Lake Placid: My First Hike

Once upon a time, there was a someecard that read, “I’m outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios.”  And that would accurately describe my feelings about the outdoors.  I love being outside, but actual sports?  Not so much.  (Besides running, that is.)  And then I met the boyfriend… and then he became hell-bent on getting me to partake in more “active” outdoor activities.
Last week, while in Lake Placid, I did my first hike.  It was hard!  No amount of personal training or time spent on the treadmill could have prepared me for it.  It wasn’t a long hike, but oh was it steep.  At points I thought I wasn’t going to survive.  But when we got to the top, I had to concede – totally worth it.

(inside a wind tunnel) 

(happy to be done) 

(taking a little nap…)

(so very tired!)

(balance rocks.) 

I guess I understand it now… you hike for the views – which were positively amazing.

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