Inspired by: Chance in Greece


Four years ago, I was in between jobs and planned an impromptu two-week trip to Greece.  (I should note that this is not the norm for me — I’m a planner by nature.  But I had been laid off from one job, and found a new job rather quickly — and had severance money to spend.)  I’d always dreamed of traveling by myself — especially to Greece.  It was the time of my life.  I spent time in Athens, Mykonos + Santorini, made friends along the way, and really got to relax.  I can’t wait to get back there someday soon.

When I stumbled upon Chance’s most recent lookbook, it took me back to my vacation.  The ferries, the cliffs… the crystal blue water… pure  and utter bliss.  Take me back!

P.S.  Chance makes the BEST striped tees.  If you don’t own one yet, you are missing out.











images via Chance

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  1. Beautiful. Amazing how good photography can make simple products special.

    7.12.13 Reply
  2. This is such an amazing lookbook! I love every single image, thanks for sharing Grace.

    Chelsea & The City

    7.12.13 Reply
  3. Ohhh take me back. I visited Greece five summers ago this year, and would give so much to go back again. Dressing the part will just have to do I suppose! 🙂

    7.12.13 Reply
  4. so very beautiful. i love the white and blues.

    7.12.13 Reply
  5. Greece is #1 on my I want to go there list! My husband and I are planning to save up and go as soon as his grad school debt is paid off — provided it’s safe to go then, sounds like things are a little sketch over there right now! 🙁

    7.13.13 Reply
  6. Beautiful… Greece is sooo on my list of places to go, sad that it’s not the safest destination rn. Def contemplating snagging one of these tops! xx

    7.13.13 Reply
  7. Chrisa:

    Hello!! 🙂 I live in Greece and i can tell you that these images show exactly how wonderful is my country!! I definetelly recommend Greece for holiday!!! The blue-blue sky, the crystal clear see, the warm sun and the green mountains create an amazing place, GREECE!!

    7.13.13 Reply
  8. These photos are amazing! I haven’t been to Greece since I was a little kid (I hardly remember anything) and I would love to go back.

    7.13.13 Reply
  9. So beautiful…… You and Greece!!!

    7.14.13 Reply