How to Banish Bloat.

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As I get older I have become so much more in tune with my body and how easily my actions (even the smallest things) will impact my appearance. For example, if I have dairy or gluten, my face (and stomach) is visibly more puffy the next day. Same thing goes for alcohol. Last Monday I was in a bad way at my early AM barre class. I’d eaten Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner (my favorite, but it always makes me feel awful the next day) and I got my period. Yuck. My face was super puffy, and I looked like I could possibly be a few months pregnant. Barre class helped, and I grabbed a big green juice afterward, but man – I felt disgusting. With summer coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about quick (healthy) ways to de-puff and wanted to share those here today. The easiest thing for me to do is to exercise regularly and avoid gluten and dairy (which I do, 90% of the time) but sometimes you need a quick fix. Here they are.

ONE // Take a detox bath. My absolute favorite soak is this seaweed soak. I’ll sit in my tub for 15-20 minutes (I can’t handle much longer) and sweat out all the toxins + bloat. I don’t think there’s any science behind it, but I swear by it — I always feel so much better and less puffy afterward. I put a lot in… I usually use about a third of the bottle. I also really love Mio‘s products. This soak, called “Liquid Yoga” is incredible, and they have an amazing firming body oil that sinks in immediately and smells incredible. On a budget, you can always also just add a big scoop of Dead Sea salts + a little bit of sweet almond oil to the tub for an equally detoxifying soak. (There’s something about the seaweed though… I swear by it if I’m really bloated.)

TWO // Probiotics are your friend. Ages and ages ago I saw a nutritionist and he got me taking two of these (along with two of these) every night before bed and I notice such a difference in both my digestion + how I look when I take them every night. It’s especially beneficial if you’ve had a big dinner. I also always pack them when I travel. I don’t know why but I get so bloated when I travel… there’s something about flying that does a number on my body.

THREE // Green juice, green juice, green juice. You can make your own (love this recipe, and there is a great recipe here – this one is designed specifically to flatten your stomach!) but my go-to in the city is Juice Press’s Mother Earth. It’s super strong and all greens with no fruit. Also, keep this list on hand… these foods all help to reduce bloating, yay!

FOUR // Do something light that will make you sweat. This is completely unfounded, but I have found that on days where I go for a really long run or take a Soul Cycle class, that night, I look puffy. It’s totally counterintuitive but it’s always the case. So if I need to look lean in a pinch I’ll usually do barre or yoga.

FIVE // Anti-inflammatories are also your friend. Last week when I had cramps + bloating, I made goop’s Ginger Turmeric Latte and it helped a lot (it’s also so delicious + soothing). Both fresh ginger and turmeric have amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

SIX // Start every morning with hot lemon water. There are so many benefits to doing this, but it definitely helps to flush out toxins and keep you looking your best. I pour warm water into a mason jar and juice half a lemon (using this handy little guy). It’s a nice little ritual to start the day with, but also helps with regulating your digestion + keeping you puff + bloat free!

SEVEN // Lay off the booze. A big part of my job is networking, which means loads of events + drinks dates with PR reps, editors, + fellow bloggers. I’ve started to look at alcohol as a “treat” and have been planning my nights out so that I am not drinking every night (which is a sort of sad + gross thing to think about, but can happen so easily living in New York… all of those events really add up, and that’s not even counting seeing friends and dating!) When it’s work related, I’ve started suggesting healthier alternatives to drinks… taking a barre class together, getting a manicure, or going for a really nice cup of tea. Makes such a difference.

EIGHT //  Roloxin Lift. Another (completely short term) fix for a puffy face is Roloxin Lift. I’ve written about these little masks before (here!) but they are a game changer as they tighten and firm up your skin in ten to fifteen minutes. Be sure to apply under your chin /to the top of your neck as well. Bye bye, fat in the face. Like I said – it’s totally short term… but it’s great for special occasions (i.e. before a wedding when you had too much to drink at the rehearsal dinner… Not that I’ve ever done that before).

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  1. Leah says 3.24.16

    Hey Grace – I really liked this post! I know you’ve mentioned a few times that you generally eat gluten free, especially at home. I’d love to hear about some of your go-to lunches you make!

    • graceatwood says 3.24.16

      Thanks Leah!
      I’m pretty boring with my lunches. I usually do one of three things… go to SweetGreen or Just Salad and order a salad, make gluten free avocado toast (I use Udi’s Seven Grain Bread, and then smash up a bit of vegan mayo, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes with an avocado), or I will cook Gluten Free Organic Chicken Tenders (my weakness but they’re surprisingly not terrible for you!) and serve them over a bed of spinach/goat cheese/tomato. I also love breakfast for lunch and will sometimes do an omelette or a scramble.

      Hope that’s helpful – it’s not very interesting but all of the options are pretty easy!

      • Leah says 3.24.16

        Thanks for the reply! All good options – I go to Just Salad more often than I care to admit ; )

        • graceatwood says 3.24.16

          Sometimes easiest is best… 😉

  2. Jess Zimlich says 3.24.16

    Typing this after a wine (and pasta) filled Wednesday night. I look and feel miserable. My face and belly are shockingly puffy…it’s just awful. I’ve recently started drinking warm lemon water in the mornings and it’s a nice, calm way to start the day, but I definitely need to figure out how to incorporate more probiotics into my diet! I’m with Leah – I’d love to hear more about what you eat regularly. My picky palate and lack of cooking skills don’t do much for me.

    • Jess Zimlich says 3.24.16

      Must have been typing at the same time. I’m going to check out those chicken tenders you mentioned above!

      • graceatwood says 3.24.16

        Yeah, I’m pretty boring with my lunches as I like them to be fast and easy to make. I’m also a big fan of soups. Felicia Sullivan always has great ones on her blog that I copy (the creamy tomato one is my fave) but now that it’s getting warmer I’m more in the mood for salad than soup. In terms of cooking, I love love love Gwyneth’s cookbook, “It’s All Good.” So many amazing recipes and none are particularly hard to make. My favorite is the Chicken Meatballs… so yummy. If I’m feeling ambitious I’ll make a double batch over the weekend and eat them with salad for lunch all week.

  3. Rachel says 3.24.16

    This was so helpful! I’ve been struggling with this a lot more lately. I’m interested in the probiotics you mentioned! Do you buy them from Amazon or locally?

    • graceatwood says 3.24.16

      I buy them from Amazon! They are sort of hard to find in the city. My nutritionist sold them, but I don’t see him anymore… and then the closest place that did sell them was all the way up town. 🙂

      • Rachel says 3.24.16

        Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!!

  4. teresa w. says 3.24.16

    oh my god – I need these tips after a boozy week – thank you!

  5. kim says 3.24.16

    loved this!

  6. Theodora says 3.24.16

    Um, this post is amazing. I hate that I start every week feeling bloated from too much wine over the weekend..and that only started in my 30s. I have a coworker who’s 25 who says she’s never feel bloated…just you wait honey, just you wait 🙂

  7. Sarah Lagen says 3.24.16

    These are great ideas to limit the bloating! I’ve fallen off the workout wagon and my body is showing it! I want to try a detox bath, that sounds really nice and relaxing! Something I’ve been trying lately is limited the amount of dairy I eat, I tell my friends I’m a “social cheese eater” – I don’t buy cheese or dairy for my apt. But when I’m out I’ll eat it like a normal person, kind of like being a social smoker! I know it’s so silly but it honestly has made me feel so much better!

    Hope your having a great day girl!
    xo, Sarah

  8. Lindsay says 3.31.16

    Oh my… thank you for this post! It popped up on my Facebook news feed (I’m now a subscriber) and I promptly ordered all of the products. It is amazing how easily different foods and drinks can affect the human body! I can get so bloated my clothes fit differently 🙁 Looking forward to trying the seaweed soak!

    • graceatwood says 4.1.16

      you are welcome! I hope you find the products I recommended helpful… I love that seaweed soak! xx

  9. Mimi says 4.16.16

    Excellent article. I am new to your blog and enjoy the layout and topics covered. I am physically disabled snd recently have been prescribed the probiotics and tumeric to offset inflmmation and pain. I wish I could try the soak but am unable to get into a tub. Have an extra bath for me!! Oh, and on alcohol, avoidance at all costs and measures. I do not miss it or the aging properties associated with it. I do not think anyone can find an article on how alcohol brightens and tones your skin or sharpens your mind. I now have a new interest in decaffineated loose teas.
    Much appreciated the entire article!