Gift Guide 2016: For The Person Who Hated 2016.

Irreverent Gifts - The Stripe 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Apologies upfront for all of the curse words. I always do a snarky gift guide (see last year’s here), so hopefully  you can see the humor in these gifts. My 2016 was fine. It wasn’t the best year of my life, but it definitely wasn’t terrible, either. That being said, nearly everyone I know has told me horror stories about their 2016. This was, for many of my friends, a horrendous year. And so, this gift guide is dedicated to them. There are middle fingers, curse words galore, an incredibly funny Gwyneth Paltrow parody to make her laugh, and just for fun, the coolest pair of badass rainbow earrings that will inspire her to live her best life. Because things always get better… but in the meantime, a bit of snark will help. (And at the other end of the spectrum, check out these happy gifts!)

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Top: Profane Notecard Set // Bitch Crystal Earrings // Middle Finger Patch // ‘Not Super Into Giving A Shit’ Keyring // ‘Fuck Off’ Eye Mask // ‘Fuck This’ Embroidery // Silver Middle Finger Accent // Bowie-Inspired Earrings // ‘Everyone’s A Dumb Whore’ Pillow

Bottom: ‘Happy Thoughts’ Notepad // ‘Savage’ Tee // ‘Je Don’t Give A Fuck’ Keyring // Glop Book // ‘Don’t Panic’ Mug // ‘Fuck It’ Necklace // ‘I Do What I Want’ Mug // ‘Fuck’ Snowglobe // Gold Middle Finger Ring // ‘Fuck Shit Up, Thoughtfully’ Keyring // ‘Let Me File That Under Fuck It’ Desk Plate

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  1. Shira says 12.9.16

    Now THIS is one epic gift guide hahahahaha! So good!

    • graceatwood says 12.10.16

      I’m so glad you like it!! Enjoy your weekend, Shira!

  2. Julia says 12.9.16

    100% the best gift guide I’ve seen this year… and ever! Genius 🙂

    • graceatwood says 12.10.16

      Thanks friend! So happy you love! xo

  3. Jenn Lake says 12.9.16

    Seriously laughing out loud! Love this roundup so much!

    • graceatwood says 12.10.16

      Thanks so much Jenn – it was super fun to pull together!

  4. Each of my friends would welcome any or all of these items. I’m partial to the “Everyone is a dumb whore” pillow myself. Love this round-up and I thoroughly appreciate the curse words and good humor!

    • graceatwood says 12.10.16

      Haha, I am so happy that you liked the post! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Charlotte says 12.16.16

    LOL now this is a gift guide that I actually enjoyed, well done! The “I do what I want” cat mug is unreal, definitely going to pick that up 🙂

  6. Emily says 12.16.16

    Get it, girl! Glad you kept this post up because I hadn’t seen it yet. I think it accurately reflects many of our years this year. Get on with your bad self! <3

  7. Melissa says 12.16.16

    Thank you for not deleting this post, it’s been a tough couple months for my family (although overall we are very fortunate), this made us all smile!

  8. Casi Selph says 12.16.16

    Oh this is too GOOD! I LOVE this Gift Guide! So happy you didn’t delete it

  9. Sincerely, Jennie says 12.23.16

    Brilliant gift guide! I can think of quite a few people who might appreciate the items for someone who hated 2016.

    • graceatwood says 12.23.16

      Thanks Jennie 🙂 Have a great holiday weekend! x