July 2016 Reading List.

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I did a lot of reading this month. It was partially because I broke my TV (oops), but still… reading just feeds my soul. There are months where I really invest in myself with what I’m reading. Books that will help me learn more about myself, books that will help me to grow my business… historical non-fiction, classic literature. That was not the case this month. This month was all about great beach reads and YA. And it was glorious.

First was Emily Giffin’s First Comes Love. I should note that Emily Giffin has been one of my favorite authors for as long as I can remember. I devoured Something Borrowed and Something Blue and subsequently read every single one of her other books. It had been a little while since her last book so I was very excited to get my paws on this. I read it in a matter of two days. If you have sisters then you understand the complicated bonds between siblings. She hit the nail on the head with this one. I really, really loved it.

The Singles Game, by Lauren Weisberger (author of The Devil Wears Prada) is such a fun read. Lauren Weisberger is another one of my favorite authors in that I’ve read everything she’s written and usually read her books in under a day or two. I devoured this one in all of two days. This one detailed an up & coming tennis star’s rise to fame (and all the complicated stuff that comes with it). It’s a light, fun read.

The Husband’s Secret was recommended to me by some of you (thank you!!) and I loved it. This also deals with the bonds of family. It kept me on my toes and guessing the whole time. This was my first time reading one of Leane Moriarty’s books so now I’ve ordered Big Little Lies, next!

Red Rising is OMGERRRRD my latest YA obsession. It was recommended to me by one of my friends while at a wedding in Hawaii this past September. I ordered it on the spot per her instructions. But my book pile was so high that I only just got to it now. So good. So, so very good. I am reading the second book (Golden Sun) in the trilogy to read while at home this week, and the third book is waiting for me when I get home to New York.

Beautiful Ruins is a book that I randomly re-read this month because I liked it so much last time around. You can read my original thoughts on it here. It’s just so beautifully written. Few books manage to be a feast for a senses (the way that a movie can) but this one does it because of the author’s incredible attention to detail.

Last but not least (and the only book on this list that I did not actually read this month); Valley of the Dolls was just re-released for it’s 50th Anniversary. While I never read it the first time around, I am so excited to sit down and read the new edition. That will be my classic, this time around.

And in case you missed it… last month’s reading list!

What are you reading right now? Any great recommendations? The main reason I do these posts is (selfishly, ha ha) to get your recommendations. Keep ’em coming!!!

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  1. Thuy:

    I like to read career books these days as well as learn by watching webinars and videos and reading articles.


    7.6.16 Reply
  2. Kristen:

    Have you ever read Moloka’i? It’s an older (2003) release. I recently grabbed it off my mom’s bookshelf when my kindle died and am almost finished. I think you’d enjoy it since we like the same stuff!

    7.6.16 Reply
  3. Jess Zimlich:

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of Big Little Lies! I loved it even more that The Husband’s Secret. I’ve actually never read any of Emily’s books, but your little bit about sisters has me intrigued 🙂 I’ve got three of them!

    7.6.16 Reply
  4. DRD:

    Need to get my hands on the emily giffin book! I am seriously a sucker for all of her books.

    7.6.16 Reply
  5. Diana Ostiguy:

    Some of these are old but just in case you haven’t read them! The Night Circus, City of Thieves, Fates and Furies (the second half of the book makes it all worth it!), The Accidental Empress, Station Eleven, All the light we cannot see, All Fall Down, Afterwards, Reconstructing Amelia, The Goldfinch, The Engagements, The Light Between Oceans, My Berlin Kitchen, Where’d You Go Bernadette. Happy reading!

    7.6.16 Reply
  6. Erica:

    I just finished Modern Lovers by Emma Straub (she also wrote The Vacationers if you read that). I loved it. Beautiful Ruins is one of my favorite books. Doesn’t it make you want to take a fabulous Italian vacation?!

    7.6.16 Reply
  7. Rachel:

    Thanks for the recommendations! I just read Big Little Lies earlier in year, and loved it! I immediately downloaded What Alice Forgot, and now I’ll have to add The Husband’s secret to the list. I aslo just saw she’s coming out with a new book in July. A couple good books I read recently were Eligible and The Nest.

    7.6.16 Reply
  8. Marisa:

    Hi Grace,

    I’m a slacker when it comes to commenting but I can’t resist talking books. I recommend (notice the theme, I’m kind of into page turning thriller/mystery books like The Luckiest Girl in the World, etc):

    Night Film by Marisha Pessl (who also write Special Topics in Calamity Physics…another good one and it’s not about physics, I promise!)
    -Thriller/Mystery about the death of a daughter of a reclusive horror movie director who films all his movies on his large compound in upstate NY

    We Were Liars by E. Sinclair (YA, just found that out on Amazon!)
    -Family dynamics/mystery of a family who owns their own island and summers there on the E Coast as seen by the outsider (one of the daughters’ college roommates invited for the summer)

    Any book by Tana French:
    In the Woods
    The Secret Place
    The Likeness
    Faithful Place
    -Dark murder mystery/thrillers + Irish detectives, really addictive and well-written.

    7.6.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Oh my gosh amazing! Thank you so much for such a comprehensive comment/list. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it 🙂 🙂 xx

      7.7.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Marisa – thank you SO much for the We Were Liars recommendation!! I read it this weekend and… just WOW… it was amazing.

      8.21.16 Reply
  9. Sarah Lagen:

    I haven’t been reading as much as I would like to and you are really inspiring me to make it a priority again!! I have a few of the books on your list and I’m excited to dive into them!

    xo, Sarah

    7.6.16 Reply
  10. Laura Kathleen:

    I have The Husband’s Secret downloaded on my kindle, it’s next on my reading list!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    7.6.16 Reply
  11. Tracy Schwartz:

    As a tennis player I am totally going to read “The Singles Game.”

    Thanks for the rec!

    7.7.16 Reply
  12. Rachel:

    What a coincidence.. I just bought Valley of the Dolls the other day! Excited to read it (even if the reason it caught my eye was the hot pink pages!). I bought First Comes Love as well. Great choices!

    7.7.16 Reply
  13. Jada Nicola:

    The Singles Game sounds like a great read! I am obsessed with Confessions of a Shopaholic series! It is such an easy and fun series, I am on the second to last book and I think there is about 8 total!


    7.7.16 Reply
  14. Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine:

    Liane Moriarty books are always an excellent choice! They are always amazing and a perfect summer read 🙂

    7.8.16 Reply
  15. Katie H.:

    Beautiful Ruins is amazing! I’m thinking about Red Rising, but I just don’t know…this may be the push I need!

    7.9.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      I absolutely LOVED it! Hope you read it!! xx

      7.9.16 Reply
  16. Stef:

    You should totally read What Alice Forgot! Or listen to the audiobook…the actress’ aussie accent is so cute 🙂

    7.9.16 Reply
  17. Maxime:

    Great books! I’ve also just posted my summer reading list on my blog: http://www.maxitopper.com/2016/07/my-summer-reads-16.html

    7.15.16 Reply