J.Crew Spring ’14


I’m going to get nerdy for a second and tell you something.  Out of all of the cool things I’ve gotten to do for my blog, attending J.Crew’s Spring preview ranks very high.  I love that brand.  Love.  My roots go deep.  I remember the summer of 1997 (going into my junior year of high school), and saving up my money to buy a madras wrap skirt and red bikini.  And some suede espadrille flats that had sunburst cut-outs.  That outfit was my everything.  The second I had enough money, I did what I always did – called the catalog line and placed the order with my mom’s credit card.  I was psyched.

This post has a lot of photos because I couldn’t stand to leave anything out.  It was all so good.  Neon brights, lots of whites, surfer girl motifs… and the SHOES.  You guys, the shoes were so good that they (nearly) stole the show.  The shoes and that white leather perforated top… I really just wanted everything.  My favorite two pieces were the mermaidy skirt and that top… gimme.





{loved the preppy look on the right.}
















{the leather top = my everything}







{stripes on stripes… oh yes!}



photography by Grace Atwood for Stripes & Sequins

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  1. Rachelle:

    I started pining a few favorite looks from style.com for J.Crew I ended pining every single look. It is so good.

    9.12.13 Reply
  2. nicole:

    i want those tan and gold sandals! ahhhhh!

    9.12.13 Reply
  3. Cathleen:

    I like that sequiny skirt and the yellow coat. J Crew is really nice.


    9.12.13 Reply
  4. caitie / color me caitie:

    so. good. i’m dying over all of the surfer inspired tees!

    9.12.13 Reply
  5. Melissa Rosenkilde:

    you are so right about the shoes. seriously though that stuff is too good.

    9.12.13 Reply
  6. Dana:

    Ahh its all so good! One of my all time favorite brands, they just do it so well.

    9.12.13 Reply
  7. Emily Lunstroth:

    okay yeah gonna need all of that…let the saving begin!

    9.12.13 Reply
  8. topknotsandpolkadots:

    Great recap! Can’t get enough J. Crew.


    9.12.13 Reply
  9. The Preppy Leopard:

    I have similar nostalgic feelings about J.Crew–I worked there through college, and I still wear pieces I bought wayyyy back then. They’re timeless, well-constructed, and were a great value.

    But…I kind of cringed while looking through these preview pictures. If you hadn’t told me it was J.Crew, I would have had no clue. (Well, except for that yellow jacket with the navy shirt underneath. So cute!) It’s been weird to watch a brand I really loved for all those classic staples morph into a “trend of the season” type retailer. So much…neon. And crazy prints.

    Granted, I usually buy a few pieces each season, but it’s normally a cardigan or a nice oxford. As much as Jenna Lyons and Mickey Drexler have really resurrected J.Crew as a new! hot! hip! brand, I can’t help but feel disappointed at what it’s turned into. Overpriced, trendy, and dubious quality.

    But, on the bright side, your pictures are gorgeous (as always), and I’m enjoying living NYFW by living vicariously through you! Hope you’re doing well!

    xo Tierney

    9.12.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      You are totally right. They have changed a LOT, though I kind of like that at times. I go back and forth… I love that they’ve gotten so fashion forward and hip, but hate how overpriced it’s gotten. And if you do splurge on one of the crazy pieces, it always goes on sale and then you feel kind of stupid after. That said, they still have amazing basics and when the trendy stuff goes on sale, I snap it up! Also – at the preview, they really just show the expensive collection stuff… never the basics we all know and love.

      Did you read that article a while back? Styling gone to far? I just dug it up: http://www.refinery29.com/2013/07/50559/mickey-drexler-j-crew-styling

      9.12.13 Reply
      • The Preppy Leopard:

        I did! I was actually very impressed that Mickey took the time to respond. I think that kind of personal interaction is something a lot of brands should take notes on.

        I can appreciate the mark that J.Crew (have we confirmed that the “J” stands for “Jenna” yet? haha) is making on the fashion community, and I can’t deny that I look at their catalogs with giant, aspirational hearts in my eyes. It’s just that I hope they hold true to what Mickey said in that article–that there’s a return to what made them such a staple.

        I actually can’t remember the last time I bought something full-price from J.Crew. You hit the nail on the head–the sales are SO great that anything I want, I can normally get for a mere fraction of the real price. (Not that I’m complaining at all! I definitely don’t mind finding awesome pieces in the sales.) Part of that comes from remembering how amazing their employee discount was–we would get 60% off full price items and then an extra 50% off sale. I’m forever spoiled now. #firstworldproblems

        Thanks for taking the time to respond! I was hoping I didn’t come off jerky. Haha. <3

        9.12.13 Reply
        • Grace Atwood:

          Yeah, I thought that was really great of him.

          J should totally stand for Jenna, hahaha. I was thisclose to her at the presentation and wanted to say hi but felt like such a fan girl. I think they just need to do better at getting back to basics.

          With a few tiny exceptions, I never buy anything full price anymore either. The sales are so good and when they do those extra-off promotions, that is when I stock up. I did buy that merino sweater with the leather pockets, only because I knew it would sell out…. but that was a special case.

          You never come off as jerky… you’re always so sweet (and honest!)

          9.12.13 Reply
          • Jordan - Queen of LA:

            the one time i was in NYC for fashions night out i randomly popped into jcrew and there she was!!! i totally felt the same way about fangirling all over her but i had to do it! it was a once in a lifetime opportunity 🙂

            those polka dot shoes ARE COMING HOME TO LIVE WITH ME. i am obsessed. also – what is that rainbow gingham/plaid situation? a clutch? a wallet? loved that too. great pics.

  10. Desiree {CHIC COASTAL LIVING}:

    Love everything they have for us! So excited and can’t wait to go shopping! You’re photos are amazing!

    9.12.13 Reply
  11. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie:

    I’ll take one of each! And allllll the accessories! Love the prints and colors – So fun & eye-catching. J’adore!

    9.12.13 Reply
  12. Lindsay // Belle Belle Beauty:

    I think I had that same madras wrap skirt! I was a freshman in college. too funny! and beautiful pics. So glad I got to see you in NYC albeit briefly.

    9.12.13 Reply
  13. Noemi:

    The Oui Mon Cheri t-shirt is so cute. They made a really beautiful collection, so feminine. And the shoes…

    9.16.13 Reply
  14. Niki:

    Ohhhh those shoes! The beige sandals with the gold are amazing!

    9.17.13 Reply
  15. Rachel:

    Wow. I’m about 11 days late seeing all of these pictures, but J.Crew never ceases to amaze. I love it and want it all!!!

    9.23.13 Reply