How to Make Limoncello.

How to Make Limoncello
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One of my more fun goals this year is to do more project cooking/crafts, things I can give as gifts, etc. Making your own limoncello is extremely easy (and rewarding!). I had thrown a Halloween party a few months ago and am absolutely terrible with knowing how much alcohol to buy, so I would up with way too much vodka. I had a few extra handles of vodka laying around which is what made me decide to make limoncello. One handle of vodka yields just about six twelve ounce bottles of limoncello (I love these glass bottles BTW!).

How to Make Limoncello

I’ve made this before, years ago (I made it as wedding gift for my friends!). It really is shockingly easy. I don’t know, to me it always sounded like it is going to be this complicated thing but it really isn’t. And it’s so delicious! All you need is vodka, lemons, sugar, and time. While this is super easy, it does take time. I personally really like to let the vodka + lemon rinds sit for a solid month.

How to Make Limoncello

Ingredients + Gear:

  • A handle of vodka (I used Tito’s as that’s what was on hand).
  • 10 lemons
  • Peeler
  • Airtight Containers (I love these!)
  • Funnel (these are great as they are collapsible so don’t take up much room).
  • Optional: glass bottles (these make such a nice homemade gift!).


Step 1: Peel Your Lemons

The first step is the most time consuming! I used a potato peeler to peel ten lemons. Try your best not to get too much white stuff, just the lemony peel!

Step 2: Combine with Vodka

You are going to take a handle of vodka (I used Tito’s Vodka!), pour it into your container. Then, tighten the lid and place it somewhere dark, cold, and dry.

Step 3: Let it Sit.

I have friends who told me to let it sit for two months; I’ve heard of others just letting it sit for a week; I did one month! When you are satisfied with how long the lemon vodka has sat, strain the mixture into another container (that’s why I love that this set comes with two jugs).

Step 4: Make Simple Syrup.

Now you want to make simple syrup. Simple syrup is EASY. It’s also a good thing to have on hand for other cocktails. All you do is take equal parts sugar and water, heat it on medium (just get it nice and hot; don’t bring to a boil!), while constantly stirring until the sugar has fully dissolved. Then you let it cool and there is your syrup.

Step 5: Combine Syrup with Vodka

This is definitely a taste thing. I made a big container of syrup using 3 cups of sugar and 3 cups of water. I started out with two cups of syrup and it was not sweet enough. So I added another cup (so, 3 cups of simple syrup total!) and it was perfect.

I had about a cup left over that I stored in the refrigerator. You can totally use less or more depending on personal preference. I found that the two cups gave me a limoncello that was bitter and not quite smooth enough. (The syrup also makes it less strong!!!). Three cups gave me a limoncello that was smooth and delicious.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Using a funnel, carefully fill up your glass bottles. I like to add a bow and then I have this pretty gift to give whenever I’m invited to a friend’s house or party. One thing about serving, it really is best ice cold so keep it in the fridge and then if you would like you can even put it in the freezer for 30 min or so before serving.

How to Make Limoncello at home

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  1. Teresa:

    Can you please tell me how much a handle of vodka is in ounces or liters, etc. I have no idea.

    1.5.24 Reply
    • Rosemarie:

      Hey- it’s super easy to google that question! 1.75 L

      1.5.24 Reply
      • grace at the stripe:

        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

        1.5.24 Reply
  2. Rosemarie:

    My mom used to make this around the holidays to give out. She didn’t this year and I had completely forgotten about it until I read this. Maybe I will give it a go next year. I really do love giving consumables as gifts.

    1.5.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I love that! Maybe it’s time for you to take over the tradition!

      1.5.24 Reply
  3. naomi:

    I love this idea, so easy!! I appreciate that the yield is so generous; that makes for a very cost effective gift that I know people would absolutely love. Thanks for sharing!

    1.5.24 Reply
  4. Heather:

    How long does it last, after itโ€™s all made?

    1.20.24 Reply