How to Use Weleda Skin Food.

How to Use Weleda Skin Food. as seen by its green product

Whenever I get asked for suggestions for more affordable skin care options, Weleda is at the top of my list. I LOVE this brand. Everything they make is amazing, but especially Weleda Skin Food! This product is absolutely divine – it’s decadent, rich, creamy… and under $20!

Their products are clean, they smell amazing and feel incredible on the skin, and you can even get them at Target!

It can be really hard to find luxurious products (Into the Gloss called Skin Food a natural La Mer and I really agree with this sentiment) that are a) clean and b) affordable – for me, Weleda is IT. I think a lot of people save it for the hands, feet, elbows but the truth is that Skin Food can absolutely be used on your face. It’s so hydrating, especially this time of year. Even Victoria Beckham is a fan; she uses it to protect her tan!

Skin Food is a holy grail beauty product in my skin care lineup and I wanted to give it it’s own post today as there are tons of different ways to use it! Think of it kind of like a high-tech, more emollient rich coconut oil.. there are a million different ways to use it.. literally from head to toe!

How To Use Weleda Skin Food

One of the reasons that Weleda Skin Food is so good for skin is that it’s packed with rich, good for you ingredients. One of those is sunflower seed oil. Sunflower seed oil is packed with essential fatty acids to soften skin and keep it moisturized all day/night. Sunflower seed oil is also high in Vitamin E! It also contains hydrolyzed beeswax. When something is hydrolyzed, water is used to change it and simplify it. So in layman’s terms, hydrolyzed beeswax is beeswax without the texture issues. It’s also packed with sweet almond oil (gentle and smells amazing) and pansy extract (to soothe irritation). Plus extracts of gentle viola tricolorcalendula and chamomile. Chamomile extract is ultra soothing and makes skin feel regenerated.

weleda skin food original ultra rich cream review

It’s a wonder product. The only thing I don’t use it for is as an eye cream. You probably could, but I have sensitive eyes and find it to be irritating there.

Use it like you’d use La Mer.

I have dry skin so this is how I use it ESPECIALLY after a lot of travel, in the winter, or when I am hungover and my skin is really dehydrated. Warm up a few drops in your hands – it’s really rich so similar to La Mer goes on easier when you warm it up first! It makes a great night cream especially during the winter. If you warm it up between your fingers, it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Use it For Travel.

Similar to how I use Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask (another holy grail) I love this on a long flight. Do not wear makeup if you do this. Once we’re in the air I’ll usually pat down my face with toner or a face mist and then add a nice thick layer of skin food. Not so thick that it’s opaque, just thick enough to make you pretty shiny. Your skin will be glowing and hydrated upon landing. (For bonus points, also apply to your cuticles, elbows, and hands.

Dilute it if it’s too rich!

If Skin Food is too rich for your liking, dilute it by adding a drop to your favorite day/night cream. Note: another good option is to use the light version,  Skin Food Light which is one of my fav products and definitely absorbs quickly – it’s a less rich version (I’d use light during the day and the original at night but if your skin isn’t dry, you could even use day AND night!)

Use it for those really dry spots!

This is how the brand intended it to be used (for those really bad dry spots… elbows, hands, feet. Apply before bedtime to smooth rough skin overnight.

Apply wherever you want to add a little sheen!

This is a fun makeup artist trick… apply just a little bit over makeup to leave a sheen just where you want it. For me, that’s my brow bone and the tops of my cheekbones. Skin food lip is also fabulous for this, and of course as an emollient packed alternative to lip gloss.

How to Use Weleda Skin Food with their products all out on a patterened background

PS – There’s a full product range now. In addition to the original and light formulas, there is also an amazing body butter and a lip balm!


photography by Lydia Hudgens.


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  1. Sounds like a great brand! I like their no-nonsense packaging too! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.10.19 Reply
  2. EM:

    Took me moving to Europe to finally jump on board with this amazing stuff hahah whatever i love it!

    9.10.19 Reply
  3. Sarah Mason:

    Obsessed with this brand! Sending this to my sister now.

    9.10.19 Reply
  4. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    I LOVE the entire Skin Food line! I’ve used the original for years, especially when my hands and feet get super dry. Oddly, even though I tend to have really dry skin, the original is too heavy for my face – I rarely break out but this causes it every time. I was so happy when they came out with the light version – it’s the perfect face cream for me. I also think the body butter is fabulous for everywhere else, rich but sinks right in and smells delicious but not too strong. If y’all haven’t tried one of the Skin Food products, you really should … they’re that good, and even better that they contain clean ingredients at a super reasonable price point!

    9.10.19 Reply
    • Aw man I’m sorry it made you break out! I argue with friends all the time telling them they CAN put it on their face (I slather it on like butter and am fine, HA) so this makes me nervous!!!!

      I’m really glad that the light one is working well for you!

      9.10.19 Reply
    • Dorothy:

      It makes me break out too! I don’t have oily skin, but I put it on my cheek bones for extra shine 🙂

      9.10.19 Reply
  5. Stacey:

    Obsessed! I started using a few months ago and my skin has never looked better. I also love their cleansing milk and toner!

    9.10.19 Reply
  6. Cristina:

    I love the Body Butter, and just saw at Whole Foods that Weleda has branched out into roller deodorants – both citrus and pomegranate scents. I’m curious to try!

    9.10.19 Reply
  7. Kassie:

    Love skin food! It saved me this weekend after I got a sunburn on my shoulders and chest. I was out & about, so the only thing I had at hand my mini skin food in my crossbody. A couple of days later, my skin is soft, the redness has gone down, and there is no signs of peeling. Definitely had to warm it up in my hands for a bit to get it to spread though.

    9.10.19 Reply
  8. Sara:

    Oooh, intriguing. I will definitely give this a try. I still swear by Everyday Oil, which you had recommended on your blog years ago (I have converted like 5 people too lol), but I will definitely checking this out at this price point. My skin goes nuts going into fall (combo skin) and even though I love my oil I’m always up for trying new things!

    9.10.19 Reply
    • OMG I LOVE EVERYDAY OIL!!!! It’s one of those products that is always in my bathroom and I just love it so much. I also like that you can even wash your face with it.

      9.11.19 Reply
  9. Johanna:

    So so glad that you wrote this! Tried Skin Food last year for the first time and fell in love. My skin is on the oilier side, but after my first PA winter (following 15 years in the South) last year, I ended up slathering it on my fave a few times before bed because my skin was that dry. I love the rest of the line: the Light really is perfect all year-around as a face cream, and the body butter is a perfect body lotion for winter. Love love!

    9.10.19 Reply
  10. Chelsey:

    You got me and my husband both hooked on Weleda! I have sensitive and dry skin that’s been a little out of control lately and this moisturizer literally cured it. Better than any of the $$$ creams I’ve used.

    9.10.19 Reply
  11. Meggie B Smith:

    I just go this for myself and loved it so much, I bought it for my mom!

    I can’t wait to see what you think of the Tula product. I LOVE your honest reviews!

    9.11.19 Reply
    • Oh good I’m so glad!

      I’m really looking forward to trying the tula stick – have heard so many good things!

      9.11.19 Reply
  12. Sarah:

    I bought Weleda Skin Food Light from your recommendation & I really ended up liking it! I use it in the mornings for some lighter moisturizing (even though it is a bit heavier than most creams) and I use Ponds Cream at night which is DEFINITELY a much heavier cream.

    The body butter is on my list to buy next time I’m at Target!

    9.11.19 Reply
    • Oh good I am so glad you are liking it!!!! Let me know how you like the body butter!

      9.11.19 Reply
  13. Lena:

    I loooove skinfood on flights and I also use the original skinfood as a lip mask! Works great!

    9.11.19 Reply
  14. Anne:

    I started using Skin Food a few months ago as my night cream after I saw a recommendation from you. My skin has completely changed from combination to dry and the past year (thank you early onset perimenopause), and it has been a game changer. Thank you so much!

    9.12.19 Reply
  15. Kori:

    I tried this based on your recommendation and love it! I have dry/dehydrated skin and just starting using a prescription retinol product that made some parts of my face feel red and irritated. I took a break from the prescription stuff and used Indeed Labs Hydraluron and Skin Food together one night and my skin was so soft and more hydrated than it’s been in a long time in the morning! Now I layer the two over the prescription stuff and it’s working great!

    9.12.19 Reply
  16. Rosa:

    Great product I love it

    9.21.19 Reply
  17. Kristy:

    This smells like gasoline! I bought it on Amazon and hate it so much. Anyone want mine? lol

    9.23.19 Reply
    • Oh no! This made me laugh as I LOVE the scent! Sorry that you don’t like it!!!!

      9.23.19 Reply
    • JC:

      Hi there! Ok.. so I think the same thing, ha! I keep seeing how everyone loves the scent and it definitely stinks

      1.5.20 Reply
      • Tara:

        I wish they had an unscented version. I bought the Light version and it smells SO STRONG I don’t want it anywhere near my face :S! I am not usually bothered by scents but sadly this one really stinks (to me)–even just on my hands. Bummer!

        11.9.20 Reply
      • I love the scent and I’m picky as all hell. 🙂 I’ll take it!

        11.16.20 Reply
  18. Linda Kinh:


    Just received the skin food.,I was told this may help with my rosecea. It does not state anywhere on the package. Any thoughts or suggestions ?

    Thank you,
    Linda King

    4.18.20 Reply
  19. Cy:

    Love Weleda! I grew up with oily /combo skin and I have larger pores. Over the years my skin has gotten much dryer and in need of more moisture. I find the original a bit too heavy( although love to use it on elbow, knees, hands, etc)but the light is perfect. Most of my skincare is organic/chemical free so I appreciate that. I love that it’s affordable and you can get it at Target! Now if I could keep from getting maskne I’d be all set. FYI, my BFF gives me a hard time, because I only get a pimple about once a year. What’s happening? I tell everyone I’m going through reverse puberty (aka menopause)Eeeeek! Thank you for great recs.

    11.8.20 Reply
  20. Helen:

    I really dislike this product because of the strong perfume, it really irritates my skin unfortunately.

    11.8.20 Reply
  21. Regina:

    I tried Weleda based on your rec, and I really love the body butter. It keeps my winter itchy skin to a minimum, and I use the skin food on my hands when they get super dry, and on my face as needed. I don’t love the smell, but I love how it works. Thanks!

    11.8.20 Reply
  22. Clare:

    Thank you for introducing me to this brand!
    I’ve never been able to find a facial cream like this Skin Food. It’s so creamy and soft.

    11.8.20 Reply
  23. Katherine:

    Grace, you turned me onto this product a few years ago and it has made my life so much better so thank you. I use both the original and light on my face and hands. I LOVE IT. The smell is also amazing. It reminds me of gin, which I love. Do you know if they’ve stopped making the metal tubes? I have only found plastic tubes recently which is fine but I thought the metal tube was chic.

    11.9.20 Reply
    • Ah that makes me so happy to hear!!!!!
      I have not seen a metal tube in a while, but I have not paid attention! I will be sure to post if I see the metal again, I feel the same way.

      11.9.20 Reply
  24. Cayla:

    I found Weleda Skin Food through this blog a few months back and it is now one of my holy grail items. I personally prefer using Weleda Skin Food – Light because I find it to be just as moisturizing as the Original, if not more, but it is much easier to apply. I use it every night, and I am left with dewy, moisturized skin in the mornings and no breakouts! And, it’s easy to find at Target and Whole Foods. Thanks, Grace!

    11.9.20 Reply
  25. Elizabeth:

    I now LOVE Skin Food after seeing your recommendation earlier this yaer. I’m pregnant and have been using the body butter instead of traditional “belly butter” brands…it seems way more moisturizing & rich than the others. Hoping it helps prevent itching as my bump continues to expand – 21 weeks and so far so good! Thank you for the awesome rec!

    11.9.20 Reply
    • Oh I love that idea… so smart! It really is such a wonder product, good for everything!

      11.9.20 Reply
  26. Lauren P.:

    LOVE it! I have been through so many tubes of this since you first recommended it, so, thank you! The light and original have become my HG day and night moisturizers. For anyone that’s curious, don’t hesitate in trying it if you have combo/oily. I have super oily skin and I find that it helps balance my skin so much better than anything else I’ve tried. Also, I have some pretty unfortunate hereditary dark circles and love the original as a night eye cream. I do have to be careful about not getting it too close to my eye (because of the essential oils) but wake up looking so much brighter.
    P.S. lol on the hungover skin, it’s so true! If I know I’m going to wake up feeling rough I just go ahead and preemptively slap some on so at least I don’t wake up looking as bad as I feel 😉

    11.9.20 Reply
    • This makes me so happy to hear, THANK YOU for chiming in, especially from the oily skin perspective, it’s really helpful to hear from folks who have different skin types than I do!

      11.9.20 Reply
  27. Anne:

    I have been using it as my night cream year round for the past 2 years since I first saw your recommendation. It has been a lifesaver since my skin became crazy dry as I entered perimenopause.

    11.9.20 Reply
  28. Tracey:

    I love Weleda . I bought last year after see you post about it. It got my dry skin thru winter. But on my Christmas wish list is the Bader cream.

    11.9.20 Reply
  29. Katie:

    I have been loving the Skin Food Light, the regular Skin Food was just too heavy for my face and made my breakout, but the Light is the perfect solution, it made my skin look so glowy.

    11.9.20 Reply
  30. Sarah:

    I love the light version–it’s still pretty thick but great for year-round use.

    11.12.20 Reply
  31. Debbie:

    I love Weleda Skin Food cream, it’s amazing!

    11.30.20 Reply
  32. Weleda is a long time favourite skincare brand in Germany and this not without reason. Reliable quality always. What I like especially that they stay true to their (modest) roots but keep on perfecting their products. In the example above with the superfood series.

    11.30.20 Reply