How to Apply Highlighter. (+ my 5 Favorites)


If there is one beauty product that I wasn’t using a few years ago but am obsessed with now, it’s highlighter. I didn’t quite understand all the hype but once I learned how to apply highlighter, I realized how badly I had been missing out. Highlighting, in my opinion, is the prettiest thing you can do to your face. I use it every single day, even on days where I don’t put anything else on my face. It’s easy to apply and instantly makes you look fresh + pretty.

Today I’ve rounded up my five faves, but highlighting is actually very easy. You just dab it on anywhere that would naturally catch the light. I apply a tiny bit beneath my brow bone, and a bit to my temples + the tops of my cheeks. You can also add a tiny bit down the bridge of your nose, or to your collarbone to accent your décolletage. It’s best to start with a little and gradually build… think shimmer, not sparkle.


Without further adieu, my five favorites:

1) The Natural One. RMS’s Living Luminizer was actually my first introduction to highlighter. Victoria was staying with me and brought it as a gift; and basically changed my life. The formula is extra creamy, making it great for dry skin… but the best part is that it’s made with certified organic ingredients as well as purifying Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E-rich virgin Coconut Oil. I love how rich the formula is… the creamy texture makes it almost look a little bit wet, (in the best way — think of how runway models wear Vaseline on their cheekbones.)

2) The Best NudeWander Beauty’s On the Glow Stick could have also been called idiot proof or a multi-tasker (the blush on the other side is amazing!) but what I love most about it is the golden nude color of the illuminator. It’s the loveliest cream-to-powder formula and adds dimension to your skin without ever being overtly sparkly. Think ambient lighting. What’s especially interesting about Wander’s formulas is that they were developed to work with all complexions + skin tones. Mine lives inside my handbag – it’s great for on the go touchups and is probably the easiest of the bunch to apply without a mirror.

3) The Multi-Tasker. If highlighter/blush intimidate you, then Benefit’s Fine One One is for you. It’s literally idiot proof. Simply swipe a big streak diagonally across each cheek (with the light pink highlighter shade facing up) and blend it in. Voila… perfectly rosy cheeks, topped off with just enough shimmer. I keep this one in my gym bag as it’s easy + portable.

4) The Summer Glow. I wait all year to apply Benefit’s Sun Beam as it is so gorgeous with a bit of a tan. I love applying it to all of the usual spots, but this one is especially good on the collarbone + décolleté. Just be prepared: you may fool everyone into thinking that you’re a Victoria’s Secret Model. The brand dubs it “sunshine in a bottle,” and I fully agree.

5) The Athlete. Bobbi Brown’s long-wear cream eyeshadow may not be meant to be used as highlighter, but once you meet “Bone,” you will forget that it’s actually eyeshadow. I first applied this to the corners of my eye before a big night, and quickly realized that it needed to be used everywhere else I would typically apply highlighter. I apply two dots below my brow, and three dots to the top of each cheek and blended it in. It provided the perfect amount of pretty shimmer, and stayed on all night (and probably would have stayed on through the morning… but I was a good girl and washed my face.)

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  1. B Boebel:

    I LOVE highlighting! Based on your lit I thin you’re enjoy the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter I use mine under my foundation and it makes my entire face glow!

    5.14.15 Reply
  2. Casey:

    If you want another all-natural alternative, definitely try Kjaer Weis. It is to die for!

    5.14.15 Reply
  3. Alina Ermilova:

    Benefit ‘Sunbeam’ is my absolute favorite! It gives such a beautiful glow!



    5.14.15 Reply
  4. Kristina:

    I can’t remember off the top of my head which highlighter I use, but I’ve been loving it lately too – gives the perfect glow! I also put it on my cupid’s bow.

    Kristina does the Internets

    5.14.15 Reply
  5. Alexandra:

    Looking forward to trying the summer glow!

    Warm Regards,

    5.14.15 Reply
  6. Liz:

    I love Bobbi Brown products, great choices!

    xo, Liz

    5.14.15 Reply
  7. alyson:

    Awesome post. I know Kim of PPF is a huge highlighter advocate and I swear by using it under my brows but should work on some other zones you mentioned, too. Great intel!


    5.14.15 Reply
  8. Oh Hey! Blog:

    I was exactly the same and have avoided (well just never used) highlighters in the past until one day I did and have never looked back. Benefit Mary-Lumanizer is my absolute fav, the texture is super soft so blends really well and lasts forever because you only need a smidge. Thanks for all the other suggestions!

    Megan ||

    5.14.15 Reply
  9. Nicole Walker:

    Loved reading this post, you can never have too many great highlighters! My favorite of the moment is the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold. And I definitely was to try out that RMS living luminizer, I have heard so many good things!

    xoxo Nicole

    5.15.15 Reply
  10. adia:

    That wander beauty glow stick looks fab!

    Adia | beauty luxe life

    5.17.15 Reply