My Favorite Detox Baths.

Kaia Naturals Detox Bath Review | Grace Atwood The Stripe

Don’t you just love when you accidentally discover a new favorite beauty product? During a routine trip to Credo Beauty (they have a Williamsburg location which makes me so happy… I pop in almost every week to see what is new!), I went in specifically to try Kaia Naturals’ deodorant booster. It’s a special soap for your underarms that helps your deodorant to work better. Anyway, the sales person was confused and instead of the deodorant booster, I walked out with their turmeric bath soak. Oops! It ended up being a serendipitous mistake as I went home, discovered the mistake, and popped the whole thing into the tub. You know by now that I love a good bath.

Oh my god you guys – it’s the best ever and spurred a bit of an addiction to Kaia’s bath soaks. The turmeric one smells so so good (it won’t stain your tub BTW), the seaweed one is great when you want to tighten everything up before a big night, and the charcoal one makes you SWEAT. I will say the charcoal one left my tub a little dirty but the clean-up was totally worth it. At $12 a pop, it’s a little bit of a splurge for one bath, but it will be one of the best baths you ever take. Since my first bath, I go to Credo and stock up every time I’m there. If I’ve had a bad day or am feeling like I need a little detox, I treat myself… and they also make great gifts!

As for the deodorant booster, I really love that too. I don’t have a problem with my natural deodorant working (It took finding the right one – this one is the BEST I’VE EVER TRIED) but I do think the charcoal soap is a great way to get your underarms extra clean so that your deodorant works better.

Kaia Naturals Detox Bath Review | Grace Atwood The Stripe

Technically, you can get two soaks out of each package, but honestly, I am a brat and like to use the whole thing. Maybe that’s a little indulgent but I would rather have one really amazing, powerful detox of a bath than two that are just “meh.” That was the case when I tried to split my first one… the bath is WAY better when you use the whole thing.

Kaia Naturals Detox Bath Review | Grace Atwood The Stripe Kaia Naturals Detox Bath Review | Grace Atwood The Stripe photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. Now I wish I had a bathtub at home. These detox bath products sound so lush… one day, one day! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Katie says 2.8.18

    I love a good bath. I’m a fan of some of the Lush bath products. Makes me feel like a teenage girl even though I’m far from it. I agree with you on making the bath indulgent. It’s an experience!

    • I loooove the Lush ones too! EXCEPT for one of them which I can’t remember… it turned my tub a bright yellow like pee and I just couldn’t do it. 😉

      • Katie says 2.9.18

        hahaha yes I would avoid that one! I like The Comforter and A French Kiss.

  3. Amy says 2.8.18

    Just curious, what’s the best deodorant you’ve ever tried? You linked to the booster but not the deodorant. Thanks so much! Love your blog – have been reading for years!

  4. Narhee says 2.8.18

    Sounds like fab products!

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

  5. Katie says 2.9.18

    Oooh these detox baths sound amazing! I wish I had I bathtub here at school haha!