June’s Amazon Favorites.

June 2024 Amazon Favorites

June 2024 Amazon Favorites

This month’s Amazon finds are heavily influenced by what’s been my biggest priority outside of work: getting the backyard/pool area ready for summer. It has been a journey but it’s almost done. Just a few more landscaping things to do (lighting, more jasmine, etc. Is there ever enough jasmine!?). I have been spending a lot of time outdoors and it is just the best, having this little oasis, having parties… or just enjoying it all by myself. There are some fashion-y things of course too, but this month’s finds are a mix of practical and outdoorsy (outdoorsy in the sense of sitting by the pool ofc).

Of note!

  • Everyone always asks me how I keep my grill clean (yes seriously you do I am not kidding!) and it is all thanks to this brush which is just the right size for my smaller grill and gets it so clean (the key is to scrub at it while the grill is still hot).
  • The best outdoor candles to keep bugs away!
  • My trusty little speaker.
  • Any time I share these rainbow towels (which I bought last year and thought were long gone), I get so many questions. They are FUN!
  • The biggest snack board for creating epic spreads.
  • Fun acrylic glasses. I do not need anymore glassware but couldn’t help it – these are gorgeous!
  • A tip from Carly who used these when she did event planning for MaxMara. Having a party? Get a roll of these cloth cocktail napkins. They feel really luxe.
  • I know I sound silly but this box cutter is the best thing I’ve bought in ages. Makes breaking down deliveries a breeze.
portable speaker
rainbow towel + portable speaker
box cutter

This is such a silly thing but I just can’t get over this box cutter. What have I been doing without it for so long! It is amazing and is saving my hands, my nice scissors, etc. I cannot recommend it enough.

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  1. Molly:

    I love these Grace! Do you have an favorites to listen to while doing chores or cooking (books, spotify, podcasts, etc)? I usually use airpods but would love to try a speaker like you have here. Audiobooks at night are fun too and I just checked your library.

    6.27.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Honestly when I’m doing chores I just put my phone on speaker and listen to an audiobook!

      6.28.24 Reply
      • Molly:

        Totally, the narrator makes a huge difference and I found a few favorites.

        7.1.24 Reply
  2. HC:

    Oh, you found some goodies on Amazon. I need to try the produce-saver bags. I have some produce-saver containers but they take up so much space in the refrigerator.

    7.2.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      This sounds dramatic but: they are life changing!!!

      7.3.24 Reply