I love seeing your weekly outfit posts. Thanks for bringing them back!

    3.3.22 Reply
    • I am so happy you enjoy reading them, thanks for letting me know.

      3.3.22 Reply
    • Leigh:

      My gold Birkenstocks just came! I teach first grade so they are great for going on the playground. Thanks for the rec!

      3.3.22 Reply
  4. Katie:

    I’m LOVING all the sneakers!

    3.4.22 Reply
  5. Kim:

    I love this outfit inspiration! May have to order the Crosby blouse : ) I wanted to say that I visited Hampden Clothing last week on the day they were having the trunk show. A couple of the CHS bloggers I follow recommended it. I am from Charleston, but live in Indiana and was visiting on an initial house hunting trip – hoping to move back in the next few years. I was excited to visit the store, but was really disappointed by how I was treated there. It was a real “pretty woman” moment. No one greeted me, and in fact, they looked down their noses at me while fawning over a lady from Alabama (who had a huge YSL purse) and a woman whose very silver spoon looking husband was buying her jewelry. I thought I was dressed appropriately for an afternoon of shopping on King Street (Mirth dress and New Balance sneaks), but I guess because I did not have a designer handbag with me or golden goose sneakers on, I was deemed not worthy of attention. It made me feel awful! I had just gotten my bonus the day before and could have treated myself to anything in the store, but I certainly wasn’t inspired to buy anything given the snobby treatment. Hopefully, I will be moving back to Charleston soon, but I won’t be shopping at Hampden : ( I realize I am only one person, but stores should treat everyone with kindness and not just bloggers and ladies with huge designer handbags (and by the way, how do they know that I don’t have the same bag in my closet at home, but am not gauche enough to lug it down King Street all afternoon!) My point is, I may not matter, but it is a round world, and I may have an opportunity to influence others at some point… Until then, I’ll order my designer dresses online!

    3.4.22 Reply
    • Oh Kim, I am so sorry you had this experience. I have had the same experience at boutiques in New York and it’s made me feel terrible. The owner, Stacy, is a good friend of mine and I know she would never want you to feel this way shopping there. She is truly one of the kindest people in the industry and this sort of behavior would absolutely not stand with her – she would be furious/devastated to hear it. Would you mind if I pass this feedback along to her?

      3.4.22 Reply
      • Melinda:

        I would like to add to this that when I visited Charleston a few years ago, I had a similar experience at Hampden. The associates were focused on a select few people and I was barely acknowledged. After hearing rave reviews from you and other bloggers I follow, I wanted to take a peek but would not return.

        I hope this is not the trend and that I am an exception. If you wanted to pass along the feedback, I am ok with it.

        3.4.22 Reply
      • Kim:

        Thanks so much for your comment Grace. I know it sounds silly, but it was a really bad feeling in what was otherwise an amazing week : ) I would like for Stacy to know that not everyone is being treated kindly at Hampden (at least based on my and Melinda’s experiences).

        3.5.22 Reply