J Brand fans: Meet Old Navy’s Citizen Skinny Cargo

I’m a huge fan of J Brand pants & jeans.  They’re extremely well made, and always flattering.

Still, I avoided this past Spring’s Houlihan cargo craze for two reasons – first of all, the $231.00 price tag, and secondly, I wasn’t all that sure that cargo pockets on the sides of my thighs would necessarily be  all that flattering.
But then Old Navy launched their version… the “Citizen Skinny Cargo,” retailing for a mere $34.50 (but always on sale for $20.00.) 
I decided to give them a go and think I may have found my new favorite pants.  They’re super comfy, the fit is amazing, and I have to say, they’re pretty flattering!
Who would have thought!

See for yourself here.

Note #1:  They keep selling out, but keep checking the website…  right now all the smaller sizes are sold out, but they had all sizes a week ago.  Seems that the demand on these bad boys has been pretty high, so ON keeps restocking.
Note #2:  These hit at the ankles… which I think is pretty cute (it showcases the zipper and looks awesome with ballet flats.)  But if you’re looking for a longer pant, these may not be for you. 

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