Indie Lee.

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Okay. I am embarrassed to tell you this, but when I first fell in love with Indie Lee‘s products, it was because of the packaging. This goes against pretty much everything I stand for as I never judge a product by its container. Some of the best products I’ve tried have some of the ugliest packaging, especially on the natural/green beauty front. But they had me with their glass jars + light blue stripes.

Lucky for us, what’s inside those frosty glass jars is just as good as the packaging.. as is the story behind the brand! The line was started by Indie Lee (yes, she’s an actual person!) She’d had a life-threatening brain tumor (beat it), and environmental toxins had been pointed to as the culprit. After conquering her tumor, she was emboldened to create a collection of beauty products that were both chic and eco-friendly, with the aim of combining style and sustainability without sacrifice.

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I tried three products…

I’m not really a toner girl but the COQ-10 toner is absolutely lovely. It’s packed with aloe vera and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and leaves your skin feeling majorly s0othed and refreshed. Love. I really like it as a pick-me-up after the gym or if I’ve been in the sun.

The Squalane Facial Oil is one of the best facial oils I’ve tried. It’s essentially the perfect face oil for those of you who are afraid of oils as it’s not greasy at all and leaves your skin super soft, hydrated and nourished. It’s also reasonably priced at $32.00. (I’ll never understand why so many face oils are so over priced!)

Last but not least, I adore the Calendula Eye Balm. This one is a true balm (vs. a cream) as it’s basically a solid oil that melts right into your skin. It’s portable so I take it everywhere (it was amazing on the plane on my way out to San Francisco) and apply just the tiniest amount whenever my skin feels dry.

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  1. I love popping in here and there is another post! Love this. I am looking for some all-natural products. I just ordered Tata’s resurfacing mask. Maybe I’ll try the eye balm. I am hoping to find an all-natural shampoo & conditioner, if there is such a thing.

    8.12.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      that makes me so happy to hear!!! You are going to LOVE the resurfacing mask (at least I hope you do, I adore it and everyone I know who has tried it loves it!) If you are looking for all natural shampoo and conditioner, definitely give Rahua a try. I love them!

      8.12.15 Reply
      • I can’t wait to try it. I’ll check out Rahua. Thank you so much!

        8.12.15 Reply
  2. Janet:

    I love their brightening cleanser!

    8.12.15 Reply
  3. I must admit that I am SO guilty of judging a product by its packaging & if I don’t like a product… I’ll still keep it around just because I think it’s cute. ( I have problems) BUT ANYWAY, I’ve been looking for a great facial oil so thank you for your suggestions! xo

    8.12.15 Reply
  4. this brand sounds amazing! i am trying more and more to move towards the unprocessed everything in life and these products sound perfect.


    A.Viza Style

    8.12.15 Reply