Lake Placid.

Every year, at the end of the summer, the boyfriend packs up his car and heads up to his childhood summer camp (his parents were counselors, as was he during high school and college.)  He’s there for the last three or so weeks, and I come up for the tail end.  It’s always a little hard on me… (I’m that needy girlfriend who hates being separated for long periods of time…) but it’s so important to him – something he looks forward to all year long.  In his words, it’s his “happy place,” and having grown up there, camp is literally his extended family.
He’s been up there for the past two weeks and I leave tonight to join him… hooray!

The camp is tucked away on an all-organic farm near Lake Placid.  We’ll sleep in a lean-to; go for hikes, swim in the lake, build camp fires, make friendship bracelets, square dance (seriously!) and revel in the fresh air.  I’m not the most outdoorsy person in the world, but I have to say… I can’t wait.

I will be, however, away from technology…  I’ve set my blog posts for the week, but please excuse my absence from social media for the next 5 days!  I wish you all a wonderful rest of week and weekend!

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