How to Look the Best at Everything.

I’m not so great at face makeup.  Growing up, I never really wore it and now I just use a little bronzer, most of the time.  This winter I started using concealer more frequently (remember this?) but I still didn’t quite get it.  That’s why I was so excited that Benefit hosted a little blogger event to promote their newest face kit, pictured above.  The kits are  available via flash sale on Benefit’s website TODAY,  7/18… and then hit Sephora exclusively on 7/31.  The kit is a huge value but if you want to buy the products separately, check out Bo-ing Concealer, Hello Flawless Foundation + Powder, and POREfessional.

I love Benefit’s kits as they give you everything you need and really make it easy – but the tips I learned during “class” were too amazing not to share!  Follow along for flawless skin.

  1. Prep skin using POREfessional.  This stuff is kinda amazing – like a magic eraser for enlarged pores.
  2. Most people (including me,) apply concealer just in that little half moon under the eye.  You should actually apply it in a triangle shape, extending down to the cheekbone /lower part of the nose.  Blend well.  I love that the kits give you two shades of Bo-ing so that you can get the perfect shade.
  3. Apply concealer to any other trouble zones and then use foundation sparingly.  You don’t have to apply foundation everywhere.
  4. Set it with translucent powder.
  5. You can actually use lip gloss as a highlighter.  Benefit’s glosses (I love Coralista) are not sticky, so they work well for this trick.  Apply a tiny bit with your finger to your brow bone.

There you have it!  At $30, I recommend snapping up one of the kits.  Everything in one place, handy tips and tricks… it’s completely idiot-proof.  Grab yours here.

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  1. PennyPincherFashion says 7.18.12

    This is so great – and I’ve never seen it before!  Love the Porefessional primer – this would also make a great gift for my niece, who is just learning how to do her makeup 🙂

    • graceatwood says 7.18.12

      ooh it would be such a great gift! seriously love.

  2. Raiana Schwenker says 7.18.12

    Plus how cute is the packaging!? Love this idea. I am pretty comfortable with makeup, but some of these tips are new to me which is great!


    • graceatwood says 7.18.12

      I know… Benefit’s packaging is always the very best!!

  3. Mad Max and Family says 7.18.12
    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      Me too, Tara – I think they are my favorite beauty brand.  🙂

  4. Elizabeth Schneider says 7.18.12

    Oh so pretty! These products sound amazing. 

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      They’re so good – I am in love! xo

  5. Courtney Bell says 7.18.12

    I love products like that!

  6. these are only the best things of all time. 

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      The best (even though not-so-green… 🙂

  7. LLM says 7.18.12

    The kit’s not on sale yet on the Benefit site =(

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      They are now!

  8. Benefit is my favorite- these are all things I’ve been wanting to try as I’ve found my face makeup a little lacking lately. I checked on the site and it’s not available to place an order yet, but I will as soon as I can!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      Mine too!  The kits went on sale at noon EST – I hope you were able to track one down.  If not… 7/31 on Sephora!

  9. Kristin & Megan says 7.18.12

    I can’t believe it took me so long to add a little coverage to my face! Concealer and tinted moisturizer are my best friends!

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      Me too!  Who knew!?

  10. Viviana Carmona says 7.18.12

    Oooh I may need to buy this asap!

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      Think you need it… 🙂

  11. Sarah O'Brien says 7.18.12

    benefit kind of rocks my world. it’s all i wear!

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      I am not monogamous to any one brand, but if I were, it would be Benefit – I LOVE their products!

  12. Tamra Sanford says 7.18.12

    I swear by porefessionals and my ridiculously large pores thank benefit.  Benefit has the BEST packaging by far. 

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      Agree on both fronts.  Funny thing is, my boyfriend has discovered the wonders of Porefessional and keeps stealing mine!

  13. Mal @ The Chic Geek says 7.18.12

    This looks like an amazing kit!

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      It is – I’m so obsessed with mine! xx

  14. Brandi J says 7.18.12

    This looks like a great kit to try!

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      It is pretty amazing – I hope you give it a try, Brandi!

  15. Tara Celeste says 7.18.12

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been looking for something to spice up my morning routine!

    • Grace - Stripes + Sequins says 7.18.12

      It will definitely spice up your morning routine – your skin will thank you!

  16. Thenowstylebook says 7.18.12

    Oh…$30?? SOLD!! xox

    • graceatwood says 7.18.12

      Right? Such a good deal for all of the products. And then once you are a master, you can buy the full size versions later at your liesure. I love my kit, so much. I think a few shades are now sold out but they’ll be on Sephora as of 7/30!

  17. Gina says 7.18.12

    This is quite awesome. THANK YOU.

    • graceatwood says 7.20.12

      thanks! I think so too – I absolutely LOVE it. 🙂

  18. Fashion-isha says 7.18.12

    Oooh kits like this make me sooo happy! Thanks for sharing!

    • graceatwood says 7.20.12

      Thanks, Sharon! Nothing better than having everything you need all in one little place.

  19. Kady Heron says 7.18.12

    Nice book thank you for this post!

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  20. I love Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer 🙂 I use it everyday!

    • graceatwood says 7.20.12

      Me too – it’s definitely become one of my favorite products! I mix #1 and #2 together to get my perfect shade.

  21. Kara Endres says 7.19.12

    Wow, only $30?? I’m definitely going to try it once my supplies run low. I love Benefit and I’ve been wanting to try some of the things in this kit, so that’s perfect!

    • graceatwood says 7.20.12

      Yup… such a deal, right? I love it.

  22. MeganElissa says 7.19.12

    So happy you wrote about this!! I’ve been a huge benefit fan since I started wearing their Hoola bronzer in high school! and haha your porefessional/magic eraser analogy was spot on.

    • graceatwood says 7.20.12

      Aah, haha I’m glad you like the analogy. I’ve been using Hoola since it first came out, too! It is really the best bronzer I’ve ever tried – I keep going back to it time after time.

  23. Really nice kit for make  you share with us i like it and want to buy 

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      thanks – I hope you try it, it’s a great product!!