In New York? Want a Free Bauble?

Sorry for the shameless BaubleBar plug… BUT, we are having a little office competition, and I like winning, so I need your help!  If you are in New York, stop by our new retail location The Bar and do a little shopping!  As a little reward to you, you’ll get a special gift if you show them the below graphic.  I recommend picking up some gifts… and keeping the treat for yourself.  Happy shopping!  (And let me know if you come by… I’d love to meet you!)

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  1. lara / the glossarie. says 11.28.12

    can’t wait to shop when i’m in nyc in january!

  2. Lindsay says 11.28.12

    I can’t even imagine what a dreamland the Bar is… I am definitely swinging by next time I am up there.

  3. jen says 11.28.12

    Does it matter when? I’ll be in NYC and plan on coming to the bar in a couple of weeks.

  4. Lisa says 11.28.12

    In NY for work but I may very well stop by when my job is done!

  5. M. (Faded M Style) says 11.29.12

    I have been meaning to stop by! I love the idea of actually seeing the items in person! xo
    Best, M.