How I Clean My Makeup Brushes.

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

On Friday I was doing a beauty Q&A over on Instagram and we talked a bunch about makeup brushes. A big question in my DMs was about what I use to clean my makeup brushes! I actually have a pretty genius answer to that. It’s BeautyBlender’s blender cleanser. I was given mine a few years ago by the brand’s PR rep and was only medium excited about it until she told me I could use it to clean all of my brushes. .. not just my BeautyBlender! I ran home from our meeting to give it a try and was so impressed. It got my brushes super clean and left them fluffy and soft once they’d dried.

It’s so easy to use.

You just dip the brush in water, rub it on the blender cleanser (it kind of resembles a large, round soup). The brush will foam up and you will see the makeup coming off of the brush. Once sufficiently lathered, give it a good rinse (if it’s not rinsing clear, repeat until it is!), reshape the brush, allow to dry overnight, and you are golden. It gets brushes super clean without damaging them. There are several different kinds, but I have the pro. I try to do a big clean of all my brushes once a month. I will tell you that I have had mine for years (which is why it looks a little grimy above, sorry), so it will last you a LONG time.

Note: for the Artis brushes (my favorite but they are a little more fragile in my opinion) I use their special cleanser and mat. The cover of the mat slips off and you can throw it in the wash.

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  1. Rachel says 11.9.21

    The BB cleanser is amazing! I ran out recently and keep forgetting to repurchase (this post is my reminder).

  2. I am so bad about cleaning my brushes…but I also feel like I don’t wear makeup NEARLY as much as I used to. But this post was def a reminder for me to clean them asap!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl