Night and Day.

kiehls daily reviving concentrate review

If I had to name all of my holy grail beauty products (there’s a post on that, coming soon!) Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate would most definitely make the cut.

I don’t know what’s in the product that makes it so magical, but when you apply it before bedtime, it works wonders by morning. You wake up with smoother, silkier skin; and somewhat magically rested, even if you don’t feel rested. (One of my little secrets is that if I’ve had too much to drink or a particularly late night I will put this on before bed- yes, I always wash my face, even after cocktails… and no one will be the wiser the next day.) Also, for the eye cream junkies (hand raised) they recently came out with a treatment just for eyes, that I’m currently testing but am not ready to give you my take.. (more to come!)

kiehls daily reviving concentrate review

Following the success of Midnight Recovery, Kiehl’s has launched a daytime counterpart – Daily Reviving Concentrate, aimed at combatting skin fatigue. For me, around 3pm is when I look the most tired. It’s physical and mental. Mentally, I hit a wall and need more coffee… and physically, I’m slouching, my makeup is halfway off, and my skin feels dull and dry. It is then that I’ll meet a friend for coffee or go for a walk.

When I’m back at my desk, applying this as a mid-day boost instantly refreshes my face. I now keep a bottle at my desk (alongside my Om Aroma Co. Toning Mist). A spritz of the toning mist, and a few drops of the concentrate = no more tired skin. I don’t know if you are supposed to, but I apply all of this right over my makeup (though I don’t wear a lot of face makeup) and haven’t had any issues.

The concentrate is totally non-greasy and contains a blend of 100% natural-origin ingredients. ginger root oil reduces inflammation, sunflower seed oil helps with hydration + redness reduction, and tamanu oil locks moisture into the skin.

I know that a few of you are still hesitant to try face oils, but I assure you (even if your skin runs very oily), this will not make you break out. My skin run on the drier side, but several of my girlfriends with oilier skin swear that using a face oil somehow actually regulates their oily skin.

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  1. Liz says 9.28.15

    These sound incredible!

    xo, Liz

  2. Jessica Rose says 9.28.15

    I have the Midnight product as well, well worth the money. 😉

  3. Laura Kathleen says 9.28.15

    I like the idea of putting that night rescue on to look refreshed after a night out with a few cocktails. And yes, I always wash my face too! I don’t understand how some people can go to bed with a full face of makeup, no matter how tired you are!


    Laura Aime Vous