Coastal Northern Ireland

I’ve really been dragging out these vacation photos!  As we head into the weekend, I wanted to share the last of our Europe trip.  While in Northern Ireland, we took a little road trip up to the coast, where we visited the Giant’s Causeway.  It was definitely one of my favorite memories from our trip… just such a beautiful place.  Be prepared… the photos will blow you away (and if you ask me, they don’t do it proper justice.

{a cute one of Stefan and I.}

{the most beautiful castle}

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  1. Cassie says 11.9.12

    This looks so gorgeous. My best friend is obsessed with Ireland and has wanted to go for years. I can see why. Also, you and Stephan are so cute.

    • Cassie says 11.9.12

      Whoops. Stefan.

      • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

        Aw, thank you Cassie! It was an amazing trip!!

  2. Laura says 11.9.12

    I’ve been to the Giant’s Causeway in N. Ireland – it’s amazing! It’s hard to do it justice, but your pictures are great!

  3. Noemi says 11.10.12

    What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Helen says 11.16.12

    I’m from Northern Ireland- i’m thrilled you liked it so much!