Land’s End Canvas – Hooray!

Dear Land’s End,

What happened?  You used to be so… well, frumpy!  And now you’ve gone and done it by launching Canvas!  You’re modern, you’re cool… dare I say, hip?  Things have certainly changed…

(image via Lucky)
OK, so I know, I’m a bit of a snob. First, I never thought I’d wear anything Anne Taylor, and then LOFT launched.  And now you’ve gone and done this!

I loved your promotion with Lucky Magazine on Twitter today… but I’m just sad I didn’t win anything!  (Especially that Heritage Trench Coat… absolutely loving it in Light Khaki.)

So there, I’ve said it.  Fantastic job, Land’s End!!!!  (Although I’m still mad I didn’t win the Trench.)

Perfectionist in Rehab

Check out the collection here.

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