J.Crew’s Liberty of London Bikini

As a kid, I loved Liberty of London’s vibrant floral patterns.  In particular, I remember being 14 and busing tables for my parents’ restaurant…  one of the waiters, Emile, wore Liberty of London ties every night.  I was obsessed.  At the end of the summer, he gave me a few of his ties.  I wore them for as long as I worked at the restaurant, despite the fact that they were frayed, stained, and faded.  I went to London last Spring and wanted desperately to get to the Liberty store, but we didn’t have time.
So naturally, I was very excited about all the recent collaborations with Liberty (Target, in particular.)  But of course, living in NYC (and not being willing to log in at midnight on a Saturday night,) I missed the boat.
Luckily, this weekend, I stopped by J.Crew (to return my Panama Hat, which was, despite my best efforts of stretching, way too small.)  I did a quick browse and much to my surprise and delight,  found the below bikini.  It’s the perfect, cheery liberty print… tiny blue and green flowers with accents of magenta and yellow.

Get it here at J. Crew.

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