July 2018 in Review.

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Hi + Happy Friday!

You may remember that this is something we did last month (see also: June 2018 in review) that was fun for me to put together and you guys seemed to enjoy it as well! I’ve decided to make it a regular thing (it’s easy to miss posts + products, and it’s always fun to see what everyone else loved. Here we are with July in review… today I’m sharing a little recap of sorts – the 5 best performing posts as well as my top performing products (the things you all clicked on + bought the most of). I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!


Well technically there are six here – I included an extra as two are about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

one // My Favorite Embroidered Dresses. I just love a good embroidered dress but am shocked to see that this was my #1 post for the month! I really, really loved the photos Trent took for this one and you all seemed to love the alternate options I linked to.

two // How I Packed for Asia. This was a fun (and time consuming) post to write but I definitely learned quite a bit with what I packed (and did not pack) for Asia. Net takeaway: I overpacked but did okay.

three // My 5 Favorite Summer Fragrances. Also, I was surprised to see this post do so well. Typically, I don’t write about fragrance a lot here (do you want more posts about fragrance?? I worked in the industry for 8 years before going to BaubleBar) as it’s  very personal, so hard to describe, and you really need to smell it before buying. I did not see much revenue from fragrance this month (but see below for top products) so I like to think you all took my recommendations and went to the perfume counter where you could actually experience the different scents I featured.

four and five // How I Shop the Nordstrom Sale and My Best Purchases from the Nordstrom Sale. This sale needs no introduction! I did two posts – one with what I bought and how I like to shop the sale, and one with my best purchases + how I styled what I bought. It can be tempting to snark about the sale as every blogger talks about it BUT it is just a really good sale and every year the numbers don’t lie. You guys read these posts, and you shop from them. I like it too – I stock up on basics + beauty products! Controversial opinion: I actually thought the sale was better than previous years. I’m obsessed with everything I bought!

six // The Most Uplifting Podcasts. Yessss – I am so into podcasts of course, so was happy to see that you are too! This is basically just a list of the podcasts that entertain me or teach me something new/inspire me. Because I love all the political podcasts I listen to but sometimes a girl needs a break! Everything on this list is just really fun to listen to.



This month’s top products made me happy as it looks like you guys shop the Nordstrom sale the same way I do – loading up on all the basics!!!

one // Natori Feathers Bra. This is my favorite bra! It’s such a good t-shirt bra. Not too thick or structured (but still supportive, despite how soft and comfortable the molded cups are).  And, it’s very pretty which I can’t say about most t-shirt bra – the lace makes it feel special. Definitely a keeper, and now (until 8/6) is the best time to stock up!

two // Good American Jeans. These are another favorite, and this is another Nordstrom deal. (Sale ends 8/6) You probably know this by now but I really, really LOVE Good American. Their denim is so flattering and comfortable, and the washes are always great. This was my third pair and I did not regret them (you can see them in action in this post.)

three // Sonoma Lavender Footies. Okay these are a funny one but man, they are pretty amazing. I talk about them to my friends as like, a gravity blanket… but for your feet! They’re slippers but really just meant for lounging on the couch as they are filled with lavender (which smells so good) but so a bit awkward to walk in as they’re kind of heavy. But just putting them on your feet is so, so relaxing. Perfect for movie night/relaxing at home!! Mine are sold out but the brand has a bunch of other lavender things. Including a print version of the footies.

four // Zella Socks. LOL. Glam. But necessary, and now is the best time to stock up. I don’t think socks have ever ranked in my top ten products for the month but they did this month with the Nordstrom Sale.

five // Target Slides. I featured these in my summer slides roundup. They were an instant hit as they look like Madewell, for $12.99. Yes, seriously. Such a steal but so chic and minimalist/cool.

six // ASTR Midi Dress. This dress is just the prettiest. It goes in and out of being available and not but hopefully it will come back. I’ve already gotten so much wear about this one. I got a size medium and you can see it on me in this post.

seven // ATM Leopard Slip Dress. A repeat offender! This was one of last month’s top products too and guys it’s just the best and most flattering slip dress. Wear it under a denim jacket or military jacket for daytime, or with fancy heels at night. Just in case it sells out, I’ve linked to multiple versions of it in the widget at the bottom of the post.

eight // Schmidt’s Charcoal Deodorant. I am so glad this is ranking as it means more of you are making the switch to natural deodorant. This is currently one of my all time favorite natural deodorants, and you can also read the full post about activated charcoal deodorants!

nine // O’Neill Shirt. This is such a good basic (and also keeps selling out – but on Wednesday when I put the collage together, it was back in stock). It’s just a great shirt to knot or even wear over a swimsuit. Just a really good basic!

ten // Hanes x Karla Tee. This is the best t-shirt ever. A good classic tee is so hard to find. This is perfect. It’s got a classic crew neck, thick-ish fabric, just perfect. I’m totally obsessed and wear mine constantly on stories, etc which is why it probably ranked. You can see it in action in this instagram post. Just size up. I have a medium and a large and prefer the large (I usually wear a small, for reference). The difference between the two isn’t very big so both will probably work, but the large is a little longer.

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  1. The first thing that caught my eye in this post is the Target slides! There are no Target stores where I live (in Hong Kong!), so I’m glad they’re available online! I’ve been wanting a pair just that those for the longest time. I hope they’re comfortable because my experiences with slides have not been great…

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.3.18 Reply
  2. Nicole:

    Last year I moved to New York and re-entered the dating pool, and I’ve found the Girls Gotta Eat podcast both hilarious and helpful. Thanks so much for the recommendations – it’s really brightened my day on several occasions 🙂

    8.3.18 Reply
  3. Samantha:

    I’ve thought about trying Good American but never have! They look amazing on you so I’ll have to give them a go!!


    8.3.18 Reply
  4. Meghan:

    That dress in your first image is a really flattering cut on you! So pretty!

    8.3.18 Reply
  5. Lisa:

    A fun + interesting post, for sure! Just curious: what are some of the political podcasts you listen to?


    8.6.18 Reply
    • Pod Save America is my all time favorite! And pretty much anything from Crooked Media.

      8.6.18 Reply