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Those of you who have read this blog for a while know that I started my career in the fragrance industry, and worked in it for nearly eight years before coming to BaubleBar. I might have never left were it for BaubleBar as I found it to be such a magical, glamourous industry. I began in retail buying, working as an Assistant Buyer of womens’ fragrances for just over three years, and then doing fragrance brand management for P&G and Coty. I loved learning the stories behind every fragrance… the splashiness of the launch, and bringing it all to life using (an often multi-million dollar!) advertising budget.

These days, I favor simpler scents from smaller, more niche brands. As much as I loved working in the industry, it left me a little bit jaded. The scents I worked on all started to smell the same to me and I wanted something different… even if “different” just meant layering essential oils from the health food store.

A few months ago, a new fragrance brand (aptly called “i smell great“) reached out to me about partnering together for their launch. I will be honest… I was skeptical at first and requested to try each product from the line before committing to anything. In the end, I fell in love with the brand after testing out the products. Simple, beautiful fragrances with formulas that work. The great thing about this brand is that it’s different from other brands within the category because the scents are beautiful but simple… and a little fun fact for you: it’s actually the first ever perfume line that uses scent molecules that are created by extracting the scents directly from things that we love.

The line contains your standard eau de parfum and body whip, but also some incredible ancillary products… a wellness water mist, a reactive lip balm (it’s scented but renews when licked!), and a hair fragrance. There are four scents — angel cake, beach babe, candy crush, and wild honey… and designed to be combined to create a personalized scent.

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The line was created by Randi Shinder (you might remember her from CLEAN fragrances – her last project.) Randi’s goal was for women to be able to create their own unique scent that would represent her mood + how she feels for the day.

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It’s also worth pointing out that the fragrances each contain scent-sphere technology, which allows the fragrance to be activated hours after the first activation by applying pressure or motion. Simply press on pulse points to reactivate the fragrance.


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My personal favorite from the collection is wild honey. I love the sweet scent (it also contains notes of brown sugar + Tahitian vanilla…and I have always just really loved the way honey smells!) My favorite combination is to apply the wild honey body whip and eau de parfum… and then to wear the beach babe hair fragrance (the hair fragrance is awesome… it leaves your hair softer + smelling great… perfect for after the gym or in between hair washes.) The beach babe fragrance smells like vacation in a bottle… like coconut + suntan oil! The brand calls my combination “honey babe” but you can play around with other combinations on their site.

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Thank you to i smell great for sponsoring this post. Please note that I am extra careful about any beauty sponsorships that appear on this site, testing the products multiple times before accepting a sponsorship to ensure that I truly love the products I feature.

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl:

    I’ve really been trying to get into perfumes and fragrances more…love this post!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    11.24.14 Reply
  2. Randi Shinder:

    Thank you Lydia! So happy you are enjoying “i smell great”. It was a labour of love and the warm reception to the brand is very appreciated! All the best, Randi Shinder

    11.24.14 Reply
  3. Rose:

    I am so with you there on scent—I used to wear the “bigger” fragrances, and I still have a Chanel I love, but now I’m all about niche ones (Serge Lutens, Atelier Cologne, Le Labo, Penhaligon’s!). Layering is my favorite thing to do with them, so it looks like I’ll have to give this line a try 🙂

    11.24.14 Reply