Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Activewear.

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It’s finally getting warmer out! Time to stop spending my weekends on the couch, and start spending them outside. Unlike Grace, I don’t really love running, but I try to do a short jog a few times per week (okay… once a week), and one of my favorite ways to motivate myself is to pick up a few new affordable additions to my workout wardrobe.

I’ve included a few of my longtime favorites, including Hi-Rise Wunder Unders, the ideal hot yoga mat towel, and a BPA-free Bkr water bottle. Some of my new favorite new finds are included too, like this supportive sports bra/crop top, an Ivy Park sweatshirt because Beyoncé, and Outdoor Voices’ thick leggings (weird side note: these things do not pick up pet hair like most other leggings do).

Would love your thoughts: what are some of your favorite workouts to do when it gets warmer?

Xx Kelly

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  1. Breanna says 5.10.16

    Oh good golly I need those two-tone leggings ESPECIALLY if they don’t pick up pet hair!

  2. Irina Bond says 5.11.16

    #15 is calling my name! Great picks.

    xo, Irina Bond |

  3. caitlin leary says 5.11.16

    I’m going to need the Barre So Hard top!!!!

  4. kelly owens says 5.11.16

    These are fantastic!

  5. Kyla says 5.11.16

    Leggings that don’t pick up cat hair? Sold.