Julie Vos Giveaway.

julie vos giveaway - the stripe blog (wearing cynthia vincent dress, clare v clutch, and manolo blahnik classic bb heels)
dress // clutch // heels


Julie Vos needs no introduction. Her pieces are classic + elegant, with just a bit of a fun and playful element to them.

Her Spring 2016 collections are perfect for Spring + Summer. Chunky links, lots of turquoise… it all just begs to be layered over bright caftans and all-white ensembles. My personal favorite is the Santorini Collection as it is inspired by one of my favorite places in the world. Today, one of you will win $500 to spend on your choice of jewelry. Just scroll to the bottom to enter. (Don’t forget to comment with your fave Julie Vos piece!)

We should also chat a little bit about this dress. I love it. The hem is what really makes it special.. I love how it moves and floats behind me as I walk. I’m definitely having a midi-moment. This one is a bit expensive, but I found some great under $150 midi dresses for you here, here, here, and here.

I hope you guys had a great week. I am so grateful for the amazing weather we’ve been having… it truly feels like Spring is in the air. I’m hesitant to get overly excited about it (just wait… it will snow on Monday!), but planning on taking full advantage of our sudden good fortune. I’ve been going for long runs every day and plan on being outside as much as possible this weekend. Hope you can do the same!

Outfit Details: Cynthia Vincent Dress (also available in more sizes here) // Clare V Leopard Clutch // Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps // Julie Vos Short Necklace, Long Necklace, Turquoise Earrings, Cuff, and Links Bracelet (all c/o)

julie vos santorini links + greek key cuff
santorini links + greek key cuff


I really love the look of a chunky cuff layered with a links bracelet. I have a feeling that I will be wearing these two all Spring. #newfavorites.

julie vos giveaway 3

If I had to choose a favorite Julie Vos piece it would be this longer gold chain. Long necklaces (especially paired with something monochromatic) elongate your body and this one makes whatever I pair it with feel just a bit more luxe, without feeling overdone. For this post, I layered it with a shorter links necklace, but for everyday wear I actually prefer it alone.

julie vos giveaway 4

julie vos giveaway 5

julie vos giveaway 6

julie vos giveaway 7

julie vos giveaway 8

a Rafflecopter giveaway

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Breanna says 3.10.16

    We first comment! Love the turquoise!

    • Breanna says 3.10.16


  2. Thuy says 3.10.16

    I do love the movement of this dress in your photos 🙂


  3. francesca says 3.10.16
  4. Courtney says 3.10.16

    I’m with you, love the long links necklace!

  5. Alex B. says 3.10.16

    The turquoise is my favorite! I’ve always been a fan of her cuffs!

  6. Simran says 3.11.16

    Wow love the cuff ❤️

  7. Lauren Davis says 3.11.16

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I love the Pegasus ring and Phoenix ring.

    • Lauren Davis says 3.11.16

      *phoenix earrings

  8. Latanya says 3.11.16

    The Beekman earrings

  9. Marty says 3.11.16

    Love the same collection and also all the link bracelets. Hope I win! 🙂

  10. Natali says 3.11.16

    You look absolutely breathtaking in this outfit! I like your dress so much, it’s enchanting and so feminine!


  11. Stephanie says 3.11.16

    The Santorini collection is my favorite too!! Got my first Julie Vos piece for Christmas and I love it!!

  12. ceci says 3.11.16

    santorini hoop are one of my favourites.

  13. Jen says 3.11.16

    I’d get the coin necklace!

  14. Christina says 3.11.16

    LOVE the Santorini Stone bracelet – how do you decide between the gorgeous aqua or deep lapis???

  15. Kate says 3.11.16

    So many beautiful pieces! I love the Santorini Station necklace and the Lafeyette Cuff & Large Link bracelet!

  16. Betsy says 3.11.16

    The dress looks amazing on you! Love it. I’m going to scoop it up for a late spring wedding.

  17. sara says 3.11.16

    I need that Santorini Link Necklace!!!!

  18. rust says 3.11.16

    The Botticelli Statement Earrings are beautiful.

  19. Lindsey says 3.11.16

    In love with the Beekman bracelet with turquoise stone!

  20. Eleni says 3.11.16

    I love the Siena collection – the statement cocktail ring and the turquoise bangle are awesome.

  21. Alina Ermilova says 3.11.16

    You look gorgeous in this dress! My favorite piece is this bracelet http://www.julievos.com/collections/bracelets-with-stone/products/lafayette-petite-open-bangle

  22. Millie Calhoun says 3.11.16

    It’s a tough choice but I am going to go with the coin necklace! Gorgeous!

  23. Rachel Muenster says 3.11.16

    Love the Julie Vos Santorini Links Necklace! So versatile:-)

  24. Katie says 3.11.16

    I love her cuffs and rings, would definitely be scooping some up!

  25. Patty says 3.11.16

    I love the link bracelet and turquoise…..Thanks for this awesome giveaway……

  26. Kate says 3.11.16

    The Greek Key Cuff is stunning! Timely yet interesting, would love to rock it.

  27. Denise M says 3.11.16

    I like the Pegasus stone earrings and bracelet

  28. Lauren says 3.11.16

    Love the mixed patterns!

  29. Brittany says 3.11.16

    I love the gold elephant pendant necklace!

  30. rachel says 3.11.16

    I would get the Santorini-link-necklace. I don’t own anything like it and I’d be able to wear it all seasons 🙂

  31. CAITIE says 3.11.16

    I would get the lion stone studs!

  32. Cathy M. says 3.11.16

    I have always loved her Acorn Pendant necklace! Fingers crossed…. 😉

  33. Connie Williamson says 3.11.16

    First thing that caught my eye was the bag – beautiful! Then, that dress. I need that dress!

  34. Lauren says 3.11.16

    I love Julie Vos! My favorite is the baroque cuff.

  35. Nancy says 3.11.16

    Beautiful photographs! What a floaty dress.

  36. Erin says 3.11.16

    I am loving all of those pendants! And you’re right, all of that turquoise will be perfect for summer.

  37. Megan Wilson says 3.11.16

    I’ve been looking for some great wrist candy lately. I want to invest in pieces that will last. Loved perusing her collection!

  38. Frank P says 3.11.16

    I’d have to let my girlfriend decide what she’d like the best.

  39. Caity says 3.11.16

    Love the Chloe hoop earrings and the cuff bracelets! So luxe!

  40. Lauren says 3.11.16

    Love the Lafayette open bracelet!

  41. Amanda Griffiths says 3.11.16

    love the long chain necklace!

  42. Wendy says 3.11.16

    looove so many things but i’d get the santorini bracelet in lapis lazuli and the baroque wrap ring

  43. Samantha P. says 3.11.16

    Love it! What a beautiful collection! I would get the Siler Santorini Necklace!

  44. Vicki Wurgler says 3.11.16

    I love the Versailles Hoop earrings

  45. Delores Harris says 3.11.16

    Love the turquoise cuff bracelet.

  46. Sara says 3.11.16

    The entire Siena collection is beautiful! My favorite were the bangles!

  47. Cecelia says 3.11.16

    LOVVVVVVEEE everything from the mixed metal

  48. Chris says 3.11.16

    LOVE Julie Vos

  49. Alexa says 3.11.16

    I absolutely love the soho ring in aqua! Thank you for introducing me to this brand!

  50. raquel says 3.11.16

    I love all of the santorini studs!

  51. lara says 3.11.16

    i love the greek key pendant. very unique and with the turquoise accent is fun!

  52. esheeiqbal says 3.11.16

    I’d get the Escala Hinge Bangle!

  53. leah says 3.11.16

    love the long link necklace!

  54. diana shenderovich says 3.11.16

    bracelet is devine

  55. Kim Pincombe Cole says 3.11.16

    I love the Lafayette collection- especially the Open Bangle & Wrap Ring in Aqua Chalcedony!

  56. Anita Carol Gambrell says 3.11.16

    Oh this was fun! First off I’d get the Bleecker Cuff in Sterling Silver . Then I’d have to get a Botticelli Cocktail ring…..so beautiful! And for a little extra bling I’d thrown in some extra cash and purchase the Lafayette Petite Open Bangle.

  57. Maureen says 3.11.16

    I love the petite acorn pieces!

  58. Leah Yablong says 3.11.16

    Baroque cuff for sure!!

  59. Molly says 3.11.16


  60. erica says 3.11.16

    i love the long gold chains – so simple and classic but the perfect way to top off an outfit!

  61. Amy says 3.11.16

    I would get the mosaic necklace.

  62. christianna says 3.11.16

    The pegasus stone earrings are just the perfect statement. The petite chloe pendent is also perfectly simple and beautiful!

  63. Kelly Hannan says 3.11.16

    I love her Spring 2016 collection. I think my favorite piece would be the Lafayette Pendant in Turquoise and Moonstone! <3

  64. Oanh says 3.11.16

    I would get the Lafayette open bangle in aqua chalcedony and moonstone. The colors are fun and youthful.

  65. Lulu says 3.11.16

    I would get Santorini statement necklace!

  66. Gina blades says 3.11.16

    I love the turquoise chunky cuff you are wearing.

  67. Apphia says 3.11.16

    I’m in love with that chunky torquoise cuff!

  68. Erin villani says 3.11.16

    Love the links bracelet!

  69. Lauren says 3.11.16

    I’d get a pair of stud earrings and a necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. Rosie Areola (Heather) says 3.11.16

    The Lafayette Station Necklace.

  71. jillian says 3.11.16

    love the coin necklace!

  72. Shannon Weel says 3.11.16

    I love the La Fayette Bracelets. Such pretty jewelry and great giveaway. Thank you.

  73. Eva @ All Books Considered says 3.11.16

    I have to have the mosaic necklace

  74. ashleigh says 3.11.16

    Loving the long gold chain!

  75. Ashley Mains says 3.11.16

    I would have to go with the turquoise as well!

  76. Rana Durham says 3.11.16

    BAROQUE BANGLE – CABOCHON i love this.

  77. Elizabeth says 3.11.16

    I just browsed the Julie Vos website and I love her stud earrings…all of them! I’m a sucker for a good pair of studs and I think I need the Pegasus Petite Stone Stud!

  78. Roberta Vassallo says 3.11.16

    I’d get Santorini stud!!

  79. Lacy says 3.11.16

    I would totally get that turquoise cuff. And wear it ALL summer long. It’s gorgeous!

  80. Shira says 3.11.16

    I’ve been dying for Julie Vos jewels for forever! I’d get the greek key cuff or baroque cuff in aqua and lafayette wrap ring or botticelli cocktail ring!

  81. aurelia says 3.11.16

    that dress is gorgeous!! I would love to own it!

  82. courtney b says 3.11.16

    I would get one of the gorgeous pendandts! so pretty! xoxoxo

  83. Anita k says 3.11.16

    With all the wonderful choices and fantastic prices,I could get a little bit of everything.Thanks so much for sharing.

  84. Casi Selph says 3.11.16

    I am in love with the Bleeker ring and the Chloe Stone Cuff

  85. Kellie Eckhardt says 3.11.16

    The LaFayette Pendant

  86. Kara says 3.11.16

    I’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on the Baroque Wrap Ring for weeks. It’s so unique!

  87. Christine says 3.11.16

    The Lafayette Drop Earrings are so classic!

  88. Meredith says 3.11.16

    I’d get the beekman small link necklace and beekman stone studs!

  89. Kim Tanti says 3.11.16

    I would probably get a new dress but I do love her cuff.

  90. Melissa says 3.11.16

    I’ve been in love with the Coin Pendant forever! The perfect long necklace to wear with everything.

  91. Elizabeth R says 3.11.16

    Love the Santorini link necklace!

  92. Shawn Stover says 3.11.16

    long links necklace

  93. Kayleigh says 3.11.16

    I love love love the quatro coin earrings!

  94. Mildred Mayo says 3.11.16

    I would choose the Santorini Link necklace because it is both classic and elegant.

  95. Jenn says 3.11.16

    I adore the Lafayette bangles (layered) and the Siena drop earrings. So so pretty.

  96. Colleen Boudreau says 3.11.16

    I would get the BAROQUE COCKTAIL RING.

  97. Andrea Darst says 3.11.16


  98. Erin says 3.11.16

    Whoops! Commented on the wrong post! I love the chloe bangle and the baroque bangle!!!! And the pegasus!

  99. Holly Phillips says 3.11.16

    I want that turquoise cuff!

  100. Liz Sterling says 3.11.16

    I love leopard!

  101. Krystal says 3.11.16

    Love it all! Especially the BAROQUE BANGLE – FACETED!

  102. Starla B says 3.11.16

    Beautiful outfit as per usual! Loving that cuff you have on- gorgeous! If I were to win I would probably pee my pants- no, but really I would choose Baroque Cuff in Aqua Chalcedony and Labradorite!

  103. Bella says 3.11.16

    I would get the baroque cuff in a heartbeat!

  104. Stafford says 3.11.16

    I’d love to get the Chloe Cuff.

  105. Clare O'Brien says 3.11.16

    I would get the necklace you’re wearing

  106. Laura says 3.11.16

    Acorn pendant or any of the stone cuff bracelets.

  107. Karrie says 3.11.16

    I would get the PEGASUS BANGLE

  108. Lisa G says 3.11.16

    I love the PEGASUS PETITE STONE STUD earrings. So delicate and pretty.

  109. Kim Henrichs says 3.11.16

    I love the Soho ring and the Bleecker cuff in silver!

  110. Steph says 3.11.16

    Love the long gold chain! Super versatile

  111. E. Margaret King says 3.11.16

    I love everything…

  112. Jennifer Setlur says 3.11.16

    I hope I win!!!

  113. Kenya F says 3.11.16

    Everything is so beautiful! I would get the Catherine Pendant!

  114. Karen says 3.11.16

    The LAFAYETTE collection is gorgeous! Wow!

  115. Maureen says 3.11.16

    Very pretty!

  116. Genaia McClellan says 3.12.16

    I’d get some stacking rings for me and some earrings for my mom’s b-day.

  117. Vaneesha pause says 3.12.16

    I have been lusting over julie vos jewelry for awhile now! my favorite piece wouldbe her Byzantine cuff! I am loving her necklaces though too!

  118. Beth K says 3.12.16

    Great jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. imene says 3.12.16

    Even if I’m not the gold type- I prefer silver, these items look amazing; i’d choose PETITE CHLOE STATION NECKLACE in silver http://www.julievos.com/collections/silver/products/petite-chloe-station-necklace-1
    and also MILANO 6-STONE BANGLEgot my eye, it’s really beautiful, http://www.julievos.com/collections/all-styles/products/new-bangle-2?variant=107447192

  120. nicolthepickle says 3.12.16

    I like the Chloe Stone Cuff a lot!

  121. Linda says 3.12.16

    I’ve been eyeing the coin necklace for what seems like forever!

  122. Andi says 3.12.16

    I am utterly obsessed with everything of hers! I would have to think long and hard… You have no idea how hard I’m crossing my fingers for this win!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Cynthia says 3.12.16

    I love the arm party going on! Would definitely get some Julie Vos bracelets. And the dress is beautiful!

  124. amy pugmire says 3.12.16


  125. Melanie says 3.12.16

    I’m in love with the Julie Vos Bleeker cuff, and the Bleeker ring! Thanks for making this giveaway available to us!! You’re a sweet one!!

  126. stef says 3.12.16

    I like that shorter chain link necklace!

  127. Erin J. says 3.12.16

    Love the Santorini Links!

  128. Colleen says 3.12.16

    I would love to get a bracelet stack! So pretty!

  129. Cydney says 3.12.16

    That dress is gorgeous. Love the way it flows!

  130. Barb c says 3.12.16

    These are amazing!

  131. Courtney S. says 3.12.16

    I LOVE the Phoenix earrings!!

  132. Martha Susan says 3.12.16

    Love her earrings!

  133. natasha lamoreux says 3.12.16

    I love the petite chandelier earrings.

  134. Neet says 3.12.16

    I would get the Siena bangle from the Siena collection, it’s just too beautiful.

  135. Amanda P says 3.12.16

    I love so many of her necklaces! They are totally my style! I particularly love the BAROQUE PENDANT and the BOTTICELLI NECKLACE!

  136. Vicki Lenz says 3.12.16

    I would definitely get that animal print purse from pictures above. Love it!

  137. Manar says 3.12.16

    I would get the Santorini Link Bracelet

  138. Doris Risner says 3.13.16

    I would get a CHLOE PENDANT!

  139. Eric says 3.13.16

    My wife might like the Pendant elephant. Thank you for the chance to win.

  140. carol clark says 3.13.16

    i think id get the Santorini Link Bracelet

  141. Mariam says 3.13.16

    The Soho necklace is just fab!

  142. Jen says 3.13.16

    loving the greek key cuff & the lafayette pendant!!

  143. Anna Y says 3.13.16

    BEEKMAN LARGE LINK necklace is gorgeous!

  144. Kimberly says 3.13.16

    Nice unique pieces. Would definitely be fun to choose from this collection. 🙂

  145. Jaime W says 3.13.16

    Love Julie Vos! Thanks for the chance to win!

  146. Vanessa says 3.13.16

    Super cute outfit… the santorini hoop is my favorite.

  147. Anne Covino says 3.13.16

    I really like the Santorini stones bracelet and earrings. The links bracelet is an elegant and understated staple.

  148. Emily R. says 3.13.16

    I would get the Gardenia hoop! Hard decision though – I love Julie Vos!

  149. Haley says 3.13.16

    santorini hoops are my favorite but I’m also loving all things torquoise!

  150. Lucy says 3.13.16

    I love this whole outfit and it is great inspiration for my trip to NYC in 10 days time! Thank you 🙂

  151. Erin F says 3.14.16

    Love the cuff!

  152. Suzanne G says 3.14.16

    I think I would get the Botticelli Bracelet in Pearl. It is gorgeous although there is so much to pick out of I am sure it will be a hard decision if I am chose as the winner.

  153. lkb says 3.14.16


  154. Olivia DeFilippo says 3.14.16

    Love these photos. You look absolutely stunning. Their statement rings are fabulous.

  155. Heather S says 3.14.16

    I would buy the BAROQUE COCKTAIL RING <3

  156. Kassie says 3.14.16

    I have SO many favorites! I really love the Mosaic Necklace, Pegasus Double-Sided Necklace, Chloe Statement Clip-On Earrings!

  157. Amber Jackson says 3.14.16

    I just started following The Stripe via Facebook and I’ve loved everything you’ve posted so far!

  158. Anna says 3.15.16

    I like Milano 6-stone bangle.

  159. Melissa Hulse says 3.15.16

    ♡ this collection!!

  160. Holly says 3.15.16

    I’d get the Chloe pendant!

  161. Caroline says 3.15.16

    Since it’s gray in DC today and I have spring and summer on the brain, probably ALL THE TURQUOISE! I’d probably get a pendant necklace of some kind and maybe a bracelet or two.

  162. Alex T says 3.15.16

    I love the bee studs and the lafayette petite open bangle!

  163. Sasha Green says 3.15.16

    I love the chunky cuff bracelet! I also am obsessed with long necklaces!

  164. Abbie says 3.15.16


  165. Cynthia Richardson says 3.16.16

    I really love the Greek Key Pendant.

  166. Megan says 3.16.16

    Love the chunky work was bangle you’re wearing in the photo with the leopard clutch

  167. Afton says 3.16.16

    love the siena hinge bracelet!

  168. Sara Cehennemden says 3.16.16

    I would get Spencer Pearl Earring 😀

  169. Gretchen says 3.16.16

    I love your cuff!

  170. Marta says 3.17.16

    I LOVE my Julie Vos elephant bracelet. I’m really digging the Siena statement earrings (in silver!) and the gigi necklace!