Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Stripes.

Striped Picks for under $100 - Kelly's Chic Under $100... The Stripe

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Hey all, it’s Kelly with this week’s installment of Kelly’s Chic Under $100!

I’ve been really into stripes lately, and what better way to represent The Stripe than with a roundup of my favorite striped pieces? They’re honestly a year-round staple, but they always feel a little extra appropriate during the spring and summer – and it’s finally officially spring!!

These espadrilles are classic (and it’s hard to believe that they’re under $100) and this jumpsuit is super versatile… I can already see it transitioning from brunch to beach to dinner seamlessly. Now I just need to make some fabulous plans so that I have an excuse to wear it!

Have a great week! Xx Kelly

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  1. Thuy says 3.22.16

    I could go for 14, maybe 13 and 20.

  2. courtney meares says 3.24.16

    Kelly tracks down the most fun things. These affordable fashion columns are wonderful.

  3. kim says 3.24.16

    these are great. Especially love 9, 10, and 15!

  4. terri martin says 3.25.16

    Love these pieces… can’t resist a great striped anything!

  5. mary says 3.25.16

    I really love this series. These pieces are great!!