How I’m Thinking About Fall Trends.

How Im Thinking About Fall Trends
Mille Dress, Dana Rebecca Necklaces, Loeffler Randall Platforms

I am going to be on a sort of vacation next week. I’ll be on Instagram but I’m taking a week off from the blog to really bliss out and relax. I’m telling you this because when I get back, it’s going to be Fall fashion mania over here. I’ve already started putting some shopping collages on my LTK page (which is also my Instashop) but today I wanted to talk about what trends I’m excited about and how I am thinking about shopping this season.

One thing I love about getting older is that it becomes easier and easier to say “YES, I love this…” and “Nope, nope, not for me (but great for other people!).” I have a pretty good handle on my own personal style, what makes me feel great, and what’s not for me. Like Golden Goose sneakers for example. Just not for me. But so cute and fun on others.

Fall is far and away my favorite season to shop for. This year I am investing most in classic, tailored pieces (and denim) with a more masculine/boyish (preppy even?) feel that I can mix in and wear with my more feminine pieces. I have so many great dresses (and in Charleston, you just need dresses!) but am buying fewer dresses and more separates with the hopes of injecting a little more “cool and casual” into my style repertoire. Here’s a little brain dump with how I’m thinking about fall fashion and key trends.

How I’m Thinking About Fall Trends.

Investing in these…

Denim & Stripes

Obviously these two are always a classic but the trend is (in both cases) a slight twist on the classic. With denim, it’s all about modern, updated silhouettes. I bough two pairs of great jeans from Toteme: these and these. They were expensive but I love them. I tried on SO MANY pairs of barrel jeans and these worked best for me. But I will say that finding the perfect fit took a little bit. I went up one size in the tapered style and up two sizes in the barrel.

And on the stripes front you know I will lean into stripes any chance I can. This season’s stripe is a chunkier stripe. I bought this sweater from Jenni Kayne a few months ago and it is a favorite. I also got this oversized tee from Everlane.

Lots of Brown

This is just something I’ve noticed with the t-shirts, blouses, pants, and sweaters I have been buying. I don’t know if it is a trend per say but I cannot get enough pecans, camels, espressos, etc. Browns look great mixed together and with creams, yellows, and greens (colors I own a lot of!).

Dabbling in these…


Clogs are a very very big trend. I told myself, you can buy one pair! It’s funny, these remind me so much of high school. In high school (I was class of ’99 for context) I was deeply obsessed with J.Crew. We didn’t have one at the mall on Cape Cod so my mom would let me use her credit card to order from them, and I’d pay her back in cash with tips from busing tables at their restaurant. I loved my J.Crew clogs so much. They were burgundy suede I think. For this trend I went with the Loeffler Randall pair (of course) and really love them. They are very comfortable and true to size! On the more affordable front, I love these and these from J.Crew too.


Trousers are probably the biggest trend for Fall but also the one I am most nervous in. That’s why we are just dabbling here. I ordered this pair from Courtney Grow’s collection, and also these “barrel chinos” from Everlane. Surprisingly, I really like both, especially the chinos. I find the barrel trend actually works well for my body… the higher rise holds me in (like a straightjacket lol) and the cropped silhouette hits just at my ankles (I like my ankles!) and showcases a fun shoe like these or any of these (I like fun shoes too!).

Flats with a high vamp

I’ve never been a flats girl but want to be. I find a lower heel to be a little more comfortable. I got these from Everlane and these from Courtney Grow’s Dillards collection and love both!


I am (somewhat surprisingly?) very into the vests as shirts trend. So I ordered this one from Emerson Frye. I am not sure how I am going to feel about it but I wanted to at least dabble in this trend. I could see myself wearing this with jeans or trousers and a high heel (to keep the look from going too menswear). And I think this sweater vest is so cute. Also: to take the pain out of layering, I love this two-in-one shirt/vest combo from Veronica Beard. The proportions are just right!!!!


As I mentioned above, I am not buying toooo many dresses but they’re always going to be a part of my style. I love everything Mille makes. While I am on a smocked dress hiatus, I got this dress and this dress and love them both! (I size down in this brand!)

Skipping out on these…

(mostly), pink.

I am just not a pink girl. I love the Barbie-core trend on other people but it’s not me. There’s a chance I’ll buy a hot pink shoe and I did get this striped tee but I generally pass on most pink things. Again, so cute for others! My friend Jen did a great roundup of hot pink – her post is packed with style inspiration and ways to get the look if that is something you are into.

chunky loafers…

These are just not for me… I don’t think I can do it! As an old millennial it’s just too “Steve Madden and Express during my sorority days.” You’ll see me wearing my trousers and barrel jeans with more feminine shoes (platform heels, stilettos, even ballet flats…) I’m just not a chunky loafer person. I think this pair is cute for other people but not for me. Watch me say this and buy a pair this winter, I just don’t think it is in the cards!

The Birkenstock Clogs

Maybe I will have a change of heart. You know I’m a die hard Birkenstock fan. I got my first pair in high school and never stopped wearing them (I think I have 5 or 6 pairs now?) but the clogs just aren’t doing it for me. If I’m doing a clog (already a sort of frumpy/casual item) I want it to be a dressier clog. I can’t commit fully to the Birkenstock clog.

Things I’m pulling back out:


I feel like every few years, a new piece of jewelry has its moment. Remember arm parties? Then it was statement necklaces (ideally layered; I can’t believe how I used to layer two or three statement necklaces). Then statement earrings. For a while now it’s been just delicates, and maybe a statement earring. While I am NOT reaching for statement necklaces again (I have safely stored away a few of my favorites from my BaubleBar days, as everything comes back in style at some point), I am having more of a neck moment.

I bought a few of Theodosia’s candy necklaces this summer (LOVE) and have been layering them with things I already own. A longer gold box chain that belonged to my grandmother, a tennis necklace, etc. I think that if you buy one piece of jewelry for Fall it should be a tennis necklace. Here are a few that I love: big splurge, littler splurge, steal!

Straw bags

If you scroll Pinterest, you’ll probably see girls in sweaters and all black… carrying a straw tote. I am here for this! There are so many more expensive designer options out there but I say go to Etsy! This and this are my two favorites. To get the “trend,” it’s important to wear your straw tote with your sweaters, jackets, and blazers. I think it’s the juxtaposition of something traditionally saved for summer with cold-weather classics that really makes the look.


Sweaters are also a no-brainer but in particular, cropped silhouettes and cardigans. And stripes, casually draped over the shoulders. Chic, chic, chic.

My Gucci Loafers

I bought my Gucci Jordaan Loafers back in 2017 (for $695, not $920, womppp) and love them so much. They’re perfectly molded to my feet and just so comfortable and classic. There are times where I wear them a lot and other times where they stay on their shelf in the closet. This season is their time. Preppy pieces are VERY in this fall, which I love. I am thinking pull on shorts, cute tee, Gucci loafers, striped sweater over my shoulders.


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  1. Anupama Sekar:

    fun post! these are my favorites. an inner look into your buying habits haha!

    8.22.22 Reply
  2. Sarah:

    Love this post! So thoughtful and such a great breakdown of current trends.

    8.22.22 Reply
  3. Jessica Camerata:

    I am SO HERE for the clog trend and also got the Loeffer ones. Had a pair of Veronica Beard ones last fall but they are SO high and I barely wore them. Lesson learned. I like comfort and a low heel. I’m trying a chunky loafer (but not too chunky, actually bought the Free People and Coach – what – to try). Agree on skipping the Birkenstock clog, I just can not. I don’t hate how it looks on people when it’s styled, but it’s just not for me.

    Also I think you said you have that white sapphire necklace, does it sparkle a lot?? Thinking I want a tennis necklace without the sticker shock.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    8.22.22 Reply
    • It’s SO sparkly! Highly recommend.

      8.22.22 Reply
    • Lauren:

      loeffler Randall clog sizing… I am consistently a 7.5 in loeffler Randall Dahlia and Emelia and mules and heels, but I wear size 8 shoes. Do you recommend your loeffler Randall size (low heels) or your standard shoe size? Thanks for your thoughts!

      9.2.22 Reply
  4. Jackie:

    Love this post! Gets you excited for Fall and getting dressed. 🙂

    8.22.22 Reply
  5. Laura:

    Ahh the statement necklace days! Honestly I would love a throwback collage of pics from this era. If we could post our own in the comments I would totally share mine too, LOL.

    8.22.22 Reply
    • That’s probably not something I will do on the blog (and I sadly don’t have the capability for people to share photos in comments – I wish!) but I love sharing throwbacks on instagram stories. That was definitely a unique time for jewelry!!!

      8.22.22 Reply
      • Laura:

        So fun seeing your throwback pics on insta! Hope others enjoyed as much as I did.

        8.24.22 Reply
  6. Michelle:

    Love this roundup! I also bought the barrel trousers from Everlane and I’m eying an Alex Mill striped cardigan and bass weejuns lug sole loafers.

    8.22.22 Reply
  7. Leah:

    Really enjoyed this post. Just ordered my first pair of clogs since the jcrew sale at the hyannis Sheraton haha!

    8.22.22 Reply
  8. Tara:

    Love this post! In the future, I think it would be fun to see a splurge and steal version, as these links are pretty out of my price point.

    8.22.22 Reply
    • Hey Tara,
      Thanks for the feedback. This particular post was about what I am personally buying… but when I do roundups I always try to include all different price points!

      8.22.22 Reply
  9. Mary:

    I look forward to your fall content as a fellow southerner. I love this season even if it is short and relatively warm. I also like your take on what to take and what to leave when it comes to fashion. I am personally struggling with almost every single trend this season. I just want to wear skinny pants and ballet flats forever–the eternally flattering, low-maintenance silhouette, but I don’t want to look left behind. I am pushing myself to baby-step out of my comfort zone with a chunkier loafer and a slightly wider pant leg, but I don’t feel confident yet. The trends get harder and harder as we get older, so I’m investing in quality leather accessories, cashmere and good haircuts/color. If I can’t look trendy, at least I can look polished.

    8.22.22 Reply
    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with sticking to what you know and love!!! Skinny pants and ballet flats are a classic for a reason! Maybe try experimenting with a higher vamp ballet flat… or, a pair of trousers with your trusty ballet flats. I think it’s all about mixing in maybe one or two things with the pieces you own!

      8.22.22 Reply
      • mary sloan:

        Thank you! I hadn’t considered the higher vamp ballet flat, but that seems like an easy swap.

        8.22.22 Reply
  10. Caela:

    Grace, how did the Loeffler clogs fit? (Big/small/right-on?) They’re on sale and I want to scoop them up!

    8.22.22 Reply
  11. Shana:

    Really enjoyed this post as I think about which trends to embrace and pass on as well. Got an alert that the Loeffler Randall clogs were on sale so I’m going to take the plunge. Do you like the “honey” color in person? The colors they offer are all so lovely 🙂 All about the trousers for work, Vince is my favorite for cropped and full length, they are so good!

    8.22.22 Reply
  12. Sarah:

    This post was so fun to read! It’s crazy how trends come and go- and as someone turning 40 in a few weeks, I’m glad I stored some items that had gone out of style to keep for later (ie my Frye riding boots- which seem to be back!). My grandmother was SO stylish and always put together and she had kept pieces from throughout her life that always seemed to work at one point or another. I have some of those pieces now and they are such a treasure. It makes you really think about what you are investing in, because once you get to a certain age, it all truly comes back around (annoying reality my teenage self would scoff at when my mom said things like, “that was in style when I was in high school!”).

    8.22.22 Reply
    • I love this! Agree – everything really does come back around. I try to store anything I really love but goes out of style! It’s hard to balance being a hoarder/pack rat and being thoughtful, though!

      8.22.22 Reply
  13. Eliza:

    Love this post! Very thoughtful breakdown on the upcoming trends, abs helpful to help me think about what I may want to try or skip!

    8.22.22 Reply
  14. Sasha:

    I love this post! Really helpful to see the trends broken down and how to incorporate them without trying to dress like a 24 year old which I am not. Thank you!!

    8.22.22 Reply
  15. Lindsay:

    Love this post! I’m thinking about the Loeffler clogs- do you have any guidance on the sizing?

    8.22.22 Reply
  16. Kim:

    Perfect time of year for this roundup….just starting to think about fall stuff and this was a helpful summary!

    8.22.22 Reply
  17. I love this post! This is why I used to wear a lot of Lilly (I still would, I’ve just gained pandemic weight and haven’t bought new yet)—it’s never really in style OR out of style 🙂

    Only about a year younger than you and really can’t handle those chunky loafers!!! But omg the sweater vests + chunky loafers really take me back. Also, I saw you mention the brand Theodosia above and for a second thought it said “Theodora’s necklaces” and was v. confused and wondered if I’d launched a jewelry brand in my sleep?

    Now that you’re spending a lot of time in LA, I’m curious of what you think of LA style vs. CHS style as far as both warm-weather places but obvs pretty different?

    8.22.22 Reply
    • LA is so much more casual! I prefer being a little more dressed up (or preppy, LA’s casual is a bit more bohemian) but I appreciate LA style on others. 🙂

      8.22.22 Reply
  18. Molly:

    I am someone who usually clings to summer until the very last minute but this actually got me excited for fall – can’t wait to read/shop your picks when you get back from vacay. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

    (Also if anyone is looking for necklaces that are inexpensive but will last, I’ve actually been pretty impressed with how well Madewell’s necklaces have held up and they are perfect for layering)

    8.22.22 Reply
  19. Jenifer:

    Agree about straw bags, I have a small one I’ve used the the past two years and it’s starting to show its wear and tear, not worth it to spend a small fortune on one. You can never have enough stripes! Love your Jenni Kayne pick.

    8.22.22 Reply
  20. Not me just glancing at the title of this post and thinking it read “How I’m Thinking About Tall Friends” Was so confused! Love this post and excited to think about some of these trends and how they’re already popping up in my life! I for one am very into pink right now, and my sister keeps buying things in brown.

    8.23.22 Reply
  21. I am the most excited about trousers. They have really been a staple in my wardrobe for years, but I really like how they have been updated.

    8.23.22 Reply
  22. Laura:

    Excited about clogs! I am pretty sure I wore them waaay after they were trendy last time.

    I am exhausted by the high waisted trend. I am very short waisted and an 8 inch rise is the max I can do. Most mid-rise are even higher than that these days, which makes it so hard to find pants! Not ready for crazy low rise, but if it comes back I’ll have to stock up!

    8.23.22 Reply
  23. Hilary:

    What a fun post! Love getting a glimpse into your shopping approach. I, too, am trying to be more conscious of what I’m buying (from both a budget and plantary perspective). Love this idea of investing in a few great pieces, re-wearing what you have, and treading lightly with trends.

    8.26.22 Reply